The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 854

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Chapter 854 Slap your face with a slipper

Long Fei's body was simply too weak. If he wanted to quickly recover, he could only fuse with an even stronger power.

The Yuan Long's body was the best power.

The power of the Yuan Long's essence.

The Yuan Long buried his body separately and left all of his energy essence inside his flesh. After coming out, a strand of his origin soul went outside of the reincarnation cycle and did not carry any other energy with it.

It could be said.

The Yuan Long's body was the Dragon Clan's most powerful energy source.

Sea Dragon King was very clear about this.

The reason he was called the Yuan Long was because he had a body that was different from the other dragon races.

Yuan Long race!

In the entire clan of Yuan Long, only the Yuan Long managed to escape.

His physical body was also the strongest physical body.

Hearing Sea Dragon King's words, green dragon ancestor immediately said, "Then let's begin!"

Jin Long also said, "Then what are we waiting for? Boss's aura is getting weaker. If we don't hurry up, I'm afraid …"

He did not continue.

If he had used his entire strength to protect Long Fei in the last move, Long Fei would not have suffered such heavy injuries.

It was he who had failed to protect himself.

The eight golden dragons all deeply blamed themselves.

He also swore that he would never do it again!

Sea Dragon King said, "Alright, I've brought the Yuan Long's body out. All of you can come out."


"You all have to be prepared. Once the power of the Yuan Long's body leaves the Seal, its power will become extremely violent and it will possess a powerful backlash."

green dragon ancestor said: "Can you stop being long-winded at such a time? We can endure it."

Patriarch Ghost Dragon said, "Brother Sea Dragon, hurry up."

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Just as they were talking, the green dragon ancestor rose up from the green dragon tripod. A gigantic green dragon hovered in the air.

The blood dragon emerged from the body.

Ghost Dragon left his body.

Poison Dragon Out of Body, Black Dragon Out of Body.

Eight golden dragons emerging from the body!

All out.

Sea Dragon King said, "Jinlong, you eight brothers will be in charge of protecting boss' mind and consciousness."

The eight golden dragons said in unison, "Understood!"

"Roar …"

Sea Dragon King turned his body and entered the array. After that, Sea Dragon King let out a hysterical roar, "Ah …. "Ah …"

It was as if all the strength in his body was exploding.

It was as if a giant had summoned all his strength. The muscles on his body bulged, they clotted, and every single muscle was clearly visible. It was an incomparably terrifying strength.

It was completely different from the power of the Dragon Head Qiankun Map's' dragon's head '.

Sea Dragon King shouted, "It's here!"


A colourful dragon G.o.d was carried out of the formation by the Sea Dragon King. The power of the dragon surged out like an ocean as it roared.


Even if they had met the Yuan Long six million years ago, they were still shocked at the same time.

This was because the dragon's strength was too terrifying.

This was the body of a Yuan Long.

All of the dragon ancestor's hearts were being crushed by a strong power. Their breathing became erratic, as if they couldn't bear the power released from the dragon's body.

Sea Dragon King said, "What are you all waiting for? Hurry up and start."

He couldn't move. If he moved, his dragon body would sink, and he would sink forever.

green dragon ancestor flipped in the air and shouted, "Come!"


He directly charged into the power of the dragon's body and fiercely bit down on it. His body sank down as well. The powerful force crashed into his body, as if it was a crus.h.i.+ng force. It was extremely painful.

green dragon ancestor held onto it, turned around and moved through the air as he rushed into Long Fei's body.


In this instant, the power of the dragon body poured into Long Fei's body.

In his subconscious.

The long silent dragon head suddenly trembled, and the Yuan Long's voice sounded again, "My power, my power … "Hahaha..."

"This is my power!"

"Brat, you're mine too!"

"You're my reincarnation, you're just my container, my perfect container, hahaha …"


"I really didn't think that your virtual immortals stage would be able to subdue the Sea Dragon King and escape from divinity. He has never submitted to me, never called me boss, let alone kneel on the ground, I didn't think that he would be so respectful to you, brat, I have to admit that you are really different."

The dragon head seemed to have resurrected.

It became excited and arrogant because it could feel the power of the dragon's body.

The dragon head was the sea of consciousness, which was the main control.

The dragon's body was his main defense.

The dragon tail was the main cultivation technique.

The dragon claw was the main force of an attack!

The Yuan Long's body was divided into four parts, and the power within each part was different. The dragon was the largest and also the body of the Yuan Long.

The true defensive power of the body of the Yuan Long Tribe's strong physical body.

When the dragon head sensed the power of the dragon body, the Yuan Long began to boil.


Although Long Fei was unconscious, his consciousness was still very clear. Furthermore, the moment the power of the dragon's body entered his body, he became even more conscious.

Hearing the words of the Yuan Long, Long Fei was instantly enraged.

The idea moved, and in his subconscious, a hand holding a slipper slapped down.


Slap it on the dragon head's face, it was like an adult hitting a child, and it was even using slippers to slap the face, that slap was so loud and clear, Long Fei scolded angrily, "You dare act in this daddy's body, am I giving you face?"

"Your sister, what kind of place is this?"

"Your container?"

"Your reincarnation?"

"Everything is yours?"

"You still haven't woken up yet, have you?" As Long Fei spoke, he slapped his hand away, "Give this daddy some more time to show off!"

"Do you know whose territory this is?"

"d.a.m.n it, do you know my name?" Long Fei! "

"Remember this, I am not your reincarnated Long Fei. Either you give me a good rest, or I will crush your little primordial spirit idea, do you believe me?" Long Fei said with incomparable mania.

It was like a violent father teaching a naughty child a lesson.

Calm down.

If you don't stop, I'll cut you to death!

It was just as Long Fei had said, this was Long Fei's territory, he was the person in charge of his territory.


Right now, he only had one remaining Yuan Long soul.

If it was really crushed by Long Fei, then there really was nothing left.


If it wasn't for the overexcited voice of the dragon head, Long Fei would never have thought that he was still alive.

Long Fei's heart tensed up, and he thought to himself: Could this be a hidden evil?

Don't end up with him for everything!

If that's the case, then what is laozi playing at?

It was just like a game, levelling up by killing monsters and going all out for a few years. In the end, the account had been stolen and could not be found back. Then there would be nothing left.

What a tragedy...

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 854

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