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Late at night in the Murong Mansion.

Murong Tian's courtyard.

The three disciples of G.o.d emperor academy fled in panic. On the way back, their legs were trembling, and they were even swaying when walking. The fear in their hearts was imprinted on their minds and they felt it.

The Dark Dragon G.o.d stuck close to his face as he flew over.

The hideous appearance of the beast kept playing in his mind.

Too terrifying.

"Junior brother, we did not settle the matter well, and we do not need the fairy stones." The leader, who was still in a daze, looked at Murong Tian who had his hands behind his back.

Murong Tian did not speak.

The man continued, "That kid from the South Horizon Region is extraordinary. Junior brother, I think it's best not to provoke him."

"Heh heh …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

Murong Tian suddenly let out a cold laugh.

The man's face darkened as he asked, "Junior brother Murong, why are you laughing?"

Murong Tian slowly turned around, revealing a disdainful face, and said: "I never thought that you would be able to kill him, and never held any hope."

A man's forehead shook as he asked, "Then why did you want us to go find him?"

Murong Tian said playfully: "Because you guys are easy to use."

He said angrily for the man: "Murong Tian, what do you mean by this?"

Murong Tian's hands became claws, and the image of a white tiger appeared on the claws. With a loud roar, it instantly grabbed onto the throat of one of the senior fellow apprentice s.

The image of the White Tiger rushed into his body.


A twisted throat, instant death!

In that instant.

Murong Tian's left hand moved again, using the same method to instantly kill the other senior fellow apprentice.

There was only one male left in the courtyard.

He continuously retreated, and asked solemnly: "Murong Tian, just what is it for?"

Murong Tian smiled and said, "If you guys die, I can blame it on the Fengyuan Merchant Union. Didn't Long Fei have the Fengyuan Merchant Union as his backer? Then let's see whether his backer will be tough enough, or the G.o.d emperor academy will be tough enough! "

The man said: "Two have already died, the two of them are enough, I … "I … I won't say anything. From now on, I am a dog from the Mu Rong family."

Murong Tian laughed disdainfully: "You want to be the Mu Rong family's dog? You are not yet qualified. "

"Ahh …"

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After three moves, the man died.

Murong Tian looked at the three corpses in the courtyard and laughed coldly, "If you didn't die, how would you have angered Master? You are Master's illegitimate child, and even you do not know about this, right? "

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

At this moment.

Murong Fenglei walked in and looked at Murong Tian. "Tian'er, have you activated the White Tiger Immortal Root to the sixth level?"

Murong Tian said, "Father, this is only the beginning. If I fuse with another type of demon beast Immortal Root, I can raise the White Tiger Immortal Root in my body to the seventh, eighth, or even higher levels."

Murong Fenglei became excited and said, "Alright!"

"As long as we can bring down the Fengyuan Merchant Union, the president of the Family Jin Union will reward us with a third grade demon beast Immortal Root. At that time …" Murong Fenglei was extremely excited, the time had come for his Mu Rong family to rise again.

In his heart, Murong Tian said coldly, "Long Fei, this is the G.o.d emperor city, not the South Horizon Region where you're going to take the trash for a fight?"

"Let's see how I'll kill you!"

… ….

Only after recuperating for an entire day did Long Fei recover.

This was all thanks to the pills refined by Man Tuoluo. Otherwise, he wouldn't have recovered his strength so quickly.

The fatty was rather carefree.

He ate all day as if he didn't need money.

The next day.

Fu Xishan came to the courtyard with his brows locked tight. Seeing Long Fei walking over, he immediately changed his face into a smiling one and said, "You should take a good rest during these next two days. Don't run around anymore."

Long Fei laughed: "Sis, looking at your unhappy expression just now, did someone anger you? "Tell me, I'll help you vent your anger."

Fu Xishan glared at him, and said: "You're right in front of me, why don't you vent your anger on me."

Long Fei scratched his head and said: "I won't run around randomly next time."


"Sis, I heard from Man Tuoluo yesterday that there are still nine days before the G.o.d emperor city s organize the auction, right? Is there anything I can do? " Long Fei really wanted to help Fu Xishan do something.

It had always been Fu Xishan helping Long Fei and Long Fei also wanted to do something for her.

Speaking of the auction, Fu Xishan's brows tightened again, and said slightly: "The goods sent by the Fengyuan Merchant Union from outside have not arrived yet, according to the agreement, they should have arrived yesterday."

That was a great treasure!

This time, it was the key for the Fengyuan Merchant Union to increase their influence in the G.o.d emperor city.

With the strength of the Fengyuan Merchant Union, as well as their position as the seventh in the auction house, it was a great opportunity for them to get into the top five.

She absolutely could not allow any mishaps to occur. Otherwise, she …

Long Fei asked: "Did something happen?"

Fu Xishan regained his composure and said: "Nothing, right, this auction is being held for students who are partic.i.p.ating in the G.o.d emperor academy's a.s.sessment, I came here yesterday to ask if you have anything you want to buy. Immortal Foundation, immortal equipment, or immortal pills? "

"Big sister, I can't help you with anything else, but you don't have to worry about money."

She had not been idle all this time.

He sold his private money and some of the things from before, and gathered a thousand fairy stones for Long Fei.

Long Fei said: "I don't have anything I want to buy."

Fu Xishan said: "Could it be that G.o.d emperor academy's a.s.sessment coefficient is very high? You have to make more preparations, how about this, at that time you will come with me to the auction, if there is anything you need you to tell me, I will buy it for you."


"Do you have anything you want to sell?"

"Man Tuoluo's pills are not bad. If you want to sell them, I can help you." Fu Xishan immediately walked forward when he saw Man Tuoluo walking out.

Training was a compet.i.tion of talent.

However …

It didn't matter if he was just a little bit short of talent. As long as he was rich, he would be able to buy resources and obtain limitless possibilities for free.

This point was something that Fu Xishan, as a merchant, was extremely clear of.

This time, the auction was like a meeting of money. Whoever spent more would be able to obtain more resources, and in just a few short days, there would be a huge change.

Long Fei said: "Sis, do you need to keep watch?"

Fu Xishan laughed: "There are some things in the Fengyuan Merchant Union's territory, I won't trouble you to worry about them. Just look for anything you want to sell, and earn some pocket money or something."

Man Tuoluo said: "When the time comes, I will refine a few groups of poison pills." [].

Fu Xishan immediately agreed: "No problem, I'll definitely help you sell it for a high price."

Since the Fengyuan Merchant Union did not need anything to hold back, then Long Fei was too lazy to think about it. He did not want any fairy stones anyway.

Yan Huang ancestor disdained: "You don't want, I want. Do you still want me to train those ghost soldiers?"

Long Fei:...

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 590

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