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The pill was stunned for a moment.

He did not expect Long Fei to take the initiative and request to increase the wager.

That's not right.

This was probably because he wanted to die in an even more unsightly manner.

The pill immediately said, "The excitement of the bet? What do you want to bet? "

Long Fei said: "Since it is exciting, then of course it is the wager. Whoever loses will take off all their clothes and run ten laps around the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage, what do you say?"

"Do you dare?"

The corner of the medicinal pill's mouth curled up as it laughed sinisterly, "You are courting death. You cannot blame me."

"Then you bet."

"I'll have to trouble Patriarch Mu to bear witness. If he doesn't admit his loss …"

Mu Xiaoyao immediately laughed: "Pill Elder, don't worry. With me here, even if he does not admit defeat, I will still let him finish crawling ten rounds."

The Alchemy that Long Fei had displayed was very strong.

Once these kind of people were identified as enemies, then they definitely could not be allowed to leave alive.

Long Fei laughed, and said: "Patriarch Mu, do you want to take a gamble too?"

Mu Xiaoyao smiled slightly: "Brat, I don't have the leisure to play with you. If you want to bet, after we finish challenging the drug race, I'll bet with you."


"Is the Spirit Powder not interested?" Long Fei smiled playfully.

Mu Xiaoyao's expression immediately changed, upon hearing the words' Spirit Powder ', he secretly clenched his fists, and stared at Long Fei with gloomy eyes: "What do you want to bet?"


"I suddenly don't want to gamble with people like you anymore. Gambling with people like you is just wasting my time." Long Fei's tone changed, he was trying to sound out Mu Xiaoyao's words.

Seeing his nervous expression, Long Fei thought in his heart: "It looks like he doesn't know the limitations of the realm in the Spirit Powder."

"How dare you!"

Mu Xiaoyao was toyed with, and her anger instantly burst out, as though she was in a bad mood.

Long Fei laughed coldly, and said: "I am just that presumptuous. Don't worry, I will let you see the Spirit Powder."

Hearing Long Fei's words, Mu Xiaoyao's heart tensed up again. He stared at Man Tuoluo with a sinister gaze, his killing intent was extremely strong, he knew clearly in his heart that the Spirit Powder was researched and created by Man Tuoluo, but in just a few days, there would be people who could refine Spirit Powder, and once this kind of pill was promoted …

Thinking about it, Mu Xiaoyao's heart tensed up, "Today, no matter what, we cannot let them leave here alive!"

"Absolutely not!"

… ….

"The Spirit Gra.s.s is here."

The two disciples had brought out the Spirit Gra.s.s s they needed to refine Blue Panacea, and each had one.

At this moment.

Yao Lang gave a light nod of his head to the medicinal pellet on the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage, and the medicinal pellet became excited as he disdainfully thought to himself: "Brat, let's see how I'll toy you to death this time."

"Fight with me?"


"Hmph, let's see if you can still act so arrogant later on."

When the Spirit Gra.s.s was placed on the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage, Long Fei could sense it the same way as before. He understood the attributes and the degree of spirit liquid these Spirit Gra.s.s had in his heart, as well as the similarities between them.

Blue Panacea, Earth Stage Tier 6 Immortal Pill.

It had the miraculous ability to guard spirit essence, channel the mind, and expand the sea of consciousness.

Pills were extremely difficult to refine.

He couldn't make any mistakes with each step. Even the slightest mistake could lead to failure.


Refining Blue Panacea required more than thirty kinds of Spirit Gra.s.s, and this was the most quant.i.ty of Spirit Gra.s.s pellets Long Fei had refined so far.

The steps were complicated and complicated. Not only did he have to control the fire, he also couldn't mistake the order in which the Spirit Gra.s.s entered the furnace. It would be extremely difficult to refine the Blue Panacea within a short period of time.

The spirit pellet carefully examined the Spirit Gra.s.s, and then revealed a proud smile, and said: "Brat, so long as you kowtow and admit defeat now, I will let you live."

He was very proud.

He was incomparably proud, because victory was already in his grasp.

Long Fei slightly raised both his eyes, looked at the medicine pill as he said with a complacent expression: "Don't worry, even if you kneel down and admit defeat now, I still won't agree."

"I just want to see you take off your clothes and walk around the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage."

Back then, when the medicine pill had made Man Tuoluo kneel on the ground and imprint it in his mind, Long Fei had wanted to use an even more ruthless method to shatter his reputation, so that he would never be able to get up.

Competing ruthlessly?

Long Fei was fiercer than anyone!

The best way to step on the medicinal pellet was to discredit his reputation and be despised by others. Long Fei could tell from the look in his eyes that his reputation was extremely heavy, and he probably had taken a fancy to the position of the Valley Master of the Medicine Valley.

You want to show off here?

Then let him kneel on the ground.

The medicine pill laughed disdainfully: "I gave you a chance but you do not know how to cherish it. Just wait for me to strip naked and crawl around the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage ten times."

As soon as he finished.

The medicinal pills began to circulate.

Although he had researched the Blue Panacea and was very familiar with it, he did not let his guard down. He wanted to refine a high quality pellet.

Other than defeating Long Fei, he also wanted to win against the hearts of the people from the Pill Valley.

This compet.i.tion was extremely important.

He had to win. If he won, he would be the leader of the Medicine Valley!

Thus …

He was more focused than ever.

Entering a constant state.

Long Fei was still checking the attributes of the Spirit Gra.s.s, and when he picked up a Spirit Gra.s.s, his heart s.h.i.+vered, "The attribute of this Spirit Gra.s.s … "That's not right!"

"It is completely incompatible with the attributes of other Spirit Gra.s.s."

Thinking about the medicinal formula that exploded with Alchemy just now, Long Fei's gaze turned sinister. Staring at the pill opposite him, he sneered and said: "So sinister."

Say it now?

If it was said out loud, it would at most be a mistake.

Since they wanted his reputation to be disgraced, then this' mistake 'must be magnified!


Long Fei's mind turned sinister, and thought to himself: "I'll let you know what is called a Alchemy Technique."

And then …

In his mind, he continued to madly simulate the fusion of Spirit Gra.s.s s.

"No way!"

"The attribute of a Spirit Gra.s.s is missing."

"No way!"

"No, this won't do …."

The attribute of that Spirit Gra.s.s played a very important role, if one did not find a subst.i.tute, the Blue Panacea would not succeed.

He had to say it.

The pill was extremely poisonous!

Even if he were to switch out a crucial Spirit Gra.s.s, it would be impossible to successfully refine it himself under these circ.u.mstances.

"No way!"

"It still won't work..."

Long Fei's brain was still unceasingly working out calculations, and cold sweat was seeping out of his forehead.

Xiao Ying tensed up, looked at Long Fei who was on the stage and said: "Young Miss, look at Young Master Long's forehead full of sweat, could it be …"

Seeing Long Fei's tightly furrowed brows, Man Tuoluo was also worried, and she secretly asked: "Did the medicine do something to the Spirit Gra.s.s?"

"Hahaha …"

"The Great Elder is indeed worthy of being a researcher of the Blue Panacea. He's almost finished refining it. This kid didn't even move at all, and he even broke out in a cold sweat from fright."

"Hahaha …"

"Let's see how he will die this time."

"You still want to play thrill? This is too thrilling, hahaha..." http ://>

The drug race disciples ridiculed.

The pavilion master looked at Long Fei and thought in his heart, "Brat, what are you thinking about?"


Long Fei's eyes opened, and lit up as he said excitedly: "I thought of it!"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 543

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