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The night pa.s.sed in silence.

Early morning the next day, waves of shocked voices came from the G.o.d emperor academy's Academy.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Another one came out. It was too fast."

"This speed is too fast."

"Today's event is being conducted under the supervision of the Headmaster. It's impossible for any cases of cheating to occur again. However, why are these disciples completely different from yesterday's cases?"

"He's one hundred disciples of the Sky Separating Clan anyway."

… ….

The hundred disciples of the Sky Separating Clan were all changed.

None of them was the same as yesterday.

Most importantly, their cultivation, strength, and talent were all several levels above the disciples from yesterday.

"It's so lively. What happened?" Chen Tianfei jumped around in place a few times, wanting to see what exactly was happening within the crowd.

At this time, a disciple at the side spoke out, "The hundred disciples of Sky Separating Clan are truly taking the examination."


Fatty Chen was stunned, "So early?" "Then what are their results?"

The disciple replied, "Just like yesterday, the only difference is that the second stage is a bit different."

"Same as yesterday?" Chen Tianfei was shocked, and said: "That's impossible right? Yesterday, their results were in the top 100. It's impossible for them with their strength. "

The person said, "Today's group is different from yesterday's group."

"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"

The crowd at the front exploded with noise.

"Two seconds!"

"Breaking the record."

When his voice fell, all the disciples in the examination hall were stunned. In the beginning, there were still many who mocked Sky Separating Clan for his ability to cheat, but no one dared to say so now.

It had completely changed.

Compared to the previous day's disciples, today's Pan Clan disciples were much more powerful.

Zang Tianye was also shocked, "This is the true strength of the Pan Family? A hundred disciples were changed overnight, and whether it was in terms of talent or cultivation level, they were all above those disciples from yesterday. These people have a strong killing intent on them. "

"pan s.h.i.+, three seconds!"

"Hualala …"

Another wave of shocked voices rang out.

At this time, with the fatty leading the way, Long Fei and the others also squeezed to the front.

The moment Long Fei appeared, several tens of cold gazes stared at him. One of the Pan Clan disciples directly walked to Long Fei's side, and stared at him coldly: "You're called Long Fei?"

Long Fei looked at him and said, "Yes."

That person sneered and said, "It's good that you admit to it. After this, you will suffer the crus.h.i.+ng pressure from my Pan Clan. You can enjoy it slowly."

At this time, the Statistical Elder shouted loudly, "Next, pan xuan!"

The mouth of the person who was talking to Long Fei twitched, revealing a cold smile, and said complacently: "Long Fei, look clearly, watch how I stomp you down."

After he finished speaking, pan xuan fiercely turned around and rushed into the demon beast s.p.a.ce.


After a second pa.s.sed, the spatial exit twisted and pan xuan walked out from the demon beast's s.p.a.ce.

"One, one, one second?"

The Statistical Elder was stunned, his brain unable to react. This was because it was too fast!

The entire audience was in an uproar as they were all boiling with excitement.

Yesterday, the Sky Separating Clan cheated, they hated him greatly, but today, the Sky Separating Clan was incomparably powerful, which made them admire him in their hearts.

Everyone began to applaud automatically.

"As expected of the Sky Separating Clan."

"This speed has completely suppressed everyone. Yesterday, that was completely beaten up."

Three seconds and one second are not the same thing. It seems like the Sky Separating Clan is serious.

… ….

Not just them.

Chen Tianfei's eyes also shook, and could not help but say, "It's too fast, so strong!"

Long Fei's mind was also slightly shaken, and she said: "He is indeed strong."

No matter what level of demon beast he killed, being able to do this in a second, meant that he was extremely strong. Furthermore, the reason Long Fei was able to kill the Level Six Demon Beast within three seconds was not because of his own strength, but because of the gravity troll's strength.

There was no doubt that the pan xuan in front of him was very strong.

pan xuan's face was filled with pride, he walked to Long Fei's side with a disdainful look in his eyes, and coldly sneered: "Three seconds is very powerful?"

"So weak!"

Seeing that Long Fei did not speak, pan xuan slightly leaned forward and said slightly: "Kid, this is just the beginning. Just wait for the Pan Family to attack you."

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

pan xuan laughed out loud, looked at Long Fei, then Chen Tianfei, Man Tuoluo and Xiao Ying, laughed coldly and said: "All of you, wait slowly."

The Pan Family retaliated.

The Sky Separating Clan retaliated.

The fact that pan hu had been killed and the disciples of the Sky Separating Clan had their scores canceled made the Sky Separating Clan extremely unhappy.


They wanted to counterattack, wanted Long Fei to have the ability to resist completely.

to use his strongest strength to madly crush Long Fei, and everything around him.

Other than Long Fei and the others.

Fu Xishan's Fengyuan Merchant Union had also suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat.

pan xuan laughed proudly, "Long Family? Get ready to eat s.h.i.+t for me. "

"Hahaha …"

Finished speaking, he turned around and left in big strides.

"F * ck!" Fatty Chen immediately scolded, and just as he was about to go up and fight with pan xuan, he was pulled back by Long Fei, and said slightly: "You are not his opponent."

Chen Tianfei said: "Boss, this guy is too arrogant."

Xiao Ying also said with an angry look on his face, "I can't tolerate it either."

Long Fei said: "Today's Sky Separating Clan is a little different from yesterday's. Today, these people should be the Pan Clan's elite disciples."

These people had very strong cultivation bases. Their cultivation realms weren't high, but their power was solid and their bodies were filled with explosive power.


The Sky Separating Clan had been secluded for a million years, so they were definitely well-prepared when they appeared this time.

Long Fei secretly thought in his heart: "He's much stronger than I imagined."

Chen Tianfei said: "Who cares what elite disciples he is, we will still beat him up."

Long Fei smiled slightly, and said: "Don't worry, this is just the second round, there's still the third round. Moreover, you can't fight in the process of the a.s.sessment or you'll lose your qualifications."

Chen Tianfei said anxiously: "Then why don't we just let them ride on our heads and ride on their horses forever?"

Long Fei's mouth curved up, and said: "Do you think that's possible?"

Man Tuoluo looked at Long Fei, and asked: "Young Master Long, what plans do you have?"

Long Fei said: "Ranking Tournament, all of you release as much of your power as you want!"

The a.s.sessment today would be much stricter than yesterday. Zang Tianye would definitely enforce the law impartially in front of so many disciples, and he would absolutely not be biased.

It was the same for Long Fei.

Thus …

No matter how angry they were, they couldn't make a move. The moment they did, the Pan Clan would catch hold of their weakness. Baidu Search: Half a Float

All he had to do now was wait.

Waiting for a chance to make a move.

Newbie disciple ranking tournament!

Long Fei coldly spoke in his heart: "The crazy counterattack, right? I will kill you in the cradle! "

Chapter III

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