Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant Chapter 95 - Saving Your Life (2)

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Chapter 95 – Saving Your Life (2) Advertis.e.m.e.nt

Why… Ye Mu could only thought.

Since he was afraid of the soldiers and horses under Ye Li's command, the emperor pondered for a moment before suppressing his anger and allowing the eunuchs to announce Ye Li's arrival.

He wanted to see what Ye Li wanted to do.

Ye Li also knew what would happen if he forced his way in, but he couldn't wait. Even if he wanted to delay things, the brat beside him wouldn't give him a chance.

As expected, the emperor had a gloomy expression the moment he stepped in.

“General Ye is so mighty that he treats this Emperor's Imperial Garden like it's his own backyard. If you want to barge in so brazenly, do you still put this emperor in your eyes?!”

Ye Mu was currently stopped by the Imperial Guard as she looked towards Ye Li. She didn't expect that it was really him, but what Ye Mu didn't expect was that the youth on Ye Li's side was none other than Mo Linyuan!

When Ye Li saw that Ye Mu was still standing there, his frazzled nerves were finally set at ease. Even though he had been coerced over by Mo Linyuan over, when he saw that Ye Mu was fine, he couldn't help but let out a deep sigh of relief.

He bowed towards the emperor and said, “Your Majesty, the purpose of this hasty visit is not for this general, but for His Majesty's life!”

When Ye Li said this out loud, this gave the emperor a fright! When the emperor came back to his senses, he slapped the handrail of the dragon seat furiously, “Impudent!” Are you cursing my death?"

Ye Li did not say anything anymore and only looked towards Mo Linyuan beside him. Mo Linyuan had lowered his head from the start, and at this moment, he finally raised his head. He did not squint in fear and looked directly at the Emperor.

“In reply to Your Majesty, what the general said is the truth. The Immortal Pill you have been taking is actually a forbidden medicine of the Mo country that was modified with the Cold Food Powder. After taking this pill, the user will be able to raise their physical strength and recover from pain for a short period of time.”

The Emperor couldn't help but look towards the young man with an icy voice.

“Since that's the case, why are you saying that it's a forbidden medicine?!”

Mo Linyuan replied, “Because after taking this medicine, the desire one would feel would be extreme and only would this be calmed down through physical exhaustion. Therefore, the more you vent it, the faster you die. According to the records of the Mo Country, if a strong man takes this medicine, within five years, he will be afflicted with an evil illness, with no known medicine to cure him. Therefore, Your Majesty, the reason why the General forcefully charged in, is to save your life!”


Mo Linyuan's words stunned the emperor! The energy that this medicine brought was actually gained through overexerting his body?

How-how is this possible? Wasn't it supposed to be an elixir that cured a hundred diseases?!

Before the emperor could say anything, Mo Linyuan continued, “If His Majesty doesn't believe me, you can ask the imperial physician at your side for the true diagnosis of your health; the redness on your face is only a fake appearance of a healthy body, and rather an indication of the ongoing effects of the medicine.”

The imperial physician who was bandaging the wounds of the emperor heard his words and sweated profusely. It was taboo to treat the emperor's illness because a moment of carelessness would cause one's head to fall to the ground. Besides, he already knew about the emperor's illness and that there was no hope of him recovering.

The emperor believes that he had already recovered. But faced at this situation where his appearance had been seen through, how should he reply?

The emperor felt chill run down his spine. He sternly asked the imperial physician at his side, “Is he telling the truth?! Has this emperor really not recovered? Don't you dare lie to the son of heaven!"

Finally, the imperial physician knelt down and kowtowed several times. “Your Majesty…he-he-what he said was the truth!”

He could not hide this matter for long anyway. With the Emperor's increasing levels of lethargy, even if he ate more pills, it would be useless in less than two months. Thus, he might as well admit it now!


The emperor's body who had been initially sitting imposingly on the chair went limp when he heard this.

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Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant Chapter 95 - Saving Your Life (2)

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