Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant Chapter 96 - Brokenhearted (1)

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Chapter 96 – Brokenhearted (1) Advertis.e.m.e.nt

No wonder he couldn't calm down every time he indulged himself in pleasure. So, this was the case—this was how it was…

Thinking of something, the emperor hurriedly got up from his seat and walked to Mo Linyuan's side. He even grabbed his hand!

“Little friend, since you can see through my problem. Hurry up and tell me, even if I'm like this, do…I still have some hope left?”

Mo Linyuan calmly retracted his hand, his almond-shaped eyes slightly narrowing. “Your Majesty's luck is very high. As long as you recuperated in bed, you'll definitely be fine.”

He lied without even batting an eyelid. While the imperial physician listened on, his back was drenched in cold sweat, nevertheless he still couldn't utter a single word.

Only then did Ye Li say, “Your Majesty, this general is really doing this for the sake of the dragon body. Your Majesty, please forgive this general's impulsive actions.”

The emperor was finally aware of his real condition, and that he had not truly recovered yet. His life was at stake at any time, so how could he bother with him?

When Mo Linyuan saw the emperor was now concerned of his health, he added. "Your Majesty, from the looks of it, I firmly beleive that you were only suffering from a minor illness, but ingesting the Immortal Pill had delayed your recovery, causing you to be injured and thus posing an extreme risk to your health; the person who gave the medicine to you only had evil intentions, please do not let them off the hook."

These words were like an order that was deeply imprinted in the emperor's mind. The emperor thought of something and his eyes became ferocious once more.

No, Consort Rou doesn't have that kind of courage…it must be the Prime Minister! They've all planned together to harm me!

As if a beam of lightning has struck him, he suddenly ordered, "Capture the prime minister's entire family and throw them into the death prison!”

A few days ago, the emperor came to ye Li telling him that he needed a girl to vent his l.u.s.t. This was because the Daoist priest that had given him the immortal pill had said that a young woman's character was a great boon to him. Also, he had heard that there was a girl of that age inside the general's estate.

When Ye li had heard this, he knew that all of it was a scheme conjured by the Prime Minister's estate. However, he had thought that Ye Mu had lied to him, so he had immediately agreed to send her over.

And now, before he could even think of this, a single word from Mo Linyuan had destroyed the entire family of the Prime Minister! He was the one who bore heavy grudges—whoever hurt Ye Mu was his enemy, and he would spare no effort to take revenge on them!

What about him? He had sent Ye Mu to the Imperial Palace, so how would this little slave deal with him?


However, Mo Linyuan did not pay any attention to his tense figure. Instead, his eyes searched for Ye Mu. Although his face looked calm, the expression in his eyes made it impossible for others tell what he was truly feeling inside.

After leaving for such a long time, this young lady had already made a mess of herself; he truly couldn't leave her be.

Despite everything, the reason why Mo Linyuan exposed his ability to speak was to save her. So, no matter what Ye Li would do later, Ye Mu thought of protecting him no matter what he insisted on doing!

After the emperor lost his temper, he insisted on staying. But before Mo Linyuan could say something, his gloomy gaze fell on the two young girls present.

“General Ye, although this emperor needs to recuperate to gain back his previous health…your little daughter has already seen everything.”

The emperor would only feel rea.s.sured when he knew that his earlier madness and the fact that he was trying to do something to the daughter of an official would be erased from the all witnesses!

“This…” Ye Li felt a headache coming on. How could he protect his daughter?


Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant Chapter 96 - Brokenhearted (1)

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