The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 27

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### Chapter 27 - Family hazard

As soon as his voice fell, he immediately entered the white-hot state.

All of them had their sleeves raised as they put their bayonets together. The situation was extremely intense.

"13 million!"

"18 million silver."

"Twenty million."

"25 million."

"40 million silver."

… ….

The price continued to skyrocket, not stopping at all.

The few big shots of Fire Gla.s.s City had completely fallen out with him.

"Zhuge Tianlong, what do you think a drug refiner like yourself wants? Who do you want to kill? "

"Long Zhanwu, you are only the Great Clan Elder of the Long family, do you have the qualifications to use so much money?"

"Li Chongtian, you f * cker leopard, can your Li Clan have that much money?"

"Nangong Lei, what are you fighting with the royalty for? What are you trying to do?"

… ….

Every offer was accompanied by a verbal attack.

This time.

The Heaven Seeking Sect and Blood Refinement Sect hadn't bid, and the Blood Refinement Sect hadn't made a sound since they had bid on the talismans.

The three Heaven Sect Sisters watched on silently, not showing any intention of bidding.

"The Nangong Imperial Clan has eighty million silver taels. Don't fight with me for it. I definitely won't use this piece of paper. It's best if it is given to the royal family for safekeeping."

"Nangong Huo, are you trying to fool us?"

"90 million."

"The Long family bids one hundred million silver." Long Zhanwu sweated profusely, as though he was about to reach his limit.

Zhuge Tianlong did the same, shouting loudly, "One hundred and ten million."

Li Chongtian gnashed his teeth so hard that they almost broke, "One hundred and twenty million."

"The Nangong Imperial Clan has one hundred and fifty million silver taels." Nangong Huo was also a little lacking in confidence. This was his last bottom line, even if he was the ruler of a nation, it would be difficult for him to take out more money.

The four pillars was silent for a moment.

At this moment.

A woman's voice rang out from VIP booth 1, "200 million!"

"Pfft …"

Nangong Huo immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, the anger was attacking his heart.

It was the same for the people from the four pillars.

Two hundred million was completely beyond their limit.

Liu Feng's eyes were shocked as he loudly asked: "200 million, is there a higher price?"

"Who's from VIP lounge 1?"

"What kind of background?"

"The Xiang Tian Sect is only the second VIP lounge. The ident.i.ty of VIP booth 1 must be even stronger."

"Who is it?"

… ….

Everyone was guessing, even the people from the four pillars were guessing as well.

"Two hundred million going once!"

"Two hundred million twice!"

"200 million, deal!" Liu Feng smashed down on the hammer, "Congratulations, esteemed guest # 1. Please pay your bill backstage."

Half an hour later.

Long Fei muttered: "Too crazy, too crazy, my heart can't take it."

Liu Feng took out a box and said: "Brother, here are fifty spirit stones, plus two million silver notes."

Long Fei was surprised for a moment, and said: "Elder Liu, didn't you guys want to get it by the draw?"

Liu Feng laughed: "If others want to smoke, you do not need it. Since you are a member of our Fengyuan Merchant Union, you naturally do not need it."


This was a form of compensation.

The Fengyuan Merchant Union had used the Healing Pills and Sword Teeth Tiger Spell Note s that Long Fei had refined to increase their power and influence. This was not something that could be accomplished by dozens of spirit stones.

Long Fei did not hold back, and said: "Then I'll be thanking you."

Liu Feng asked: "If you want money, I can help you exchange it for silver."

Long Fei smiled and said: "No need, just spirit stones."

Liu Feng did not force him, and said: "Then take it well, this is a lot of money, hahaha …"

Long Fei also started laughing, and asked suspiciously: "Elder Liu, can you tell me who is in private room one?"

Liu Feng smiled mysteriously and lowered his voice: "Our Young Miss."


"Holy sh * t, are you guys playing this game?" Long Fei completely did not expect that after hearing Liu Feng's explanation, he had come to a realization.

