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For the next few days, Long Fei and Fatty Chen trained at the slaughterhouse.

He had already been knocked around by the demon beast.


These low-ranked demon beast could not satisfy Fatty Chen at all. After a day, he would not even be able to scratch his skin.

Insufficient strength.

It was impossible to activate the defense in his body.

After fusing with the second grade beast armor immortal root, Fatty's defense was even more abnormal.

Long Fei continued to kill.

Just like Fatty, after breaking through the holy ninth rank, the demon beast s' experience plummeted. The demon beast that was originally over a hundred points now only had twenty to thirty points left, and could no longer satisfy his need to level up.


No matter how small the mosquito was, it was still meat. It was already quite good to have experience.

During this time.

No one from the Murong King's Manor or the Black Shark Faction came to look for trouble with them. This made Long Fei a little depressed, as he no longer had the experience to send them off.


"Time to go home!"

Long Fei threw the butcher knife over and shouted to the fatty in the demon beast circle.

"Ah?" "Hmm, it's time?"

Fatty was sleeping soundly, in the demon beast circle, the demon beast were ignoring him, completely ignoring his existence. Fatty Chen crawled up and patted the dirt on his body, humming a song, "Come home, we can eat delicious food again."

After a few days, Fatty's weight had risen again.

Early morning.

Long Fei and Fatty returned to the small courtyard of G.o.d's phoenix pavilion.

There was something wrong with the anger in the yard.

This time, not only Fu Xishan, the smoke thunder, but also the other three clan elders, two strong pract.i.tioners from Arrogant Immortal State stood behind the three of them.

A strong aura pressed down upon Long Fei the moment he stepped into the courtyard.

Long Fei's body sank slightly.

The fatty was not on guard. His body staggered and he almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, at the very last moment, the Divine Armor and power of celestial in his body helped him withstand it.

Chen Tianfei's personality was very irritable, and he immediately scolded: "Who the h.e.l.l is feeling so sick from eating their fill, releasing all of their pressure the moment we get there? "Your cultivation is amazing, d.a.m.n you."

Very unhappy.

"How dare you!"

"What's that?"

An old man immediately shouted out, his eyes staring at Fu Xishan, he said: "Fu Xishan, is this your trash?"

The word 'trash' was especially heavy.

Fu Xishan's face darkened.

Just as she was about to speak, Chen Tianfei said in an irascible tone, "Old man, who are you calling a trash? If you have the guts, come out and see if I don't beat your s.h.i.+t out of you. "

The old man glared at him.

In that instant.

One of the Arrogant Immortal State Rankers disappeared behind him.

Long Fei was shocked, and said: "Fatty, be careful!"

It was too fast!

There was simply no time to react at all, and it was the same for Long Fei.

The cultivation level of the Arrogant Immortal State was too strong, it did not allow him to have even the slightest reaction, and the fatty was even more so.


A palm landed on Fatty's abdomen, and his 250 pound body was sent flying like a kite with its string cut, cras.h.i.+ng into a wall more than 10 meters away.

The wall caved in and the spiderweb split.

One palm.

So powerful.

Long Fei's heart secretly tensed up, he was not worried about the fatty, he was instead worried about Fu Xishan.

Fu Xishan said angrily: "Fu Tianlong, what are you trying to say? You dare to touch my people? Don't think that you're amazing just because you're an elder. "


"Fu Xishan, you dare to be arrogant with me?" Fu Tianlong's elderly eyes darkened, he stared at Fu Xishan in disdain: "If it wasn't for the fact that these few pieces of trash are from the Feng Yuan Merchant Alliance, wouldn't they have offended the G.o.d emperor academy?"

"Will the Feng Yuan Merchant Union lose their goods?"

"You know very well what those goods are, so you know the consequences even better." Fu Tianlong's gaze turned, stared at Long Fei, and sneered. "You're that trash from the Southern Domain, right?"

"You have harmed Fu Xishan once in the Fire Gla.s.s City and once in the immortal domain. You sure are capable of doing it."

"Only a brainless woman like you would like trash like me. If it was me, I would have already slapped you to the ground."

His voice was filled with rage.

Long Fei clenched his fists inside his sleeves, and his teeth chattered loudly.

Fu Tianlong laughed: "What's wrong? You don't feel good about me saying a few words to you, do you? If it wasn't for you killing the G.o.d emperor academy's disciple, would we have ended up like this? "

"In the ten copmmercial alliances's auction, our Fuyuan Merchant Union was robbed because of you. Now … How are we supposed to partic.i.p.ate in the auction? "

"What are we going to compete for?"


"It's all because of you."

The Fu family's goods were stolen.

It was a great treasure of the auction, a great treasure of the Fengyuan Merchant Union. They wanted to use it to raise the influence of the Fengyuan Merchant Union and place in the top five.



Other than a few great treasures, there was also a large amount of immortal pills and immortal equipment. Now, there was nothing.

This was a devastating blow to the Fengyuan Merchant Union.

If the Fengyuan Merchant Union did not have anything to offer for this auction, it was very likely that the other Merchant Union would squeeze out of the G.o.d emperor city.

Long Fei's heart trembled, and he thought to himself: "Only Fatty knows about the killing of the G.o.d emperor academy's disciple, and no one else. Who leaked it out?"

"Or is it those people?"

"Even if those people want to cause trouble, they should be looking for him. Why are they looking for the Fengyuan Merchant Union?"

Long Fei couldn't wrap his head around it.

Fu Xishan stood up and said: "I will take responsibility for this matter."

"Full responsibility?"

The other elder sneered, "Can you afford it? You just cannot handle the G.o.d emperor academy. Can you even take out five thousand fairy stones? "

"I heard that you recently sold things to collect a thousand fairy stones because you wanted to buy a few things for this boy to pa.s.s the G.o.d emperor academy examination, right?"


"Fu Xishan, for a man, you are truly willing to sacrifice your life."

Fu Xishan frowned, feeling very uncomfortable.

"I won't pay any of these five thousand fairy stones."

"Me too!"

"Me too, don't ask me to pay a penny. If you have the money to raise a man, then think of a way yourself."

Fu Tianlong continued: "Five thousand fairy stones are only to apologize to G.o.d emperor academy, what about the auction? The Fengyuan Merchant Union did not have anything of value in the G.o.d emperor city, how could they compete with other Nine Business Union? You, Fu Xishan, cannot bear this responsibility! "

If the auction didn't produce anything, it would only make people laugh!

will become a big joke in the G.o.d emperor city.

Then again.

This was not something that could be solved with just a few thousand fairy stones.

This would affect the fate of the Fengyuan Merchant Union!

The three great elders all looked at Fu Xishan.

Fu Xishan was forced into a difficult situation. The treasure being escorted was not her responsibility to begin with, so she was not responsible for it. The three Great Elders all pushed the blame onto her.

And then there was Long Fei.

Being looked down upon, Fu Xishan did not feel good in his heart.

But now …

There was nothing she could do. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

At this moment.

Long Fei's gaze tightened and his voice sank. He let out a heavy shout: "I'll be responsible!"

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