The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 741

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741 - Three Moves!

Long Fei rushed out.

Seeing that w.a.n.g qingshan was heavily injured, that Dao Feng was heavily injured, and that the other disciples were all smashed to the ground by the powerful pressure, Long Fei was instantly enraged.


"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

The demon powerhouses wildly laughed, "You?"

His laughter was filled with contempt, as though he had heard a hilarious joke.


In his eyes, Long Fei was just a joke.

Because of Long Fei's level.

The demon experts couldn't help but mock him, "You? You, a level 1 Berserk Immortal sc.u.m, can actually kill Ghost Dragon? G.o.d emperor academy has specially groomed such a braggart? "

Level one berserk Immortal?

Hearing the words of the demon powerhouses, everyone was shocked.

Isn't Long Fei a Spiritual Levee 6?

How did he break through to the first level of the Crazy Immortal Realm?

Can he fly?

The cultivation of the demon experts were much higher than any of them. He could not be mistaken, Long Fei was definitely at the first stage of the Wild Immortal Realm, and in less than a day, he had already reached the first stage of the Wild Immortal Realm.

Let alone a genius, even Heavenly hall of immortals s back then could not do such a thing.

Han Xueji looked at Dao Feng and said, "Didn't the three of you work together to kill the Undying Ghost Dragon?"

Dao Feng shook his head: "It wasn't us, it was Long Fei who killed him."

w.a.n.g qingshan looked at the Long Fei in the distance and said: "Long Fei, this is none of your business.

When the demon expert saw their expressions, his smile faded and his eyes turned sinister. He stared at Long Fei and said, "First stage of the Wild Immortal Realm killing Ghost Dragon?"

It wasn't that he didn't believe it.

It was something impossible.

However …

The demon powerhouses felt the fearless aura coming from Long Fei's body, and their instincts told them, "This brat is not simple!"


Although Long Fei was only at the first stage of the Raging Immortal Stage, he was stronger than Dao Feng and the others combined to pressure him.

"Could he be the G.o.d emperor academy's Demon Slayer, a peerless genius?"

The demon expert's heart trembled, he looked at Long Fei and asked, "Did you kill the Undying Ghost Dragon?"

Long Fei slowly walked over, looked at the demon expert and asked, "Do you want to try?"

He wasn't afraid in the slightest.

However …

The Yan Huang ancestor reminded Long Fei again and again, "You are not his opponent, so don't go crazy recklessly."

The demon powerhouse's face was full of contempt, and said with a sneer, "Try? How do you want to try? "

Long Fei said: "It's simple, take three of my moves. If you can take it, I'll spare your life."

Dao Feng, w.a.n.g qingshan, Han Xueji … everyone looked at Long Fei.

They were all wondering if what they said was the opposite.

Was it Long Fei who had received three moves from the demon experts and then released them?

The demon powerhouses coldly laughed, "Brat, arrogance requires strength, if you don't have strength, you are courting death."

Long Fei said: "Don't be blind, I'm just asking if you dare? If you don't dare, then scram to the side and return to your Western Sky Demon race. Don't let me see you again, or else I'll beat you up every time I see you. "


If that's the case, then you have to be unbearably arrogant.

The demon expert threw Dao Feng away, and stared at him: "Alright, then I'll take three of your moves, let's see what tricks you have up your sleeve."

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei's footsteps moved and he roared out in his heart: "Black Dragon, can I borrow some strength now?"


A dragon's roar and a roar.

Long Fei's right hand grabbed onto the dragon salyer and moved, "First move!"

"Dark Dragon G.o.d Slas.h.!.+"

His heart exploded with excitement, "He's unparalleled at level 5!"

The attribute strength of 32 burst forth.

The power of metal dragons, open!

"Roar …"

The illusory image of the Dark Dragon G.o.d roared out, and a powerful energy enveloped the body of the dragon salyer, causing the surface of the dragon salyer to burn frantically. Long Fei moved as though he was flying, locking onto the demon expert and slas.h.i.+ng down with his blade, "Catch it for me!"

Too arrogant!

The strength of this slash was too crazy.

Dao Feng looked at the Dragon Spirit Shadow cras.h.i.+ng down from the sky, and was shocked to the point of being a complete mess as he said, "This brat … Isn't it too strong? "

w.a.n.g qingshan said: "In the arena, he had actually been hiding his strength, if not I would not even be able to take half a move right?"

Long Fei's strength increased.

The reason was simple.

He had levelled up, consecutively levelled up four levels. Without leveling up a level, his strength would become stronger, and the strength of the Dark Dragon G.o.d would also increase.

Then again.

He had fused with the Immortal Foundation's power. This kind of immortal energy was able to make his power even more unbridled and fearless.

The demon expert raised his eyes slightly, and thought to himself: "This is definitely not a power that the Arrogant Immortal State can produce."


"It's still too weak!"

The demon powerhouse didn't go to defend, but moved his two fists, "Devil Explosion Fist!"

The two fists continued to strike at the void.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Each fist was stronger than the last. Long Fei's Dark Dragon G.o.d Chop was shattered into pieces before it could even land on the ground.

Yan Huang ancestor said, "The difference in realm is too great."

Long Fei's body shot out, exploding backwards. His vital energy and blood tumbled below his chest, making him feel incomparable discomfort. He roared in his heart once again, "Again!"

"The second move!"

"killing G.o.d chop!"


This time, the power was completely different. When the power of the killing thought erupted, Long Fei swung his blade down on the demon expert again.

Compared to the previous slash, this slash was even more brutal.


The power became even more ferocious.

Han Xueji started to tremble, "I'm about to fall in love with him."

Dao Feng was also incomparably excited, "Incredible, this is incredible, this brat … I'm going to fall in love with him too. "

Han Xueji disdainfully said: "Dao Feng, what is a stinky man like you fighting with me for a man for?"

w.a.n.g qingshan said: "Can you all not speak."

The expression of the demon expert also changed, "To be able to release even more power, this child's talent is definitely not simple, could it be that he possesses some kind of supreme blood vein's power?"

Facing the incomparably powerful killing G.o.d chop, he did not dare let his guard down.

The demonic shadow covered the sky.

His strength exploded out, directly raising him to eighty percent. With a swing, a long blade appeared in his hand. "Slas.h.!.+"

"Kacha, kacha kacha …"

The sky exploded.

The two forces seemed to be on the verge of splitting apart, clas.h.i.+ng against each other. There was no light on the ground, it was as if a hundred thousand magical beasts were roaring in the sky.


"Bang, bang, bang …"

Long Fei was forced back by several hundred meters. Every step he took, there was a deep footprint beneath his feet that smashed into a stone pillar. The blood energy below his chest churned and he was no longer able to endure it any longer as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The demon powerhouses stood in the air, motionless.

On the surface, he seemed to be fine, but the shock in his heart was incomparable. "He's too strong."

"If he were to grow up, it would definitely be a hidden danger for the demons."

"We can't let this child live!"

Long Fei steadied himself and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, he rushed forward once again and unleashed three moves consecutively, he said coldly: "There is still one more move!"

"The third move!"

"Big Day Tas.h.a.gata!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 741

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