The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 853

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Chapter 853 - Fusion of Yuan Long's body

Sea Dragon King submitted!

Because he'd lost.

Because of Long Fei's character.

And it was also because he saw hope that he had not seen it on Long Fei six million years ago.

Long Fei thought that Black Dragon was infected, Azure Dragon was infected, Golden Dragon and the others were also infected, and now the Dragon race's second powerhouse, Sea Dragon King, was infected too.

Sea Dragon King knelt on one knee and said heavily, "Boss!"

The sound was very heavy, like it weighed millions of pounds.

This was the first time he said the word 'boss'. He had never admitted the importance of Yuan Long in the dragon clan and he had never been convinced by Long Fei.

What he submitted to was Long Fei!

The corner of Long Fei's mouth hooked up as he said with a slight smile, "Welcome back."

He was very excited.

Sea Dragon King was very strong. With this kind of number one general on his body, wouldn't he sweep everything away?

green dragon ancestor laughed: "Hahaha... Sea Dragon King, welcome back. "

"Welcome back!"

"Sea Dragon King, you are different, right?"

"Hahaha... Brother Sea Dragon, what I said just now were all angry words. "

Black Dragon Ancestor said excitedly, "Sea Dragon King, Boss will definitely be able to lead us to return to divinity after surviving the calamity."

Everyone was excited.

Excited at the reunion of brothers.

Sea Dragon King was their brother, their tribe. No matter what happened in the past, as long as they remembered one thing, they were brothers who fought together.

At this moment.

The dragons were excited, their moods agitated.

On the other hand, Long Fei could not take it anymore. His body became extremely weak and his eyes started to turn blurry, he could not withstand Sea Dragon King's attack for more than a second, but he could not.


A faint smile hung on Long Fei's face, and he fell to the ground unconscious.



All the other dragons tensed up, their hearts rising to their throats in an instant.

Sea Dragon King's body pulled Long Fei back and said solemnly: "I'm sorry, I was too stubborn, I was too willful!"

green dragon ancestor felt Long Fei's body, and said slightly: "Boss is unconscious, it's too tiring."

Fen Tian and Black Dragon Ancestor's hearts sank again.

Long Fei did it for them!

Sea Dragon King anxiously asked: "Where's the Dragon King?" Is he not there? "

green dragon ancestor replied, "Not yet."

Sea Dragon King frowned. At this moment, he was more worried than anyone else. "Boss will be fine, right?"


"This place is extremely dangerous. Once my Seal breaks, this mysterious continent will have powerful beings appear. I'm worried …"

This place was merely a small corner in the Transue empire.

Because …

The dragon race owed Transue empire a favor, and all the Yuan Long put the Sea Dragon King Seal in this corner, letting him protect the Transue and repay the favor in front of everyone.

The calamity that had befallen on the disappeared Transue had even caused some of the living creatures to mutate.

They were incomparably powerful.

The formation on Sea Dragon King's body belonged to the Seal itself, and also belonged to the mutated demon beast of the entire empire.

Once the Seal is broken, those mutated demon beast will awaken from their slumber and danger will descend!

The green dragon ancestor was startled, "Could it be that there is some other secret hidden in this continent?"

Sea Dragon King replied, "The Yuan Long did indeed say something to me back then, but I don't believe his words at all. After six million years, I really have forgotten what he said."

"I only remember that... It seems that the King of Transue possesses the power of the Holy Spirit. He is the power of the Holy Spirit.

"It seems like it's the power of mutation."

Black Dragon Ancestor asked: "Sea Dragon King, the Yuan Long's body is buried here. You didn't really swallow up the Yuan Long's body, right?"

This was a crucial issue.

All the dragons looked at the Sea Dragon King.

Sea Dragon King said, "Because I disdain devouring the Yuan Long's power. It's just that when I'm together with the Yuan Long's body, in six million years, my power will definitely carry a trace of the power of Yuan Long."

He disdained Yuan Long.

He despised his strength even more.

Thus …

From beginning to end, he had never possessed the power to devour the Yuan Long's body.

Back then, the Yuan Long saw this point.

At this moment.




The earth began to shake rapidly as shattered rocks fell from the sky and shook. Roars that broke through the horizon sounded out and exploded in everyone's minds.

This roar was completely unstoppable.


"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Yuan Long, you are the king of my Transue, because your dragon race suffered from a calamity, causing my Transue to sink to the bottom of the sea forever, all of this was because of your dragon race's appearance, now I want to kill you all, wuhaha … …"

His voice covered every nook and cranny of the Transue, including the ground floor.

On the ground.

song qianqian couldn't even stand steadily, and felt the voices coming from the distant castle; she almost couldn't take it anymore.

Ling Long was startled, "Could it be that what is written in the ancient book is true?"

song qianqian asked: "What is true?"

Ling Long said: "According to the ancient books, the Transue empire was sunk by the calamity, and forever submerged in the sea. However, the people on the continent of Transue didn't all die, but they were all alienated."

"The King of Transue has even become an exceptionally terrifying alien creature, incomparably powerful."

"They have been eroded by hatred. Once they break through the Seal, they will become incomparably bloodthirsty."

song qianqian's expression changed, the killing intent of Mi Tian was released from the castle far away, this killing intent was something she had never felt before.

It was even more intense than Long Fei's killing intent when he was cultivating.

More than six million years of acc.u.mulated hatred, this enmity, this hatred, just how strong was it?

The power of the Holy Spirit.

It was also known as the power of resentment.

They came from the abyss of h.e.l.l, and were connected to another world, the alien world!

Ling Long's eyebrows tightened, and said: "Sister Qian Qian, Senior Brother, how is Senior Brother?"

If what the ancient book said was correct, then what followed would be a ma.s.sacre.

They had to leave this place as soon as possible!

song qianqian's gaze tightened, and said. "I can't sense his position, I don't even know if he's alive or dead right now."

Linglong was anxious, "Then what do we do? Transue's beasts will all be familiar with it soon, and at that time, it will be a huge calamity. "

A beast's calamity would sweep across the entire Transue.


Sea Dragon King knows everything that Linglong knows.

Sea Dragon King knows what Linglong doesn't know.

green dragon ancestor frowned, and asked: "What do we do now?"

Sea Dragon King said lightly, "The moment the Seal opens, all of Transue's exits will be sealed. Only by releasing the soul essence of the King of Transue can we reopen it."

The Black Dragon Ancestor said anxiously, "Stop with the nonsense, are you going to wake boss up now?"

Sea Dragon King looked at them and said, "There is only one way, which is to let boss fuse with a Yuan Long's body!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 853

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