The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 Four people

During the breakfast, Aapshow showed a troubled expression, after hearing Barissa’s word. But Barissa who were shown such an expression ignored it and said “Yes! we greatly lack in power. it would be amazing if you young couple is benevolent enough to instruct us, we will owe you guys our life!”
She is saying it while bringing off an energetic aura.
“We kinda have to go to a hunt during afternoon and….”
saying so Aapshow glances at Lees.

“Won’t it be fine? Husband-Sama.
They can just follow us on the hunt, we can instruct them on the actual combat.”
Lees who was still feeling delighted hearing her husband call her wife, answered Aapshow with a smile.
“We will try not to drag your feet so… please”

The Warrior Brossam next to the Barissa bowed her head.
“…fine, but try not to give us any trouble”
Aapshow accepted while feeling wary of the future.
…several hour later…

Aapshow and his party plus Barissa and her party went to the south forest where Aapshow and his party usually hunts.

it would be inefficient if all stayed together in a single group so

Aapshow brought Barissa and Brossam , the warrior group
Lees brought Bily and Belano, the supporter group

both lead one another and did their hunts but….

…Afternoon on the same day…

Just like every other day Aapshow and Lees who just cash in the beasts, they went for a late lunch in the town restaurant.
The Sabea who came together with them as a baggage carrier was eating the meat that Aapshow cooked with magic in a carriage parking place.
And looking at such scene the town kids were flocking around Sabea saying

Every time the two eat lunch, people pour in the restaurant just to see the Sabea’s eating scene, so around this time many restaurant owner places, several people to invite the couple to their restaurant.

Lees let out a deep sigh while eating the meal.
the reason to it was about the training of the Bily and Belano

first, Bily the Archer
In forest whenever she shoots at the Frantic Bear, the arrow, however, won’t cause a single scratch…worse off the bear won’t even notice it.

Her bow is a Short bow and with her low grip and arm strength, obviously it won’t be able to penetrate the thick and hard fur of the Frantic Bear.
at first Lees thought that Bily would enchant the arrow with magic to increase its strength but unfortunately, this thought was way off the chart.

Bily didn’t know a single enchantment skill.

so without the enchantment the arrow needed, the short bow won’t be able to do anything worthwhile so, Lees gave her a crossbow but

“…this…this…is too heavyyyy….’

she couldn’t wield it or rather failed to even lift it.

Magician Belano, her mastery in magic was not low but…

the magics she mastered were all support types such as

– heal
– enhance defence
– negate abnormal state
and worst of all she has a low mana in her body so she can use heal magic for 2-3 times and her face becomes blue, she becomes out of breath and looked as if she was about to fall any moment.

compared to the destructive state Lees’ party were in, Aapshow’s party was in no better condition.

firstly the knight Barissa, because of her background as a knight she used a not so bad sword skill but,

she had this bad habit of speaking while in battle
“No, No, Waga the one to…”
[tlnote: in j.a.pan, waga is used by the old people to address themselves….and mostly by the wealthy old man…but don’t get confused Barissa is young female..]
and every time she swings her sword, it comes with many meaningless movements, plus she has the habit to make her movement seem cooler like the ones in the movies, so her sword technique looks more like a performance they do in the castle rather than the technique for slaughter.

with all this combined her hits becomes light and gives no damage to the frantic bear’s skin.

Swordswoman Brossam

Her tactic in the battle uses tackling the enemy and striking the enemy with the longsword, and her every hit are powerful but,

she more or less uses the weight as the momentum and not her own arm strength, so every time after her hit it takes quite a bit of time to charge.
plus the longsword is too heavy making it impossible to change the direction of the sword, so the frantic bear with an agile movement unlikely of its own size dodges her sword strike easily.

“This may seem to be more difficult than we initially thought”
Lees hearing Aapshow’s word, she replied while looking down.
“It not difficult Husband-sama….obviously they don’t have an ounce of talent in this”
Lees and Aapshow both sighed deeply.

—Aapshow’s home—

“Welcome back! Master-Sama! Mistress-sama”
Barissa welcomed the two with a big smile.

Before Aapshow and Lees left for the city, Barissa and the other 3 were left exhausted, even unwilling to stand up but right now Barissa is holding the mop in one hand and was cleaning the bed.

“We are indebted to you Master and Mistress so doing stuff like these are normal”
saying so she went back to her cleaning.

As for the swordswoman Brossam, she was blowing the farm, located behind the house.
“Attach came from a farmer’s background so I’m good at works like these”

The Bily the Archer seemed to have exhausted herself after trying to gain muscle from pushups and was laying on the floor looking half dead.

The Belano the Magician was practicing an attack type magic while reading all the attack type magic books.

while looking at the busy four,
“….Oh well, we can think of them as a new hunting companion”
“…I guess this have to do”
the two who were smiling bitterly nodded on agreeing to take care of them for a while.

..To be continued

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 11

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