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Suddenly, a sound was heard.

Everyone looked behind them.

Long Fei's eyes were filled with unfamiliarity, he did not recognize the middle aged man at the entrance.

Just because he didn't know them didn't mean that Liu Ba and the others didn't know them.

Not only did Liu Ba recognize her, she was an existence that he couldn't even touch when he looked up.

His face immediately changed into a flattering smile, as if he had seen his father. He trotted over and asked, "Dean Nineteenth, why are you here?"

Nineteenth Dean!

What was nineteen? law enforcement agency was the nineteenth courtyard, and the's name was also nineteen.

He was known as the Nineteenth Dean.

He looked to be in his thirties or forties, like an old scholar. He did not have the aura of a military man, and his entire body was emitting a scholarly aura.

However …

The feeling it gave Long Fei was actually feminine!

An indescribable femininity.

Nineteen looked coldly at Liu Ba and said: "This is none of your business."

Liu Ba was startled, he hesitated for half a second and said: "Nineteenth, this brat killed an official disciple and seriously injured an official disciple. I was just about to go to law enforcement agency to report this matter."


Ye Zichen slapped him.

Liu Ba was flipped over on the spot, his five fingers clearly visible on the palm print.

Liu Ba was stunned on the spot, he crawled up from the ground, not daring to show the slightest anger, he immediately knelt.

A sudden slap to the face completely overturned the scholarly appearance of nineteen.

Nineteen stared at Liu Ba and said, "Scram!"

Liu Ba almost peed his pants in fright, he immediately crawled and rolled, and the four official disciples he brought along did the same, escaping frantically like they hated this old lady for not having two legs.

Long Fei was shocked.

sun datou, Fan Tong and the other service disciples were also stunned.

Too fast, their brains could not react in time.

Nineteen did not walk to Long Fei's side. Instead, he stood in place and looked at Long Fei, saying: "When Cang left, he told me to take care of you."

"Long Fei, I can only help you once."

"After this, if you make any more mistakes, I will deal with them harshly."

Zang Tianye's disciple?

Long Fei looked at Nineteen and said faintly, "Thank you,"

Nineteen looked at Long Fei and said: "Your current status is too low. If you want to obtain recognition in G.o.d emperor academy, then you must become stronger, and you must obtain the status of an official disciple."

"Otherwise something like today would have happened."

His ident.i.ty was very important.

His status in the G.o.d emperor academy was even more important.

had not experienced this before, but today, he had experienced it.

Long Fei said: "How can I become a service disciple? I ask the Headmaster to guide me. "

Nineteen said: "Servant disciples have low apt.i.tudes and eighteen matrial halls will not accept them. There is only one way to change this, which is to exchange points for qualifications."

"If you can collect a thousand points within half a month, then you can exchange for the spot of an official disciple. However … Whether or not college of martial arts training will accept you as an official disciple will depend on you. "

"Take care."

Nineteen turned and walked into the woods.

After he left, sun datou and the others immediately surrounded Long Fei, and looked at him with a face full of shock.

"Wow, aren't you being too awesome?"

"That's not right. How could you become a service disciple if you know the First Dean of the Hidden Dragon Inst.i.tute?"

"Did you see Liu Pi's expression just now? Hahaha... I've never seen him this scared. It's so refres.h.i.+ng. "

"I heard that Great President Zang has been removed from his post. He seems to have left the G.o.d emperor academy to travel the four seas."

"Dean Nineteen is too sharp."

They did not know about this year's exam, nor did they know about the relations.h.i.+p between Long Fei and Zang Tianye.

Long Fei also did not know that Zang Tianye had left the G.o.d emperor academy.

Long Fei looked at sun datou and asked, "leader sun, how do I obtain G.o.d emperor academy's points?"

He did not explain anything.

If he wanted to change his ident.i.ty, he could only do so to become stronger. Now, he needed his ident.i.ty, the ident.i.ty of an official disciple.

This way, he could leave the G.o.d emperor academy to complete missions and level up.

sun datou was startled and said: "Xiao Fei, 1000 points is not a small number. Even the disciples that had been in the academy for more than a year could not get this many points. It is too difficult."

The exchange of points for an official disciple was something that had happened many times in the G.o.d emperor academy, but the success rate was zero.

No one had succeeded!

It was too difficult.

Long Fei said: "No matter how difficult it is, if you don't do it, you will never succeed. You have to at least give it a try."

"sun datou looked at Long Fei and explained:" G.o.d emperor academy's points are just like currency, G.o.d emperor academy's transactions are basically done with points, and here the points are even more precious than the fairy stones. "

"Obtaining points in the G.o.d emperor academy is divided into two types, mission!"

"After completing the mission, you will be able to obtain corresponding points. This kind of points is not the school's reward, but the points paid by the person who completed the mission."

"The other type of quest is a task a.s.signed by the academy. This kind of quest will have a lot of points, and the difficulty will also be above five star difficulty. It's basically impossible for a single person to complete the quest, and you'll need a team."

"However, you can't even do this kind of mission, because we are just service disciples. Unless we get special permission, we are not allowed to leave the G.o.d emperor academy."

"There's another way, martial arts!"

Long Fei was startled, he understood the points required to complete the mission, "What is called a martial arts battle?"

The great army interrupted and said, "Let's not dream of fighting anymore. No one can earn a thousand points in the compet.i.tion."

Fan Tong also said in a low voice: "The army is right, it's impossible for them to win against those Advanced Disciples."

"leader sun, let's not talk about the battle."

"Probably died up there."

Everyone's expression became downcast.

Martial arts were the cruelest method.

sun datou looked at the blazing pa.s.sion in Long Fei's eyes and said: "This so-called martial compet.i.tion is a challenge, a challenge to a disciple with a higher cultivation level than you, and also …."

The s.p.a.ce between sun datou's eyebrows tightened, and he said, "Moreover, the further you go, the harder it is, and the more points you get, and more and more experts will come out. Basically, not a single person succeeded."

Points were acc.u.mulated.

The more you win, the more points you will have, and the higher your rank in G.o.d emperor academy.

Once you lose.

All the points you have will be taken away.

It was just like a gamble. A single win or loss would mean nothing.

It may be simple in the beginning, but the more points you have, the more people will covet your points.

It's hard.

Long Fei muttered: "So it's like that!"

The sun datou said: "Not only is it the students of the G.o.d emperor academy, if your points are acc.u.mulated to 800, there might even be an elder who would be willing to accept the challenge."

"Other than some Advanced Disciples, who else could be stronger than the Elders?"

Long Fei became even more excited, "Even an elder can partic.i.p.ate? Interesting, very interesting! "

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