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A bright light flashed.

The outline of another Blue Panacea appeared in Long Fei's mind.

A prototype that excited him.


"It's you."

In that moment, Long Fei grabbed onto the flash of light and started to frantically refine it.

The first Spirit Gra.s.s threw in.

Everyone was shocked.

Man Tuoluo was even more shocked, she took a step forward and said: "Wrong!"

The head pavilion master frowned, "Put the Spirit Immortal Gra.s.s in first?" This … This method... It's impossible to succeed. "

He only said that in his heart.

Because, each time, Long Fei's Alchemy techniques were stranger than the last. Each time, they were stranger than the last, which he had never seen before.

Even if he was a Heaven Rank Alchemy Master, there was no guarantee.

"Do you know Alchemy?"

"If a Spirit Gra.s.s is thrown into the main Spirit Gra.s.s without guidance, how can this kind of pill be successful? Even if it succeeds, it would only be a Waste Powder. "

"What is he doing?"

"Hmph, this time he's definitely going to lose!"

… ….

Against common sense, it was impossible for him to succeed.

Man Tuoluo's expression was anxious. She could not hear any of what she was saying, because Long Fei had already entered a state of selflessness and all sounds in the outside world were isolated.

Xiao Ying anxiously asked: "Miss, did Young Master Long take the wrong Spirit Gra.s.s?"

Man Tuoluo shook his head and said: "It's not a mistake, it's completely wrong. This is not a method to refine Blue Panacea at all, Blue Panacea are not refined like this."

"If this goes on... This medicinal pill is bound to fail. "

Xiao Ying exclaimed, and said: "Then aren't we going to lose?"

Man Tuoluo did not speak.

Right now, she didn't even have the strength to speak. The Divine Wood Heart's poison began to spread, and her body slowly stiffened and turned into wood, starting from her heart and eventually turning into rotten wood.

However …

Right now, she wasn't afraid, nor was she in despair. This was because there was a man willing to risk his life and risk it all for her. It was worth it for the rest of her life!

Looking at Long Fei who was on the stage, Man Tuoluo secretly thought in his heart: "I'm sorry, I was the one who implicated you!"

… ….

On the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage.

Long Fei did as he pleased, he did not care about the surrounding voices, and his entire body became excited.

The second Spirit Gra.s.s was thrown into the furnace.

Everyone yelled again.

"He really is a brainless person."

"He lost!"

"He's definitely lost. He can't concoct such a pill."

The third Spirit Gra.s.s was thrown in.

The drug race disciples laughed at him again.

Fourth, fifth, sixth … Every single time, Long Fei would go against common sense and attract the ridicule and laughter of countless people. Right now, even the Grand Pavilion Master and the elders from the elders pavilion behind him had disdainful and cold smiles on their faces.

"It's all nonsense!"

"If this works, I'll wring my head off."

… ….

It was also at this time.

The voice of the pill shouted, "Alright!"

A crisp hum sounded out from the pill furnace as a rich spiritual energy gushed out. A sweet smell a.s.saulted the nostrils.

"Superior Blue Panacea!"

One of the cabinet elders' eyes flashed, he looked at the pills on the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage and said excitedly: "I was right, hahaha …"

As soon as his voice faded …

The Medicine Valley disciples were all shocked.

"Grand Elder, you truly are worthy of being called Grand Elder."

"Let's see how that kid will jump now."

"I've definitely won, hahaha …"

After letting out a heavy sigh, the medicinal pills released the pent-up rage in their hearts. Everyone had a smile on their faces.

High-grade Blue Panacea.

To be able to reach the peak of the Earth Stage, who could compare to him?

Even the Grand Pavilion Master, whose face had always been gloomy, revealed a rare smile.

They were sure to win this match.

At the same time.

Mu Xiaoyao then whispered to the disciple beside him, "Get the brothers ready!"

… ….

Xiao Ying was incomparably anxious, and said: "Miss, is the high ranked Blue Panacea very high ranked?"

Man Tuoluo's brows tightened, and said with a low voice: "It's very high, extremely high. Even if it's a cabinet elder, it might not be possible to refine it out."

"Then …" Xiao Ying revealed a worried expression as he looked at Long Fei who was still refining the pill on the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage, and secretly clenched his fists.

She entered a state of combat.

The violent Immortal Foundation faintly moved!

At this moment.

He took the pill and slowly walked down the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage.

At this moment.

He was like a hero returning from a triumphant return. Everyone's eyes were on him, the cabinet elders smiled at him, and the disciples and elders treated him with utmost respect.

In their hearts, medicinal pills were heroes.

He was going to win against Long Fei.

The medicinal pill looked at Long Fei who was on the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage and revealed a disdainful smile, saying, "Boy, admit defeat, stop struggling so fearlessly."

He had sufficient qualifications to be arrogant as a Superior Grade Blue Panacea.

This time, he could be considered to be proud of his achievement.

The medicinal pill felt extremely proud of itself as it thought to itself, "The position of Valley Master is mine now, hahaha …" "Hahaha..."

He was extremely pleased with himself.

His expression was one that could not be concealed.

On the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage.

Long Fei was still continuing, but... Sweat poured down his forehead like rain, and his mental energy was extremely exhausted. It was as if his entire body had been completely drained.


The release of the power of celestial also reached a peak.


"Fourth level, peerless!"


Long Fei's body produced a buzzing sound from the impact of the energy.

Releasing all sixteen times the power of his attributes, Long Fei moved his idea and poured all of his power into it. He roared out loudly: "Done!"


A loud sound echoed out as it shot into the sky.

It exploded in the sky like fireworks.

At the same time.

The pill furnace shattered into pieces.

The furnace exploded?

No one dared to mock him, because Long Fei had once exploded the furnace to concoct a top quality pill. This time, it was another explosion, what could it be?



Everyone's gaze was fixated on Long Fei's Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage.

The Great Pavilion Master's brows sank as he said, "No pills?"

As soon as he finished.

The disciples of drug race, especially the medicinal pills, heaved a sigh of relief and immediately started laughing out loud, "Brat, you've lost, hahaha … Fight with me? "

"Are you even worthy?"

"Prepare to die."

Long Fei's mouth curved up, his two eyes looking at the sky, and laughed coldly: "No pills?"

"Open your dog eyes wide and see clearly."

It was also at this time.

The loud sound from the sky suddenly came down, like a fine beam of light falling down vertically.


The power of the sky was tempered and refined.

The beam of light was nothing more than the pill that had been blown away by the explosion. It rapidly condensed at this moment, forming in a split-second.

This …

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Is this a Alchemy?

Is this magic?

Many of them were scared to the point of peeing their pants.

What kind of Alchemy technique was this?

Pills could fly in the sky?

What kind of power was this?

The pavilion master's eyes tightened as his body began to tremble uncontrollably. He was incomparably excited as he looked at the completed pill which was still rotating on top of the pot at the bottom of the pill furnace. His expression changed, "G.o.d's alchemy!"

"G.o.d's alchemy!"

"The legendary G.o.d's alchemy …"

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