The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 64

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Chapter 13: The Demon King and The Wicked The Demon Army Movement

NT: And it's like … I had to change a couple of things in this chapter (things that I ended up changing the chapters that followed) and… it was annoying… ah, it's not like they were complicated things, they were just names and other things similars, but … even so, it still was annoying…

◇◇ Demon King Castle • Throne Room ◇◇

In the past, there were 4 Demon Generals, who had been called the Four Heavenly Kings.

Fengaryl, the Fang Wolf died.
And Slape, the Horse of Death retired.

Therefore, now there were only 2 Demon Generals left.

The Princess Snake, Yorumeet and the Two-Headed Bird, Fugy-Mugy were the only ones left.

「… Hey, Fufun, how's the staff selection going? Huh?」
Demon King Yuiguard asked to his a.s.sistant, Fufun, with a violent voice as he watched her sitting from his throne and looking sullen.
「Yes, I have already gathered several candidates to occupy the position of generals, but there is still a final decision to be made …」
After saying that, Fufun sighed while confirming the data she had in her hands.

Then, the candidates lined up in front of Demon King Yuiguard and Fufun.

The Raiko • Moulin.
The Cold Vampire • Juteime.
The Rock Giant • Destroy.
The Magic Canyon Beast • Dodôn.

The four candidates to occupy the positions of Demon Generals met in the throne room with a confused expression.

「Wait a moment, are you saying that we are not yet worthy to become the Four Heavenly Kings?」
The Raiko, Moulin, shouted out loud as he approached Fufun.
「I recognize your strength. That is why we have called you to this place.
However, you still needs to gather a lot of achievements to be able to take that position. Did any of you have any notable success during the last attack on Crylord Castle?」
Everyone swallowed his words when Fufun said those words.

Indeed, during the last attack on the Castle of Crylord, the Demon Army suffered an overwhelming and never before seen defeat.
Everyone in that meeting room had partic.i.p.ated in it, and of course, they were defeated and had to return.

「I regret refuting your words, but I think it's unfair that we evaluated ourselves based on the previous battle… Even the two remaining Heavenly Kings partic.i.p.ated in that battle, but neither did they have any significant achievements」
While respectfully bowing to Demon King Yuiguard and the others , the Cold Vampiresa, Juteime, said those words with irony.
「… You're really arrogant to talk that way…」
Who said that was the Serpent Princess, Yorumeet, who only held back because she was in Yuiguard's presence.
「I will forgive your life for now」
After saying that, she look away.

「Then give us some mission roy」
The Rock Giant, Destroy, said that out loud while boasting his great body to everyone.

「I agree dodôn, I'll use this opportunity to be recognized by dodôn」
The Magic Canyon Beast, Dodôn, said that, waving the huge weapon that was on his back.

After hearing those words, the Demon King Yuiguard looked at the four candidates to occupy the positions of Demon Generals, who looked at him anxiously.
「If that's what you want, then I'll give you a mission. This is a job that was entrusted to me by a Subordinate of the Evil G.o.d」
Then, he get up from his throne and pointed with his right hands at the candidates.
「You must go to retrieve the Evil Magic Stones of the Evil G.o.d. It seems that some incredulous has been stealing them.
I don't care if you kill the thief, but you must bring the Evil Magical Stones intact. Now, go」
After receiving the orders from Demon King Yuiguard, the four candidates knelt.

「I-I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the results」
「I'll do it roy」
「Leave it to my dodôn」

Each of them answered while bowing their heads.

By the way.
In the moment Yuiguard raised his arm, Fufun, who was at his side, was. .h.i.t directly on the chin.

… Yuiguard-sama, thank you very much, for this reward.

Although she was still conscious, Fufun had begun to fantasize while showing an expression full of ecstasy.
Actually, she was just a problematic M.

NT: I'm sure Juteime speaks in a peculiar way, just like those other two, but… I forget what it was like… I'll remember ir later… I guess…

◇◇ At that time • In a certain place on the mountain ◇◇

「What happen~? Blonde Hero-sama~?」
「… It's nothing, it's just that I suddenly felt a chill down my back.
Anyway, Tsuya, as soon as you finish eating, we'll go immediately to sell the Magic Stones」
「Eeeh? Right now~?」
「Don't complain! Understood?」

◆ ◇ Houtarou City • Variety Store Ûgo ◇ ◆

Uliminus, the store manager, tilted her head as she looked at the bulletin board in the store.
「What happens? Is there a problem?」
Seeing it that way, Barissa called from one of the shelves in the store.
By the way, Jarren was beside her, following her unstably while carrying a large quant.i.ty of items to put on the shelves.
「It seems that the cases of indiscriminate attacks on some stores have increased, it seems that they are trying to prevent the rest with this announcement」
After saying that, Uliminus showed the ad to Barissa.
Then, while she was reading it.
「There was an attack in the neighboring city… Will this happen in this city too?」
Barissa muttered that while crossing her arms.
Uliminus also stared at the bulletin board.
「In addition, the neighborhood a.s.sociation asked me to join the vigilante group」
Uliminus said that with an annoyed expression on his face.

After that, as a result of the meeting they had all in the store, they decided that Furio, Gozaru, Uliminus and Barissa would join the vigilante group, they also decided that several members of the “Ex-Intelligence Department of the Demon King”, the Silent Ear, would also join the vigilante group.

「Well, then, today Barissa retired early to be able to join the vigilante group Nya. I'll go tell the rest immediately Nya」
「Umu, understood」
In response to the words of Uliminus, Barissa took the doc.u.ment detailing the conditions of the vigilante group and began to read it.

And, behind her.

…Sister …Please, hurry up… I-I'm already in my limit…

Jarren, who had been replacing the items in the store with Barissa, was holding a lot of products, to the point that they would probably all fall down if he lowered one of his arms.
However, he was completely forgotten by Barissa after she began her conversation with Uliminus.
Jarren was unable to speak to Barissa, who was in front of him while desperately trying to hold the weight of all the items, meanwhile she, 「… Fumu, we'll be patrolling from 11 to 3… in that case…」, was still reviewing the doc.u.ment.

On the other hand, Uliminus was walking to the other side of the desk to talk to the other employees of the store.

… Have you gathered any information about the incident nya?
… We are still investigating, but we have discovered something worrying.
… What do you mean nya?
… There is evidence that some items related to the Evil G.o.d were taken to the stores that were attacked. We still don't know the details.
…Fumu … I understand nya, tell the others to keep investigating nya.
… Understood.

Uliminus and the staff talked about some things quietly, then, after nodding, they went back to work in the store.

A few seconds later.
The exhausted Jarren dropped the items while fainting unconscious.

◇◇ In an alley of a certain street in a certain city ◇◇

「… I'd like to know what just happened」
「Why did that employee try to attack us suddenly~」

As usual, the Blonde Hero and Tsuya went to sell the Magic Stones in one of the clandestine stores in the city, but, when they arrived, they were attacked immediately by the employees and they had no alternative but to escape.

「I don't know why… But it has already happened 5 times in a row, I'm sure there's something behind all this」
「What should we do now~, Blonde Hero-sama~?」
「For now, we …」
The Blond Hero slowly got up while saying that.
「…should find a way to get rid of these Magic Stones」
Then, they moved to the next city, in search of a store where to sell the Magic Stones.

NT: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments


The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 64

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