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Long Fei never submitted.

If he was unhappy, he would kill.

Today's scene was a little different.

Even if he wanted to, Zang Tianye would not let him do it.

Zang Tianye stood on the stage and said: "We will begin the third round of the examination."

"All those who pa.s.sed the second round will enter the Purple Bamboo Forest."

As soon as he finished.

Zang Tianye sent a sound transmission to Long Fei, and said: "Long Fei, today's Pan Clan disciples are different from yesterday. Be careful yourself, and don't let them catch onto anything.

"The third round depends on yourself. I can't help you much."

Zang Tianye's sensing ability was not weak, he was very clear that there were a few hidden Rankers in the surroundings, the experts of the Pan Clan.

Long Fei's heart trembled, and thought to himself: "As expected."

"Thank you for the reminder, First Dean. I will be careful." Long Fei replied.

The Pan Family was truly retaliating madly.


This time, their goal was to crush Long Fei into the ground and make him unable to crawl back up. If they wanted to stomp Long Fei to death, then use Long Fei's head to pay tribute to pan hu's dead body.

… ….

Purple Bamboo Forest.

This was an extremely special place for the third trial.

A 100 meter long small road didn't seem to have any difference, but it made countless exam candidates stop. This was because what was being tested wasn't your martial strength or speed, but your heart of martial arts. If one wasn't determined, then it would be impossible to pa.s.s here.

Compared to the previous two stages, this was the hardest.

Zang Tianye said: "All examinees who call out their names will enter the Purple Bamboo Forest one by one. Remember, do not think too much into it.

"Let's begin."

Zang Tianye glanced at the Elder and nodded.

"Is it that simple?"

"Isn't that too simple? Isn't it just a road? "

"What's the difficulty?"

Many disciples did not think much of it because it was just a normal path. There was no need to worry.

As long as they walked over, they would be G.o.d emperor academy's disciples.

Even if he pa.s.sed the test.

Chen Tianfei said in a low voice: "Boss, this road is extremely difficult, even more difficult than the first two stages by ten times. You must be careful."

Xiao Ying said: "Fatty Chen, please speak clearly."

Chen Tianfei replied: "I don't know either, it's my first time partic.i.p.ating in the a.s.sessment as well. I've only heard that the Purple Bamboo Forest is a place where millions of disciples are stopped in their tracks."

Man Tuoluo frowned, and said: "Is it that terrifying?"

Long Fei could not see any difference in that dao, and said lightly: "No matter what, everyone be careful."

At this moment.

The first examinee walked up.

"Let's see how I will be the first to pa.s.s, hahaha..." Then, the disciple laughed complacently and stepped inside. One second, he was still laughing complacently. The next second, his expression twisted into an expression of extreme pain.

At the third second.


He fell to his knees and kowtowed continuously, his face pale.

It was also at this time.

The Statistical Elder faintly said, "Failure!"

"Pull him out."

He was not shocked at all. After seeing too much, he felt that it was too ordinary.

The surrounding examinees did not react at all. They had no idea what was going on. Why did he suddenly kneel down and suddenly fail?

Zang Tianye exhaled and said: "My dao heart is not firm, my mind is not pure."

"The path of the martial arts training is to defy the heavens and change fate. If you guys can even defy the will of the martial arts, how will you break through the shackles and go against the heavens?"

The disciple that was dragged out suddenly recovered when he left the small purple bamboo path. With a pale face, he said, "Give me one more chance, give me one more chance."

"I can definitely do it."

Zang Tianye shouted lightly, "A failure is a failure. The world you resided in earlier failed and died, there was no second chance."

The disciple's body sank, his eyes filled with regret.

The surrounding disciples began discussing, "What happened?"

"It's only been three seconds, but why do I feel like it's been thirty years? What did he see?"

That disciple's expression was downcast, as if he had lost everything in his life. He slowly walked out with a lonely back.

The second disciple walked forward.

On the fifth step, he too knelt down.

Two elders dragged him out.

"Third place."

"Fourth place..."

Over thirty disciples in a row could not even walk a hundred steps. Some were insane, some were sweating like rain, and some were wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves. All of the various forms of life were displayed on this small path.

The more they looked at the disciples, the more scared they became.

What kind of path was this?

I don't understand!


It made people panic.

"Next, pan s.h.i.+!"

Once he said that, pan s.h.i.+ laughed coldly, he took a step forward, and unlike the others, after taking his first step, his speed suddenly increased, as though he was flying, and in a short moment, he broke through the 100m mark.

It was very sharp.

Everyone was shocked.

"So fast."

"So it could be this way. What is this called?"

"The Pan Clan is indeed extraordinary."

"Hahaha... "Too powerful."

The Statistical Elder glanced at Zang Tianye. He didn't say that he pa.s.sed in a hurry.

Zang Tianye frowned, his eyes looking towards the darkness, he clenched his fists and nodded at the elder.

The elder announced, "Pa.s.s!"

pan s.h.i.+ turned around and looked at the small path as he let out a disdainful sneer, "Tsk, what bulls.h.i.+t is this?"

Zang Tianye looked at pan s.h.i.+: "Looks like the Pan Clan elders have seen this path clearly, but …. Is this really good? "

"You don't even dare to examine a disciple's Dao heart?"

No doubt about it.

The Pan Family elders had already broken through this small path.

Soon after, the second member of the Pan Clan walked up.

Just like pan s.h.i.+, they too flew over at lightning speed, and in less than a second, they were extremely fast.

"Another one pa.s.sed."

"So powerful."

"Sky Separating Clan is truly worthy of being a ancient family, you're awesome."

The crowd burst into cheers.

The faces of the disciples from the Pan Clan were also filled with pride.

In the next few minutes, the disciples of the Pan Clan moved as fast as they could. All of them instantly rushed over and pa.s.sed the test.

All one hundred disciples of the Sky Separating Clan pa.s.sed.

It caused a huge commotion.

However, Zang Tianye's expression was very gloomy. He sighed in his heart, and did not say a word. http ://>

The first two tests were to test your ability to respond and to display your strength. The third test was the key. Not only could it test your heart of martial arts, it could also help you improve.

All of Sky Separating Clan's disciples had missed it.

They were proud of themselves, but they had missed a chance to improve themselves.

"Next, Chen Tianfei!"

Chapter IV

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