The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 28

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### Chapter 28 - Lucky Ring

The Feng Yu Order was bought by the mysterious person, which eased the compet.i.tion in the Fire Gla.s.s City.


This, on the other hand, hastened the internal struggle within the Long family.

… ….

In the thatched courtyard.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for refining the Highest Grade Medicine Powder, you have obtained 100 experience, 100 true breath, and 10 points as a reward."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for successfully refining the Healing Pill."

"Wow, the success rate has increased quite a bit."

… ….

The last time he bought a thousand sets of Spirit Gra.s.s from the Fengyuan Merchant Union, the main reason why Long Fei had refined them into medicinal pellets was because he wanted to raise the level of his Alchemy technique. Only by breaking through the fourth level of Alchemy would one be able to refine true pill s, pills that could instantly raise one hundred points of true breath.

Experts were as common as the clouds in the clan examination.

The true breath was a hard wound, so if he ran out of true breath, there would be no one or demon beasts to hunt him down to make up for it.

This was Long Fei's weakness, and he had to make up for it!



… ….

He trained in Alchemy during the day and trained in talismans.

Cultivating Basic Sword, Toading Skill, dragon salyer technique and the 'Wind Shadow Step' that he bought at the auction late into the night was extremely difficult to grasp.

Every step was erratic.

At the same time, each step was filled with hidden killing intent. It could be said that the one million silver was truly worth it.

With this footwork, even high stage war spirit warriors would not be able to easily catch up to him.

For the whole half a month, Long Fei stayed at home to train.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for increasing his Alchemy, currently at Level 4."

"Huff …"

Long Fei exhaled, and said: "I have finally levelled up."

He opened the system and checked.

Player: Long Fei

Rank: Level 6 Battle-Master

Experience Points: 210920/25000

true breath value: 1300

Skills: Toading Skill (Divine), dragon salyer technique (Divine), Wind Shadow Step (First Rank of the Heaven Stage), Basic Sword, Alchemy technique …

Energy Values: 100 points

Points: 540

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Charm Value: 0

lucky value: 10

… ….

A series of attributes appeared in Long Fei's mind. Looking at the attributes, Long Fei felt that they were a little different from before.


Long Fei had not paid attention to this all along, "Where did your lucky value increase from?"

"I was wondering why the success rate of Alchemy Technique and Glyph Technique had increased. So it turns out to be an extra ten lucky value s, just that … Where did this lucky value come from? " Long Fei's brows moved, he immediately thought of the 'Spirit s.p.a.ce Ring' on his finger, and his heart shook, "Hahaha …. I've picked up a treasure. "

And then …

Long Fei took off the 'Spirit s.p.a.ce Ring' and checked the system, "Sure enough, lucky value has turned to zero, this Spirit s.p.a.ce Ring has a Luck attribute bonus."

"Isn't it too great?"

He hadn't noticed it in the past, but now, he realized that it was a great experience.

What did lucky value mean?

The drop rate had increased, the speed of the cultivation skill had increased, the success rate of Alchemy had increased, and there was even a chance for him to deal 'critical damage'.

"This ring is something that even a hundred million wouldn't be able to buy."

"Mysterious meteorite, if I can find even more of these mysterious meteors to raise my lucky value to one hundred, then …" The scene was too beautiful, Long Fei did not dare to think further.

Following that …

"jojo, I'll be going out for a while. You have to behave and stay at home." Long Fei teased.

jojo's face flushed red, not daring to make a sound.

"Little girl."

Long Fei smiled knowingly. After interacting with her for such a long time, she discovered that jojo was even more beautiful and cute. As long as she matured, she would definitely be a beauty who would take one's life.

During this time, Long Fei was also thinking about when he could test if she had any talent in cultivation.

Half an hour later.

Fengyuan Merchant Union.

… ….

"When will the Highest Grade Medicine Powder come?"

"Liu Feng, didn't you say that the master is the chief Alchemy master of the Fengyuan Merchant Union? It has been half a month, but you still haven't managed to refine a single healing pill? "

"What are you doing, without the Highest Grade Medicine Powder, I won't leave."

The drugstore was packed.


Ever since the end of the auction, these half a month had been packed to the brim, all for the Highest Grade Medicine Powder and the talismans. For the past half a month, Long Fei had not appeared a single time. Liu Feng waited like an ant on a hot pan, looking forward to see the stars and the moon every day, praying for Long Fei to appear a little earlier.

If they could not get the Highest Grade Medicine Powder out, it would have a huge impact on the Fengyuan Merchant Union.

"So many people! Elder Liu, business is booming!" Long Fei walked into the shop and smiled at everyone.

When Liu Feng saw Long Fei, he was almost moved to tears. He pulled Long Fei inside, "My little ancestor, you're finally here."

Long Fei said in all seriousness: "When did I become your ancestor? Elder Liu, since we are friends, please do not randomly establish a relations.h.i.+p."

Liu Feng laughed bitterly: "It's already burning up my eyebrows, do you still have the mind to joke around, do you know who the people outside are? They are all here for the Highest Grade Medicine Powder, how much have you refined in this period of time? Are there ten of them? If I don't have ten of them, you can give me five or six of them. If I don't have any Highest Grade Medicine Powder s, my shop will be destroyed by someone. "

"Is it that serious?"

Long Fei touched his chest.

Liu Feng thought that Long Fei was taking the pellet, but his eyebrows finally relaxed as he said: "Of course it's serious."

While they were talking …

Long Fei dug out a ball of mud and rubbed it with two of his fingers. He formed it into a ball and muttered, "He went into closed door training for half a month and didn't even have time to take a bath."

Liu Feng took it over, and his eyes were startled: "Just one pill?"


Long Fei was dumbstruck.

Liu Feng took the pellet and ran out, saying, "One pellet is better than none."

Without waiting for Long Fei to stop it, Liu Feng hastily ran out. He did not have the mind to inspect the pill, and he wished that he could immediately send those people away.


The hall exploded with noise.

A commotion instantly broke out.

"I bid 30,000 silver."

"I'll pay forty thousand."

"Fifty thousand."

"Seventy thousand!"

… ….

"I, Zhuge Jianqiang, bid a hundred thousand. All of you paupers, scram to the side."

Zhuge Jianqiang's face was a little bruised, one of his eyes had even been beaten into a panda's eye.

It was strange.

He had been walking well in the night when he was suddenly caught in a gunny sack and then violently beaten up. If it wasn't for the Zhuge family's expert coming fast, he would definitely have been beaten to death.

There were not many people that dared to hit Zhuge Jianqiang, he had searched for the culprit but they could not find it.

He could only admit his misfortune.

Long Fei muttered in his heart when he heard Zhuge Jianqiang's name, "Eh? Isn't that the name that was reported to the Blood Refinement Sect? "

He followed her out.

Liu Feng said: "Let Young Master Zhuge take the bid."

Zhuge Jianqiang took out a stack of silver notes, looked at the people around him with disdain, and said, "You want to buy a Highest Grade Medicine Powder without money? Is this pill something that you all can afford? "


No one dared to offend the Divine Zhuge family.

This Zhuge Jianqiang was one of the tyrants of the Fire Gla.s.s City, and he did not end up well if they provoked him. Everyone kept their heads low and did not speak a word, even though they had been insulted.

Zhuge Jianqiang received the pellet and looked at it carefully, saying, "This pellet is a little different from the last time with the Highest Grade Medicine Powder."

"Master is indeed a master. He must have improved again."

And then …

Zhuge Jianqiang swallowed it whole and began to chew, asking with doubt: "Why does this pill smell a little sour?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 28

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