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"And... can't be saved again? "

Long Fei was dumbstruck.

At this moment.

His gaze locked onto Zhou Yuanhe, his anger was like a volcano erupting, "You did this?"

Zhou Yuanhe was not afraid of Long Fei at all right now, and he had clearly seen the two punches just now. Long Fei was not Yuan Ba's match, and laughed complacently: "I have nurtured this king of blood corpse for ten years, and it cost me countless of blood and sweat. From the moment I first laid eyes on Yuan Ba, I knew that he was the perfect vessel."

"He has inborn divine strength and four limbs. He can withstand the swallowing pain of the king of blood corpse and will not die during this process."


Zhou Yuanhe looked at his work that he was very proud of, and said: "It's just that I never thought that the power that he had exploded out would be so much stronger than what I imagined, hahaha …"

"Long Fei, didn't you want to find Yuan Ba? "Go, fight him head on, hahaha …" Zhou Yuanhe laughed out arrogantly.

"Right now, he only listens to my orders. You treat him as a brother, but in his eyes, you are his enemy."

"Long Fei, I want to avenge my two grandsons, my son, and the Zhou family."

"Yuan Ba, kill him!"

Zhou Yuanhe was furious.

Yuan Ba rushed towards Xiang Longfei once again.

Long Fei was enraged, enraged, thoroughly enraged, how could there be such a sinister person in this world?

The anger in his heart could no longer be suppressed.

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Long Fei roared out in rage, "Zhou Yuanhe, f * * k your ancestors!"


As if his body was a remnant, he rushed to the front of Zhou Yuanhe and grabbed his collar, then jerked his head fiercely.

He was lifted into the air and then slammed heavily onto the ground.


Zhou Yuanhe had no time to react at all, his body smashed to the ground, causing the ground to crack and he spat out a mouthful of blood, "Yuan Ba, are you blind? "Hurry up and kill him."


Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Long Fei punched out.

"Pfft …"

Zhou Yuanhe spat out a mouthful of blood and said: "Yuan Ba, you dead dog, hurry up."


Long Fei punched again, and roared: "Even if you were to die ten thousand times, it's still not enough."


Long Fei's fists were like a storm, every punch was filled with all his strength and smashed onto Zhou Yuanhe's chest.

He was enraged to the extreme.

After ten punches, his chest was pierced through.

His intestines were flowing out and his internal organs were flowing out, but... Zhou Yuanhe did not die.

Because Long Fei did not let him die.

Seeing his intestines on the ground, Zhou Yuanhe's face became pale from fright, his eyes filled with fear, and he said: "Trash, you can't kill me, if you kill me, you will die too, Xuanjian sect won't let you go, Chen Lihu won't let you go, Wu Haowu won't either, my grandson Zhou Tianyu won't either, he's the most talented genius disciple of the Xuanjian sect, he's also a close door disciple of the Xuanjian sect's sect master, if you dare kill me, the entire Xuanjian sect won't forgive you, Long Fei …"

Long Fei grinned: "I won't kill you."

"When did I say I would kill you?"

"People like you aren't even qualified to die by my hands."

After Long Fei took out all of his intestines and organs, he did not continue because he wanted to keep Zhou Yuanhe alive.

Long Fei stood up and looked at Yuan Ba who was rus.h.i.+ng towards him, his heart tightened as he asked, "Ancestor, you are an expert of the Chaos Realm, is there really no way to deal with this king of blood corpse?"

Looking at Yuan Ba, Long Fei felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

How could this looby be so stupid?

How could he swallow a king of blood corpse just to repay a favor?

Too stupid!

Looking at his scarlet eyes, Long Fei fiercely roared out, "looby, I'm Long Fei!"

The voice carried a true qi that penetrated his body.

It directly charged into Yuan Ba's mind.

When Yuan Ba's fist landed, he stood in place without moving an inch.


The fist stopped right in front of Long Fei, just one centimeter away from his head.

He stopped.

After the fist landed, Yuan Ba looked at Long Fei.

The two of them looked at each other.

Yuan Ba's eyes were filled with pain, as if saying, "I feel so uncomfortable, I feel so uncomfortable."

Long Fei's heart ached.

He asked again in his heart, "Ancestor, is there really no way?"

He really didn't want to give up.

Even if there was a sliver of a chance, he didn't want to give it up.

The Magic Equipment that he refined, Raging Thunder, was specially made for Yuan Ba. His s.p.a.ce Ring s, as well as his' Giant Spirit Arm ', had not been merged yet, and it was specially made for him.

He really treated Yuan Ba as a brother.

He really wanted this brother.

Because his stupidity had moved Long Fei.

The Yan Huang ancestor said slightly: "If my strength were to recover, forget about king of blood corpse, even if Blood Dragon King Chong w.a.n.g, I would be able to instantly clear it away. I am only a remnant soul right now, I don't even have one billionth of my former strength. "


"Long Fei, I have a way to save him, but... You have to think about it carefully, because even if this method succeeds, he will eventually become a r.e.t.a.r.ded fool. "

"Also, the chances of failure are very high. You have to think carefully, at least he won't die like this. If..."

Yan Huang ancestor did not continue.

He himself also felt that he couldn't help to help Long Fei.

It was true in the Fire Gla.s.s City, and it was true here. This feeling made him feel very bad.

However, he was still just a discarnate soul.

How much power could he possibly have?

As if he had heard the words of the Yan Huang ancestor, Yuan Ba said to Long Fei with great difficulty: "Save, save, save me."

Long Fei looked at him.

He could feel the pain in Yuan Ba's body, the pain of his brain being devoured.

Yan Huang ancestor also said: "He probably swallowed the king of blood corpse within an hour, there's still a chance for success. Brat, hurry up and make your decision."


Long Fei said: "I want to save him!"

Long Fei looked at Yuan Ba and said, "looby, I will definitely save you. Even if you become an idiot, you're still my, Long Fei's, brother!"

Yan Huang ancestor slightly said: "Listen carefully."

"What did I say? What did you do? You can't go back on your word! Also... He must not resist, and let him suppress the king of blood corpse in his body. "

Long Fei said: "Come."

Yan Huang ancestor replied: true qi move, all four skeletons, all four skeletons gather at the tip of one finger, condensed into a blade, using Qi as a blade ….

Long Fei did as he was told.

The true qi surged and its value was quickly decreasing.

Long Fei's true qi Blade entered Yuan Ba's mind and that king of blood corpse was frantically controlling Yuan Ba to counterattack.

Yuan Ba's entire body was trembling.


His fist stopped several times when he was still half a kilometer away from Long Fei because a ball of consciousness was planted in his mind. Long Fei was the only person who was good to him in this world.

The only one! http ://>

Half an hour later.

Long Fei's fingers loosened, and his entire body became extremely weak. This was the first time in history that he was this weak.

Yuan Ba's body also suddenly shrunk as his throat churned and he fiercely spat out a mouthful of black blood. Within the blood was a thumb-like king of blood corpse!

Yan Huang ancestor slightly said: "Whether or not he can wake up now all depends on himself!"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 263

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