The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 10

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“Oh, aren’t you Aapshow-dono!?”

The Knight group who came near Aapshow’s house showed a surprised expression.

“We were also surprised. what happened so that you would come all the way here? this place has many beasts living around so it’s a very dangerous place”

While saying that Aapshow brought the female knight group toward the inside of the Barrier.

“…..How should I say it…..It’s an embarra.s.sing story but….”
Female knight looked down while smiling bitterly.

“…I wish for you to not disclose this information to anyone…”
Saying so the female knight started talking about she and her teammate’s situation.

Prior to this day, when the Blonde haired hero and his army marched off to the forest and was annihilated by the frantic bear and retreated.

after that, the Blonde Haired Hero got really mad and he hid inside the castle, and just won’t come out.

What the Hero’s excuse was
“My ability is powerful and all but the people who are supposed to be my support are weak and useless. I won’t go subjugate the Demon lord till they are strong enough to become my right handed man.”

The king became panicked with this so he made an imperial decree to the Chivalric Order for a harsher training.

Atlas every party should become strong enough to be able to hunt a single frantic bear.
However, Knights have many other jobs such as protecting the castle and etc.. so not everyone was forced for this harsh training.

Essentially a higher level knights should have been the one who were to be prioritized to be trained first but most of the higher level knights selected the mission to be a guard for the castle. Their thought was that even they who were a high-level knight have no way of defeating Frantic bear so what’s the point of risking life for a mere training.

Plus, many of the people in Chivalric Order started to question the hero, ‘can that blonde haired hero really defeat the demon lord?’ if he can’t then what’s the point of risking their life for him?

“After the decree was given, our party were ordered to go out and attack the frantic bear, you see…”
The female knight sighed loudly.
“Even though I am well trained, how can we even think of hunting frantic bear….
Just now we, unfortunately, encountered a frantic bear and were nearly annihilated.
But somehow by a luck, the lightning fell on the bear and we somehow escaped the calamity”
“…That lightning….It felt like a magic…..maybe…maybe not….”
Behind the female knight, the female magician was holding her own chin and was thinking deeply on the matter.

It’s true that the lightning was casted by Aapshow in his stealth mode, this female magician may have a high perceptivity, but after seeing her battle it could be seen that her fighting capability as a magician is low.

“Anyway, Aapshow-dono what are you doing here?”
The female knight asked Aapshow with a dubious look.
“Aa, this house was an abundant house so we bought it and made it our home. For now, I’m living here while hunting together with my wife and pet….Oh, well we’ve been here for around one week now.”
Toward the Aapshow who said so and laughed,
“….Heh?…Wa, Wife?….Aapshow-dono….you were already ma, married?….”

The female knight became panicked and started speaking in a funny manner.
Seeing the situation, the Female swordswomen tried to calm her down by whispering to her ‘there is still a chance you can become his concubine or anything of that sorts so calm down.’
Even though she whispered it in a very low volume, Aapshow heard it and thought ..that’s not alright for you guys to say that….

“Truth to be told we came here searching for this house. We knew that there was an abundant house. We were beaten terribly so we thought of having a rest here. But I didn’t think the place was already bought by you”
Saying so the Female warrior laughed heartily.

“Hows this we don’t mind staying in a part of a barn, so can we rent the place? We will be sure to not disturb you and your wife”
“I don’t mind at all, but I can send you guys back to the town with the teleportation magic?”
Hearing Aapshow, everyone’s expression changed to a sad one.
“We would really like to do that but….We didn’t get any result from the trip so we can’t just return back to the town…..”
The female archer fell to her knees as she lost all her strength.

Listening to the party, Aapshow felt like he wanted to do something to help them but, He wasn’t sure what will Lees say about them since she already had a bad first impression on the female knight…while thinking of a solution,
“Husband-sama, how about we let them stay in the living room for a night?”
Lees who came out of the house said so while smiling.
“Are you ok with that?”
“Of course. We can’t just abandon a people who are in need.
Naturally as a [Wife], I should give a helping hand ”
Lees strangely put an emphasis on the [Wife] part and glared at the female knight for a second.

Aapshow noticed that Lees was feeling happy since Aapshow introduced her as his wife, so before she changes her mind Aapshow brought the party into the house.

And the moment they entered the house the female knight and her party showed an astonishment in their expression.

[tl: onomatopoeia]

In the corner of the living room, a giant furred creature was lazing around and playing, but it was wearing an Overall, which meant he looked exactly like a,

“…Frantic bear…isn’t it a frantic bear?….”
While trembling and shaking in fear the female knight held onto her sword in her waist ready to strike at any time.

“You don’t have to worry about it, it is our pet Sabea”

The Sabea who was introduced by the Aapshow stood up, and just like when it was playing with the children in the town, he posed in a very adorable and cute way than laid back down while making a Kuni sound.

Looking at such an adorable show by the Sabea, female knight, and her party laughed and fell on the floor looking exhausted.

After sometime, Female knight and her party introduced themselves to Aapshow and his group.
“I am a knight Barissa. A n.o.ble…even though in the name I’m a n.o.ble but my family is already in a downfall. And I’m the eldest daughter. My dream is to rebuild my family by gaining recognition with my knight carrier”

“I am Brossam. Swordswomen. Me and Barissa was a cla.s.smate in a knight school and stayed together ever since. Please to meet you.”

“Awawawa…..I, I, I am , you know… Bily, an archer-desuu. That, but, I’m a newbie so I’m no good but please do meet you-desu”


For now, Aapshow healed the one who were injured, and the group after eating the dinner together, “We should not disturb you so we can camp outside”
Barissa said so but after seeing the Frantic bear outside who were trapped from the trap, decided to stay for a night in a living room without complaint.

As a matter of a fact, Brossam and Sabea looked as if they found a kindred soul and Brossam slept on top of the Sabea’s stomach.

As for the other three, they slept in a bed that Aapshow created with a magic.
And Barissa who was one of them showed a grin, ear to ear, and her eyes were lit strangely.

It must have been a divine revelation that we were able to reunite with Aapshow-dono….. I miscalculated about him having a wife but….If so I can do as what Brossam told to be and become a concubine.
If he joined in with my family than my family will rise to prominence once again for sure.
For my family, I’m willing to do anything!
Barissa who covered her head with a blanket floated a beautiful smile on her face.
Soon, her Fufufu laugh resonated around, till late at night.

-to be continued

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 10

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