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"You little service disciple, you think you're qualified to kill me?"

"Kill them if you dare."


"Kid, even if you kill me, you will die. Not only you, but your family of nine will also die. Hahaha …" That Junior Brother was very arrogant, and at this time, he didn't feel any fear at all.

Although he was being suppressed by Long Fei, he was clear that Long Fei did not dare to touch him again.

He was an official disciple.

Furthermore, Liu Ba had already brought people here, and was just a few dozen meters away. No matter how gutsy Long Fei was, he would not dare to touch him!

Of course.

He completely didn't understand Long Fei, so if he had, he definitely wouldn't have said such a thing.

"You dare not kill you, right?"

"Heh heh …"

"After you went down to the Underworld and met Yama, you told him that you were killed by someone called Long Fei. The cause of death was not posturing!" Long Fei's voice fell.

In his heart, he shouted, "Golden Dragon Leg!"

He raised his right foot and stomped heavily on the disciple's head, directly pus.h.i.+ng the disciple's head into the ground.


Blood gushed out crazily.

sun datou's face turned white, and his entire body became cold. He shouted out loud while looking at Long Fei, "Don't!"

Fan Tong and the others also shouted, "No!"

Liu Ba glared fiercely and shouted, "You dog, you're dead today."

His heart turned cold.

This was because Long Fei was a service disciple and if Long Fei killed someone, even if he did not manage everything properly, he would still be implicated.

Not just him.

All of logistics department's disciples would be affected.

Liu Ba rushed forward like crazy.

At this moment.

The Senior Brother stood up after shaking his head for a moment, and then woke up after a short period of unconsciousness. Looking at the nearby Long Fei, and then at the little brother at Long Fei's feet, his eyes trembled slightly as he glared at Long Fei and said, "You dog, you actually killed someone in G.o.d emperor academy …"

Not waiting for him to finish.


Long Fei's figure moved and instantly appeared in front of that Senior Brother. He grabbed him by the throat and stared at him with ice-cold eyes.

The look in his eyes was too terrifying.

It was even more terrifying than death itself.

The hairs on the Senior Brother's heart stood, the cultivation of the Arrogant Immortal State was completely unable to withstand the killing intent coming from Long Fei's body.

killing thought.

The killing intent released by Long Fei was much stronger than the killing intent released by an ordinary person.

It was as if the aura of death within the Infernal Realm had seeped into his heart.

Terrifying. Terrifying.

The Senior Brother said: "I, I, I am not outstanding."

His legs were already weak and unable to look Long Fei in the eye.


He knelt on the ground and begged for mercy, "Brother, I was wrong, I was wrong, I won't dare to do it again."

"I am a dog, I am trash. I beg you to spare my life, spare my dog life. I was wrong, I will never dare to tease them again."

Liu Ba rushed to Long Fei's side.

At this moment.

The four official disciples also ran over.

Liu Ba immediately kicked Xiang Longfei, "Are you f * * king tired of living?"

This kick was extremely vicious.

They carried Strength Stripes s on their feet, obviously using a lot of strength!

"This is the first time, I have endured it!"

"The second time!"

Long Fei's expression turned sinister, he clenched his right fist tightly and roared in his heart, "Power of the Golden Dragon!"

Directly punching Liu Ba's foot with his right fist.


His entire arm was going numb. It had to be said that the strength of Liu Ba's leg was very strong, which also meant that he wanted Long Fei to become disabled with this kick.

Liu Ba was in great pain, he retreated a few steps and was secretly shocked in his heart, "I never thought that the brat's cultivation would be Spiritual Level, but his strength has actually reached Arrogant Immortal State."


"Even if he is the Arrogant Immortal State, he had better die for me. If today's matter is not handled well, I will also be implicated."

Liu Ba's gaze darkened as he stared at Long Fei and said, "Kid, you have to pay with your life. Either you kneel down and get sent to law enforcement agency, or you die here today."

The corner of Long Fei's mouth drew back, and lightly said. "You come!"

His arrogant att.i.tude did not decrease in the slightest.

Endure the first time, definitely will not tolerate you the second time.

If you don't like it, then do it!

sun datou, all of you come together and take him down for me. You guys are also responsible for what happened today, so if you don't act now, you will also be punished, and you should know very well that you have killed an official disciple. "

Liu Ba squinted, and sneered in his heart: "So what if you have some power? Just these service disciples will consume a lot of your physical strength and power of celestial. Let's see how you continue to hold on. "

The expressions of sun datou and the service disciples changed slightly.

They all looked at Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei also looked at them. He didn't have any expression on his face, but … As long as the sun datou made a move on him, then his brotherly relations.h.i.+p would be gone.

Since they weren't brothers, there was only one word to describe them — kill!

sun datou looked at Long Fei and clenched his fists.

No one made the first move. The great army urged them, "leader sun, if we do not make a move, we will be implicated. We cannot bear the responsibility of killing an official disciple."

sun datou's body suddenly turned, looked at Liu Ba and said: "Manager Liu, Long Fei did indeed kill the person, but he was forced to do so, he's standing up for us."

"They insulted us first, it was Long Fei who took action when he could not bear to watch any longer, please be merciful and spare Long Fei."

If it wasn't for Long Fei making a move, then the one laying on the ground would definitely be him.

Ten moves!

If he couldn't withstand ten moves, even if he didn't die, he would become crippled.

I am grateful to Long Fei in the heart of the sun datou.

Fan Tong also walked forward, and said: "They really bully us first, and we are forced to the point where we have no other choice. Manager Liu, you must uphold justice for us."

At this moment.

A few service disciples walked up to him and said: "Manager Liu, we were really forced into a corner. Things like today have happened countless times, and they're insulting our self-esteem.

Liu Ba glared, "Reject!"

"All of you are rebelling?"


Liu Ba never thought that it would be such a result. All of the service disciples were actually speaking up for Long Fei, not sparing their lives to protect Long Fei.

How many days had Long Fei been here?

If this continued, wouldn't Long Fei be overturning the heavens?

"No way!"

"This kid must die!" Liu Ba immediately made a decision in his heart. He had to kill Long Fei in order to preserve his current position.

"Then let's see how capable you are!"

Liu Ba's voice shook, and she shouted: "Someone come."

The four disciples stepped forward and said, "Yes!"

Liu Ba said: "Capture them. If anyone dares to resist, kill them!"

At this moment.

At the entrance of the Martial Repository Pavilion compound, a black shadow flashed down and shouted, "Let me see who dares to touch him!"

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