The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 62

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### Chapter 62 - Grand Elder's Might

As the sound of his voice faded, the entire audience was stunned.

Originally, the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall could not bear it any longer when facing the Heaven Sect. As the voice sounded, their bodies began to tremble.

Many people dropped the steel spears in their hands.

"Grand, Grand, Grand Master is out!"

"Lunatic Long has come out"

"Grand Elder …"

The voice from earlier was Long Sanfeng!

They were also known as' Crazy Dragon 'in the outside world.

With that said, Long Sanfeng walked out of the room with his body naked, his eyes squinted as though he was smiling, but to some people, it was the smile of death.

Behind him followed another person, Long Zhanhai.

It was unknown why Long Fei felt wronged in his heart when he saw Long Sanfeng, but both of his eyes became wet. He could not help but say: "Grandfather!"

If there was anyone in this world who was good to him other than jojo, then that person would be the Grand Elder of the Long family, Long Sanfeng.

and also Long Fei's grandfather.

Long Sanfeng looked at the dragon salyer on Long Fei's shoulder, then looked at him with tears in his eyes, and emotionally said: "Good, good, good, Xiao Fei has grown up."

The excitement in his heart could not be put into words.

"Greetings, Grand Elder."

"Greetings, Patriarch!"

All the disciples of the Long family knelt down in wors.h.i.+p.

Long Zhanye also knelt down, and said: "Grand Elder, Patriarch, Long Fei, he …."

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Sanfeng's gaze wavered as he suddenly took action. His figure moved like lightning and landed beside Long Zhanye, sending him flying with a palm strike.


Long Zhanye didn't have the power to retaliate.

Zhuge Tianlong frowned, "war chief!"

Long Sanfeng said slightly: "Get up."

And then …

Long Sanfeng looked at Zhuge Tianlong, and said with a smile. "Little Tianlong, is it you who wants to bully my good grandson?"

As soon as his voice faded …

"Boom, boom, boom …"

His body trembled non-stop, and his legs bent slightly. In the end, he directly knelt down, and said with a pale face: "I beg that Lord Dragon is merciful. I did not want to bully Young Master Long, please observe clearly."


"It's not you?"

"So that's what Little Rus.h.i.+ng Heaven is?"

The moment Long Sanfeng's words fell, another wave of pressure pressed down.

Li Chongtian's face was pale white, unable to resist at all. She instantly knelt on the ground and begged for mercy: "Grand Elder, please spare my life, I am only here to observe the compet.i.tion, I did not do anything to the Long family. Please take a look."


"It wasn't you?"

"Is that my grandson's wife?" Long Sanfeng looked at Nangong Lei and her, and in almost an instant, another pressure came crus.h.i.+ng down.



Nangong Lei and Nangong Yan instantly knelt down as well.

Nangong Yan wanted to curse wildly, but he was stopped by Nangong Lei, "Grand Elder, why would I do anything to my own son-in-law? I definitely won't."

Nangong Yan roared angrily in his heart: "Long Fei, I definitely won't let you go."

"Definitely not!"

"If you want me to marry you, then you, as a waste of Negative Activation to Dragon Blood, will never be able to do so."


Long Sanfeng's gaze landed on Nangong Xiao's body.

Nangong Xiao was so scared that his face turned pale and he immediately kneeled down, "Please spare me, Grand Elder. Long Fei is my brother, I never thought of killing him."

So what if he was a prince?

In front of experts, they were nothing more than bullsh * t.

The war master ream were considered the pinnacle of experts in the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty, they could not withstand the pressure at all with regards to their cultivation. As long as Long Sanfeng used a little more strength, their sea of consciousness would be crushed.

This was a powerful expert.

"A being that disdains all existence."

Zhuge Tianlong, Li Chongtian, Nangong Lei, Nangong Yan and the other five people kneeled on the ground as they continuously trembled, because Long Sanfeng's might was continuously increasing.

They could only kneel on the ground, not daring to resist at all.

Madman Long could do anything to kill them. Even the current emperor wouldn't dare to punish him, let alone the fact that this was the Long family.

Long Sanfeng picked his ears and said indifferently: "I seemed to have heard someone just now saying that my obedient grandson broke the laws of the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty and deserved to be killed for his crimes."

Li Chongtian immediately said: "Grand master, Zhuge Tianlong said this, he is in charge of the Ministry of Justice, he knows the laws best, it has nothing to do with me."

Zhuge Tianlong scolded the eighteen generations of Li Chongtian's ancestors in his heart, then immediately kowtowed and said, "Grand Elder, I didn't say anything just now. Young Master Long has punished us all thoroughly, and helped us all get rid of this tumor.


"So I heard wrong? My obedient grandson is fine. " Long Sanfeng's face was filled with satisfaction, but his pressure had not weakened in the slightest.

Nangong Xiao immediately said with an awe-inspiring righteousness, "If anyone dares to touch my Brother Long Fei, this prince will be the first to take his life."

"If that's the case..."

Long Sanfeng said: "Then I have misunderstood you."

He withdrew his aura.

The five of them laid flat on the ground, looking as bedraggled as possible.

He quickly got up.

Long Sanfeng's pressure suddenly came over again.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The five of them instantly knelt on the ground. The kneecap was about to break.

Long Sanfeng said with a deranged look, "Why have you people come to my Long family? Are you saying that you have a worthy goal for plotting against my Long family? "

Long Fei almost laughed out loud.

Zhuge Tianlong's group of five looked bitter, and said: "Grand Elder, we were really just here to observe the compet.i.tion and watch Young Master Long Fei's heroic figure. How would we dare to have anything to do with the Long family?"

"So it's like that."

"It seems that I was indeed mistaken in blaming you all."

While they were talking …

Long Sanfeng once again retracted his war master's imposing aura, and laughed: "The three pillars and the imperial family are here, it's been a long time since the Long family was so lively."

Zhuge Tianlong and the other four climbed up with much difficulty.

At this moment.

Long Sanfeng's imposing aura came crus.h.i.+ng down.

"Bang, bang, bang …"


This time, one of the kneecap shattered.

Gritting her teeth, she stared straight at Long Fei. She placed all of this onto Long Fei and said viciously in her heart: "This princess will definitely not let you have a good time, Long Fei, just you wait and see."


"I'm getting old and can't control my strength anymore." Long Sanfeng acted dumb: "I'm really sorry for the pressure just now."

"Wifey Sun, are you alright?"

"Do you want me to find someone to show you?"

"Last year, that pig's knee was broken by me. Do you want me to treat it for you? You can rest a.s.sured that it will definitely be cured. "

"Zhan Hai, was that pig from last year still alive?" Long Sanfeng asked seriously: "If you're still here, pull it out and let her see my medical skills."

Long Zhanhai reminded: "Grand Elder, that pig was eaten by you after you cooked it into a roasted suckling pig on the second day."


"Look at my memory." Long Sanfeng laughed and said: "Grandson's wife, I can really treat you."



"Forget about it, remember to come often and play with me. My good grandson will deepen our relations.h.i.+p. There are still three years until you two get married. I'm still waiting to carry my great-grandson."

"Hey, don't be in such a hurry to leave."

Nangong Yan even had the heart to kill.

Nangong Lei carried her, bowed to the Grand Elder, and left the Long family in a hurry. If he didn't treat Nangong Yan now, he would really become a cripple.

Zhuge Tianlong also quickly left, afraid that Dragon Madman would use his pressure to crush them again. That kind of feeling was too uncomfortable.

three pillars and the Nangong Imperial Family had lost a lot of face today.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 62

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