The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 61

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### Chapter 61 - Long Family's Supreme Elder

The true breath was exhausted, and his spirit was exhausted.

It was indeed difficult for Long Fei to kill him with his own strength.

This was the difference in realms.

However …

Under Long Fei's furious roar, an incomparably domineering and broken blade fell into Long Fei's hands.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A resonating sound of power appeared in the air. Long Zhanwu's eyes nearly bulged out as he said, "Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible. The dragon salyer disappeared for several thousand years, you can't find it, no, no, absolutely impossible …"


What did dragon salyer mean?

The Long family's Supreme Elder!

It was above the Grand Elder.

Once the dragon salyer appeared, who dared to disobey?

It was the supreme existence of the Long family, a supreme faith, and also the spiritual refuge of the Long family.

At this moment.

Everyone in the Long family fell silent.

three pillars and Nangong Xiao stood up abruptly. Their eyes were filled with shock, jealousy, and hatred that could not be hidden.

Long Fei clenched both his hands, the dragon salyer raised above his head, and growled: "Did he kill you?"


Long Fei, you can't kill me! I'm your uncle, I'm the Great Clan Elder, you can't kill me, you don't have the qualifications to kill me … Long Zhanwu's voice trembled, he had never been as afraid as he was now. Under the dragon salyer, even his soul was trembling.

At this moment.

Long Fei hacked down with his blade, "I'll let you know what qualifications are, die!"


With a slash of his blade, the dragon salyer let out a dragon slaying roar.

"Roar …"

"Ahh …"

Long Zhanwu's body was split into two, his entire being was instantly killed, not even a trace of blood could be seen on the dragon salyer.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Long Zhanwu' for obtaining 250,000 experience, 3,000 true breath and 10 Energy Values."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Dragon Break'. Do you wish to cultivate it?"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining '30 million' silver notes."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Sky Dragon Pellet'."

… ….

The notifications exploded continuously.

Long Fei did not care about what Long Zhanwu revealed, but his eyes darkened instead. With great force, he carried the dragon salyer on his shoulders and asked solemnly: "Who else?"

"Who still refuses to accept this?"

"Come on up!"

Overbearing and matchless!

His eyes were like torches, the tyrannical aura on his body combined with the dragon salyer on his shoulders, his entire being was extremely eye-catching.

It crushed the entire martial arts training field.

It was also at this time.

Long Zhanye suddenly shouted, "Where is the Law Enforcement Hall!"


Long Zhanye's eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Long Fei who was on the stage, and shouted: "Killing the disciples of the Long family and killing the great clan elder of the Long family, Long Fei, you are a homicidal maniac, you are not worthy of being a member of the Long family, go all out and take your place!"

The Law Enforcement Hall was Long Zhanye's power.

They all obeyed his orders. Although they were a little hesitant in their hearts, they still all rushed up and quickly surrounded the arena.

The long spear moved, shouting in unison, "KILL!"


At the same time.

Long Shan raised his arms and asked, "Where are the Long family's imperial guards?"


Half of the Long Family's martial-arts arena s all shouted in unison.

Long Shan shouted, "Protect the Young Lord!"


The disciples of the Long family quickly surrounded the Law Enforcement Hall. There were at least three times more people than Law Enforcement Hall.

At this moment.

Zhuge Tianlong laughed coldly, then said: "General Li, Prince Nan Gong, Prince of Nan Gong, this is a good opportunity, they will fight later, and once they do …."

Li Chongtian sneered: "Brother Zhuge is thinking the same thing as me, it all depends on Prince Nan Gong now."

Nangong Lei did not speak. Nangong Yan said coldly: "Kill!"

Nangong Xiao smiled slightly and said: "This prince will not partic.i.p.ate, but the things that have happened today will definitely not be spread out. Those outside will only know that Long Fei has been killed by the Law Enforcement Hall."

"Hehehe …"

Zhuge Tianlong laughed: "Although this child does not have the Dragon G.o.d's blood essence, the speed at which he grows up is too fast. He actually found the supreme artifact of the Long family.

"This kid must not be allowed to live!"

Killing intent rose in his heart!

They understood Long Fei's threat very well.

Compared to the Dragon G.o.d Warriors of the past, it was even more dangerous.

The most crucial point was that once Long Zhanwu died, Long Fei would have full control of the Long family. With the dragon salyer at his command, he would be able to control the Long family's army, and the Long family would definitely unite under his lead.

They all understood in their hearts!

Long Fei cannot stay!

Right now, as long as this battle royale had begun, they would immediately use their full power to kill Long Fei, so as to eliminate any future troubles.

All of a sudden.

The atmosphere in the martial-arts arena was tense and no one dared to act rashly.

In the corner.

Xiao Tiantian could not hold it in and immediately rushed out. His body moved, landing on the ruined stage, and shouted: "If anyone dares to touch this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I, Xiao Tiantian, will be the first one to not let him go."

"Senior Sister?"

Ye Ziyan didn't care that much, she also landed beside Long Fei and shouted: "If anyone dares to touch Long Fei, I won't let him go either."

At this moment.

Liu Luoxi struck out with his sword, his figure descending like a fairy, and said: "Sky Sect's Liu Luoxi, no one can touch him."

The appearance of the three sisters from the Heaven Sect shocked the entire audience.

The Heaven Sect was like a giant.

Their appearance caused the hearts of Long Zhanye and the people from the three pillars to tremble, and the s.p.a.ce between their eyebrows knitted tightly.

It was at this moment.

Fu Xishan walked out from the crowd and said solemnly: "Fu Xishan from the Fengyuan Merchant Union, no one can touch him!"

As soon as his voice faded …

Another heavyweight bomb exploded.

Long Zhanye's forehead was drenched in cold sweat, the people from the three pillars were even more so apprehensive.

The people of the Heaven Sect were actually helping Long Fei?


Even the Fengyuan Merchant Union, which never interfered with the family's compet.i.tion, protected Long Fei. Furthermore, it was Fu Xishan who personally appeared, she was the daughter of the Fengyuan Merchant Union's leader.

She would represent the entire Fengyuan Merchant Union.

The crowd automatically opened up a path, allowing Fu Xishan to pa.s.s through with his veil on.

Long Fei was grateful in his heart as he said, "Thank you!"

At this moment.

Things had already gone beyond their expectations.

Long Zhanye looked at Zhuge Tianlong.

Zhuge Tianlong said in a deep voice, "Long Fei committed an offense while being a disciple of the Long family. He ruthlessly killed his fellow clansmen and even killed the Great Clan Elder on the spot. He has already violated the rules of the Long family and the laws of the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty.

Li Chongtian said slightly: "Long Fei, are you just going to surrender? Or do you want us to do it ourselves? "

Nangong Yan's face was extremely ugly, because none of the four women around Long Fei were beneath her, so she was very unhappy and immediately replied: "Why are you wasting words with him, just kill him!"

Extremely vicious!

The atmosphere immediately became tense.

Many people were sweating profusely.

Long Zhanye shouted, "Men, give me …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

A deep voice came cras.h.i.+ng down from the sky, "Who wants to bully my obedient grandson?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 61

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