The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 742

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Chapter 742 - Don't fight with me for a man

The idea moved.

Once the skill was released, the power of celestial in Long Fei's body was immediately emptied.

At the same time.

All of the power in his body shot up into the sky. The sky split open, and the thunderclouds in the sky were shattered by a golden palm print.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Boom, boom!"

The sound of wind breaking exploded like thunder.

Long Fei deeply roared: Take my third move!


A golden palm imprint struck down, bringing with it endless power of the holy buddha.

Dao Feng looked up into the sky, "There's such a palm technique? I have never seen a palm technique that falls from the sky. "

w.a.n.g qingshan also had a face full of shock, "Long Fei, just who is he? He has shocked me time and time again, and I've discovered that I want to fall in love with him as well."

"All of you, scram!"

"He's mine." Han Xueji became excited, "You said that you two men are the same as me, and want to s.n.a.t.c.h the man away?

"Long Fei, you dead b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I am yours tonight. Please don't be softhearted, you can ravage me as much as you want, you can ravage me as much as you want."

Han Xueji then revealed a seductive pose, which made people spurt out jade blood. Half of her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s was about to pop out from her clothes.

made the blood vein explode.

Zheng Qingsong said: "Can you guys calm down a little? Long Fei is still fighting with his life on the line, and he hasn't received the three moves yet. What do you think of the demon powerhouses?"

The faces of Han Xueji and the other two s.h.i.+vered.

They were too excited as they watched the huge palm strike down from the sky. This kind of shock was simply incomparable, as if it was coming straight to the peak.

The three of them immediately stopped talking.

At this time, Zheng Qingsong stood up and shouted, "Young Master Long, I love you, I want to give birth to your baby. You're too handsome!"

Han Xueji said: "d.a.m.n you, another one came to steal my man."

Dao Feng: "Can you do a bit more?"

w.a.n.g qingshan: "I curse you to be only 3 cm tall."

Although the four of them were joking, they were extremely nervous. They were worried for Long Fei.

The demon powerhouse looked at the huge palm descending from the sky, his face was gloomy. He couldn't find any place to break it, "This person …. Who exactly are they? "

"No way!"

The eyes of the demon powerhouse turned sinister as he roared in his heart.


The area around his body started to burn, frantically burning up. The scarlet flames trembled as they faced the gigantic palm in the sky.


His body shot up like a rocket.

With a move of his palms, he blasted them towards the sky!

"Kacha, kacha, kacha …"

When the two palms came into contact with the giant golden palm print, the sky darkened, and dust flew everywhere. Demon experts were being continuously crushed, and he also kept howling, "Ah …" "Ah …"

His palms were splitting apart, unable to withstand it at all.

In the end, he used his shoulder to resist, but it was the same. His body crazily descended, and the strength of the giant palm was just too great.

It was so powerful that even Long Fei himself felt his blood boiling, "Big Day Tas.h.a.gata is really fierce, too fierce, hahaha …"

He didn't know what cultivation level the demon experts had, but they were definitely very strong.

Facing the 'Big Day Tas.h.a.gata', he had no way to resist it.


Long Fei shouted loudly.



The gigantic palm descending from the sky could be seen from a distance of a million km, half the size of the Immortal City.

"Ahh …"

The demon powerhouse let out a roar, and his whole body was crushed on the ground. Half of the city collapsed, and a huge handprint was left in the city.

"Ah, ah, ah!" The demon powerhouses frantically cried out. The pain from having their minds crushed was incomparably unbearable, and he had never been this afraid in his life before.

The feeling of having brought him to h.e.l.l was too unbearable.

Buildings continued to collapse within the Immortal City. From a high vantage point, it looked like a giant handprint. The depth of the handprint was three meters, terrifying to behold!

Long Fei took a step forward and floated up into the air. He stared at the continuously berserking demon experts on the ground and said: "Can you take three of my moves. Do you have any strength left?"

"Since you can take three of my attacks, I'll let you live."

Long Fei said tyrannically.

His eyes were filled with contempt.

It was just that …

No one knew that he was struggling to hold on, struggling to hold on. He had already reached the limit of three moves, and was simply unable to withstand them.

If not for the fairy stone root constantly releasing power of celestial s to support him, he would have immediately fainted.

Long Fei gritted his teeth, and said to himself secretly: "If you want to act tough, you must put on a glove, you absolutely must not fail at this critical point. Hold on, hold on, you must hold on."

The Big Day Tas.h.a.gata was indeed powerful, it could crush any demon powerhouse, but it was still not enough. The damage was still not enough to kill him. If the Demon Rankers could see through him, then he and Dao Feng and the rest would all die.

He had to hold on.

The demon expert looked at Long Fei and asked, "Just who are you, and what was that palm strike just now?"

"This young master's name is Long Fei, I'll remember it." Long Fei sneered: "As for the cultivation technique, do you want to know? I just didn't want to tell you. "

While they were talking.

Long Fei's voice sank as killing intent filled his eyes, and he said: "Hurry up and scram, do you want me to attack again?"

He was truly afraid, and furthermore, he saw that Long Fei was only at the first stage of the Berserker Immortal Realm. However, he could not see through the depth of Long Fei's strength, as this person was too terrifying.


The demon expert stared at Long Fei and said: "Long Fei, I'll remember it!"

After saying that, his body blurred and he bounced up heavily, turning into a ball of light and disappearing into the horizon.

Long Fei floated in midair and said loudly, "Take your time."

After speaking, his body began to sway. He couldn't hold on any longer and immediately asked in his heart, "Ancestor, has he gone far?"

Yan Huang ancestor said: "I went far."


Long Fei's eyes flipped and he fell from the sky. He had reached his limit and could not hold on any longer.

"It's too tiring to pretend!"

"I almost lost my life."

Long Fei fainted as he fell from the sky.

Three moves.

It could be said that Long Fei's current three strongest moves, not only did they consume power of celestial, they also consumed his mental energy. Furthermore, during the previous two moves, Long Fei had been injured.

This was also the reason why he was able to fuse with the fairy stone root;

The demon powerhouses were also scared silly.

If he did not exchange three moves with Long Fei, Long Fei would not be his match no matter how strong he was.

He had won the bet.

Long Fei felt a burst of lingering fear in his heart, "What about next time? Can you still have such good luck? "

Seeing Long Fei falling from mid air, Dao Feng anxiously rushed out.

Han Xueji immediately shouted out, "Don't steal my man!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 742

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