Liu Feng said softly: We were forced to, and you know the compet.i.tion situation very well. If we were to let the four pillars or the Emperor of Nan Gong Family obtain it, the Fire Gla.s.s City would set off a b.l.o.o.d.y war, and might even shake the very foundations of the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty.

"Although the Fire Gla.s.s City may seem calm on the surface, in truth, there are undercurrents surging. All kinds of forces are fighting in secret."

"The genius of the Long Family in four pillars, dragon blood, was drawn out. The Long family lost their dragon G.o.d warriors, their status plummeted rapidly over the past year, and they were crushed by other three pillars's forces. "A few days ago, there was a dragon's roar from the sky above the Long family. It should be due to the awakening of the new Dragon G.o.d Warriors, which would let the Long family slow down for a while. However, I think that as long as three pillars finds the Dragon G.o.d Warriors, they would probably them.

Long Fei trembled slightly, and asked: "Was the last Dragon G.o.d soldier by the three pillars?"

Liu Feng smiled faintly, "The existence of the Long family is too much of a threat to them. The three pillars and the Nangong Imperial Clan want to exterminate the Long family, who else could it be? "The Long family has been pa.s.sed down for so many years, all thanks to the support of the Dragon G.o.d's warriors. Today, not obtaining the Falling Feather Token is tantamount to losing a single line of protection, which is not a good thing for the Long family. Fortunately, the other forces didn't buy it, otherwise the Long family would be in great danger."

"Divine Dragon Marquis, sigh …"

"The Long family without Dragon G.o.d Warriors is the same as a tiger without teeth, sigh …"

Liu Feng sighed twice consecutively, and then laughed and said: "Hahaha … What's the point of saying all this? This world is like this. The strong are revered, and the weak are eliminated. "

With that, Liu Feng left.

Long Fei stood at the same place, his heart sinking, and thought to himself: "I never thought that the Long family would actually be in such a state."

"F * ck!"

"Even at such a level, you still want to make things difficult for me, Long Zhanwu. You did everything possible to make me die, you are truly vicious, how can the Long family be strong enough to have someone like you?" Long Fei felt unwell in his heart.

"Who cares!"

"I'm not even as good as a servant in the Long family, why should I worry about the Long family?"

"F * ck!"

Long Fei no longer cared about the Long family. What he needed to do now was to become stronger and take the test.

… ….

Long family.

Long Zhanwu's courtyard.

Long Zhanwu's face was filled with anger as he said solemnly: "A bunch of old fellows went all out to increase the price for the Flowing Light Flower Token. Now that's good, no one has obtained it."

Long Zhanye said slightly: "This is also a good thing for us, if we were to be obtained by any side, we might be able to deal with the Long family. Our next plan is going to change. "

Long Zhanwu looked at Long Zhanye.

Long Zhanye said in a low voice: "Big brother, without the Flowing Light Feather Token, we can similarly request killer at failure alliance. As long as we remove Long Fei and Long Zhanhai, the Long family will also fall into your hands."

Long Zhanwu's eyes shone with a bright light.

Long Zhanye continued to speak, "I have already contacted the failure alliance. Fifty million silver is much cheaper than the price of the Flowing Light Feather Token."

Long Zhanwu said excitedly: "Alright! Great! Once the family exam is over, Long Zhanhai will come out from closed door cultivation and be killed immediately.

Long Zhanye also laughed excitedly.

Following that …

Long Zhanwu asked: "Have you found the Dragon G.o.d Warriors yet?"

Long Zhanye shook his head, and said: "Not yet."

Long Zhanwu exhaled, feeling more and more that the Dragon G.o.d Warriors were Long Zhanhai's men. "In addition, the three pillars and the Emperor Clan are investigating the Dragon G.o.d Warriors, if you can't find out that they are subservient to us, kill them!"

Long Zhanye nodded, and said: "Understood!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 27

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