The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 9

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First thing Aapshow, Lees, and pet Sabea did right after reaching the house in the south, was to clean the interior of the house.

They decided to clean the whole house, after all, they decided to establish this place as their home base.
It seems like the ex-residents ran away from the frantic bears attack in a hurry so the house is in quite a mess, however by utilizing magic the cleaning took less than an hour to finish.

Aapshow reconstructed the living room to a size bigger so that Sabea can live together in this place. And as an add-on, he added a small cabin like a place filled with hay in one of the corner of the room. Sabea seemed to love the place as he enters and exists for fun repeatedly.

As for the bedroom, the two decided upon the one which they used last night and used the 3 rooms next door to a storeroom and a private room for the two.

At first, he thought it would be good for each other to have their own room but Lees insisted on having the same room so, for now, two other room will be used for a storeroom.

“And we can use this room for our future family member”
“Are you going to increase the pet?”
“I might increase the pet but there maybe other…”
Saying so, Aapshow lightly touched Lees’s stomach.
“If we have our child..right”
Hearing this from Aapshow, Lees couldn’t help but get fl.u.s.tered.

Even though Aapshow casted nets of magic traps none of the frantic bears were caught.
It could be that after seeing many of their comrade fall for the trap and die, the frantic bears recognized this place as a danger zone.

Next Morning…

The two quickly finished their breakfast and headed out for a hunt
Although the two hunted quite a lot of frantic bear yesterday, as expected, there were many dangerous beasts in the southern forest.

Other than the frantic bear, they encountered giant poisonous snake and cyclops.
Even so, to the two they were nowhere enough to even be their warm up. They took them down in an instant and collected their drops.

“This level of beasts are so weak, they are not enough for even a warm up”
Lees showed a dissatisfaction in her face after decapitating the cyclops by its neck.
After a half day of hunting the carriage got full so the two headed for the guild pulled by Sabea.

“Fuaa!? So many of them!”
The lady in the counter showed a surprised expression while looking at the carriage.
And thanks to her voice many people from the surrounding started gathering around the carriage.
“Those 2 were also the one hunted tons of frantic bears yesterday right?”
“Freaking awesome…..”

“Wait, isn’t that Giant Poisonous Snake? Wasn’t it the one which forced the imperial army to retreat last year?”

While chattering loudly, many looked at Aapshow and Lees with a look of an envy.

“This will be the subjugation reward. In the subjugated beasts we found the one with a bounty set by the government so, there is a reward from the country added on it.”
While making speculating the reward from the country came from the giant poisonous snake the others were talking about, Aapshow collected the bag filled with gold coins.
“I didn’t think they would even put a bounty on weaklings like them….It greatly surprised me”
Aapshow smiled bitterly at the words of Lees.

As a matter of fact, the giant poisonous snake was killed by the Aapshow in an instant by the wind blade.

–A week later

The two were hunting every day till afternoon, then brought the heads to the guild to cash in for the money. After that, they eat their lunch in the town and head back home.

These days, many kids were charmed by the cute Sabea so they gather around and play with him.
“Oh well, we will be late today too”

While enjoying the scene played out by the bear Lees sighed. Even though she sighed there was a charming smile floated around her face.

Today too, as usual after having breakfast in the town, and done some shopping they headed back home.
But while on the way, Aapshow and Lees both detected a battle.

The two stealthily headed toward the battle.

It was four knights who were fighting 2 frantic bears, and the knights were obviously at a disadvantage.
Knight party included 2 swordsmen, 1 archer, and 1 magician, but the archer and magician who was supposed to be a support seemed like an amateur and failed to contribute to the battle.
The frantic bear who noticed that would sometimes attack at the support when there was a slight opening, so 2 in the frontline had to use all their strength trying to protect the support and fight the bear so the battle was stuck at a stalemate.

And the Aapshow who were looking at the battle with his magic noticed one of them was someone who he knew.

She was the female knight who was with Lees when Aapshow first met her. And the Lees who noticed this at the same time made a really hateful expression on her face.

Lees still couldn’t forgive the female knight, when the knight looked at Aapshow with a flirtious gaze.

Even so, Aapshow knew them and he couldn’t just leave them be so he unleashed the lightning magic from the place he is and burned the frantic bears black.
The female knights who knew nothing were feeling surprised but soon the feeling of safety overwhelmed them and so they decided to rest in the place.

After confirming their safety Aapshow and his group when straight for the home.

After reaching the home Aapshow started his preparation for the dinner,

His detection magic detected that someone was approaching the house.

The one who were coming were the four female knights he helped, and realizing that He thought
Why are they all the way here?
Aapshow tilted his head while making a quizzical expression.

-to be continued

The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 9

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