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"looby, you must endure it."


While talking, Long Fei stood up.

Yuan Ling anxiously ran over and supported Long Fei, saying: "Long Fei, you need to rest now, don't move recklessly."

Long Fei walked to the side of Zhou Yuanhe, who was still desperately struggling.

Zhou Yuanhe said in fear: "You said that you won't kill me, as a man, you should keep your word."

He was truly afraid now.

Long Fei was really a madman, a complete madman.

Long Fei smiled and said: "I have indeed said that I won't kill you, and I have also guaranteed to you that I definitely won't do anything to you again.

And then …

Long Fei looked at Yuan Ling and said: "Go and fetch all those stray dogs from the street here."

Yuan Ling nodded, and said: "Okay."

Zhou Yuantong felt his scalp go numb. "What do you want to do?" You said you wouldn't kill me, you said it. "

"Yeah, I didn't kill you." Long Fei laughed coldly, and said: "A sinister person like you isn't even qualified to die by my hands."

"Didn't you always shout 'dog thing', 'dog trash'? Today I'll let you experience the power of a dog. "

A few minutes later.

Five or six stray dogs seemed to charge towards Zhou Yuanhe.

Zhou Yuanhe continued to tear at his intestines and organs, Zhou Yuanhe watched as he was torn apart by the stray dogs.


If compared to those methods he used on Yuan Ba, it couldn't even be compared to ten percent.

Zhou Yuanhe shouted loudly, "Long Fei, my grandson will not let you go, and Xuanjian sect will also not let you go, just you wait."

"Ahh …"

"Ah... Just you wait. "

"Ahh …"

Howling sounds like that of pigs being butchered rang out in the air above the Zhou Mansion.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Zhou Yuanhe' for gaining EXP, true qi 200, Energy Values 10 points."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Spirit Stones: 21'"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Ming Yue Sword'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining …"

directly exchanged all the trash into points.

Zhou Yuanhe's death was just the beginning!

He wouldn't let anyone who touched his brother get away with it.

Long Fei looked at the towering Xuanjian peak in the clouds, clenched his fists and said, "Just you wait, are you not letting me go? I, your father, will definitely not let you off! "

Long Fei ate all of the Dragon Spirit Pills.

He was still a lot of experience away from levelling up, and levelling up would be a little difficult at the end of the day. He had to replenish his true qi value.

The Xuanjian peak still had a tough battle waiting for him!

Long Fei walked over to Yuan Ling's side, quietly looked at her, and muttered: "Why are you so stupid?"

Yuan Ling was startled, and said: "I, I, what's wrong with me?"

Long Fei said, "Fatty Niu has already told me everything."

Yuan Ling smiled lightly at Long Fei, and said: "I am willing."

"Err …"

Long Fei's heart ached as he asked: "Do you like Xuanjian sect?"

Turning the topic, Yuan Ling did not know what to say. He was stunned for half a second, then nodded: "I like it, Xuanjian sect is a sect of the sword in the South Horizon Region. I have always had this place as my target since I was young."

Long Fei smiled, and said: "Then you must work hard."

"Of course."

Yuan Ling said, she had always been working hard, although she was kidnapped by the Zhou family, framed by Chen Lihu and Wu Haowu, but in her heart she had never resented Xuanjian sect.

In her heart, she had always treated the Xuanjian sect as her home.

Long Fei could also see that there was Fatty Ox in his eyes.

He too.

He had always wanted to revitalize the Artifact Forging Hall.

Long Fei took out the Thunder Snake Sword from the s.p.a.ce Ring and said: "I always wanted to give it to you as a gift, I never had the chance. This is the Thunder Spirit Sword I brought from the Thunder Dragon Temple, and it's suitable for you."

The moment he took out the Thunder Snake Sword, Yuan Ling was attracted.

"For me?" Yuan Ling was a little excited.

Long Fei nodded and said: "This is for you."

Both of Yuan Ling's hands trembled as she received the Thunder Snake Sword, because she felt an inexplicable sense of happiness.

Long Fei laughed blandly: This time, you must not casually give away your weapon.

Yuan Ling held the Thunder Snake Sword and took a step forward. When she moved in the courtyard, she was like a b.u.t.terfly fairy that was dancing in the courtyard, causing Long Fei to feel extremely dizzy.

Long Fei muttered to himself, "Take good care of yourself."

The Zhou family had been ma.s.sacred.

After wounding an inner elder, it was already impossible for Long Fei to join the Xuanjian sect.

He knew this very well.

Yuan Ling liked the Xuanjian sect, he could not drag Yuan Ling into it.

It was the same with the fat cow.

Yan Huang ancestor asked: "Have you made your decision?"

Long Fei answered: "It's done."

The Yan Huang ancestor smiled slightly and said: "In Xuanjian sect, you are able to lay down missions, find the heart of ancient fairy tree quickly, and quickly raise the strength of the dragon salyer. If you leave, I'm afraid that we will have to delay it again."

"I'm fine!"

"This is only one of the paths. Didn't you say that there is another path to take?" Long Fei smiled faintly. It was not that he wanted to leave, but he had no choice.

If he didn't leave, then this matter might happen again someday.

And that may not be the case.

The Yan Huang ancestor laughed and said, "Hahaha... "Kid, you really care about camaraderie."

Long Fei also laughed, "If not, if you had swallowed all of my holy artifact, my heart would have broken into pieces. If you did not care about camaraderie, I will definitely break your third leg."

Yan Huang ancestor was startled, "Hahaha …"

Half an hour later.

Yuan Ba moved.

Long Fei immediately sensed it, "looby, wake up."

Yuan Ba opened his eyes in a daze, his eyes were as young and tender as a three or four year old child, he looked at Long Fei and asked curiously: "Who are you?"

Long Fei immediately choked with sobs. She really wanted to drag Zhou Yuanhe out of the Underworld and kill him a hundred thousand times over. She looked at Yuan Ba and smiled: "I'm your boss, Long Fei."


"Long Fei?"

Yuan Ba scratched his head in a silly manner, sank into deep thought, and muttered to himself: "This name is so familiar, so intimate, but why can't I remember it?"

Yuan Ling also ran over.

Yuan Ba asked again, "And who is she?"

Yuan Ling said anxiously: "I'm Yuan Ling, don't you remember me?"

"Yuan Ling?"

"I don't remember. Not at all." Yuan Ba was just like a child. He didn't remember anything, other than a slight reaction to the word 'Long Fei', there was nothing else.

Long Fei felt his heart ache.

Yan Huang ancestor said: "It's much better than I expected, he is only amnesia now, his memories should have been devoured by the Blood Corpse King, but luckily, he did not become an idiot. It's just a memory loss, as long as we have some time, he will be able to recover. I don't remember anything. " Floating Life: [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] No windows? a + +

Long Fei nodded, and said: "Thank you, ancestor."

Yan Huang ancestor smiled.

Yuan Ba looked at Long Fei and asked, "You all have names, then who am I?"

Long Fei stood up, and said in a serious and serious tone: "From today onwards, you will be called Li Yuanba!"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 264

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