The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 65

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CHAPTER 13: THE DEMON KING AND THE WICKED The Problems of the Demon Army


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◇◇ On the corner of a certain street, of a certain city ◇◇

「Is this store? From here comes the sign of the Evil Magic Stone?」
「Yes, but I don't feel anything anymore」
Confirm one of the relatives of the Raiko Moulin.

「Don't worry about that. It is possible that they used some magical tool to erase their signal」
After saying that, he signaled to the other Demons that accompanied him.
「Quickly annihilate everyone inside, but be sure to bring back the Evil Magic Stone without causing damage」
After giving the signal, Moulin and his subordinates entered the store with force and speed of a gale.

◇◇ Demon King Castle • Room of the Princess Snake, Yorumeet ◇◇

「Seriously, those new candidates for the Heavenly Kings are indiscriminately attacking human cities」
On a large sofa, Yorumeeet, who let her lower snake part rest on the couch while resting her face in her arms, let out a deep sigh.
「「Their fighting style is a bit too wild~」」
Both heads of the two-headed bird, Fugy-Mugy, who was leaning against the wall in front of Yorumeet, let out a sigh as they tilted their exhausted heads.

During the Goul Age, the Age of the previous Demon King, wars were always carried out with a real battle plan.
Even when he attacks the castles of the human race, and always sent his armies to attack directly like the current Demon King, he also made sure to constantly perform exploration tasks and sent his subordinates to gather relevant information, which helped him to that he rarely fell prey to some kind of trap or ambush, thanks to that he also knew how many resources he should use to take human settlements and could lead the armies to the sight.
If he used too much force, his opponents could be forced to use high power magic or super secret weapons, which would cause great losses to both sides, but as long as he continued to attack using the minimum amount of resources needed, he could minimize the damage he recieved while gradually causing more and more damage to the Humans until finally defeating them.

NT: As expected of a true Demon King, always acting as a wise ruler

However, when Yuiguard managed to take power and crown himself as the new Demon King, the form of which the Demon Army had been fighting until now completely changed.
It only had to take the attack on Crylord Castle as an example of that. Even though they were simply ordered to carry out an attack with a strategy where the enemy should have been overwhelmed by the power and numbers of soldiers, at the end, the Demon Army just received a heavy defeat which would be recorded in the story.
After that, there were no more orders or plans to attack the Humans and only instructions were given to travel to some springs to improve the morale of the army.
「Everyone, please, strive to increase your strength」
Those were the only words that were given to them.

Also, during the Goul Age, even when dealing with Wicked, he was able to relate to them in egalitarian positions, but, since Yuiguard had great respect for Wickeds, he always took care of the strangest things, which was one of the reasons why those two were complaining about him.

NT: As expected of a true demon King, always holding his head high

「Even if he says that it is for the sake of strengthening the Demon Army, it is still difficult to raise the younger recruits without good preparation. Slape was not even able to leave a successor before leaving the Demon Army」

Among the Four Heavenly Kings, who has held the position for more time than everyone else is Yorumeet, who let out a sigh when he thought of his former partner who had decided to retire recently.
「「My race is almost extinct, I doubt I can find a couple」」

The Four Heavenly Kings had the duty to leave a strong descendant before retiring, basically, they were even forbidden to have a couple of a different race while they occupied their position.
They inevitably found themselves in need of invoking monsters of the undead type to fight, but that made it impossible for them to continue their march during the day and they would have to wait until the sun went down to continue their attack, besides, there was still the probability that all that army disappeared instantaneously, which only caused even more headaches to those two.

「That reminds me, I recently received a letter from Slape」
Yorumeet moved her tail and took the letter that was on the desk, then, when she read its contents…

「… Slape… have a child!?」
「「What did you say!?」」

◆ ◇ Furio's house • Bireri's room ◇ ◆

Bireri breathed quietly while she slept on her bed.
Beside her was the daughter of her and Slape, who had been born just a few days ago.
The girl, who had inherited the blood of Slape, the Horse of Death, had all his body covered by a fur coat. However, that coat had a beautiful brown color, and Bireri every day showed a cheerful and loving smile every time she saw it.
Slape on the other hand just watched them, sitting on a chair and with a tired look.
「… Is this the Demon that was once called “The Dead Mount of the G.o.d of Death” nya?」
「Say whatever you wants Uliminus, I'm so happy in this moment that I could even die」
「Die nya」
「Who will die!? 」
「Stop being so annoying nya」
Both continued their usual exchange with a smile on their faces, until they heard the moans of a certain girl.
Both covered their mouths immediately while they were silent, then slowly they looked at the two girls sleeping.

At that moment, Gozaru, who was staying in the next room, let out a small grunt as he crossed his arms.
His lips were also arched down, giving him a sulky look.
「What's wrong, Gozaru-san?」
In addition, Furio also looked at Gozaru with concern as he observed what appeared to be some names written on some sheets of paper.
「Sorry to make you wait, Furio-dono, but please, wait a little longer… Please, give me a little more time」
After saying that, he started to growl again.

In the end, the daughter of Bireri and Slape was born without problems this time, but,
「We would like you two to become the G.o.dparents of this girl. What do you think?」
「I would also like to ask them the same thing」
That's right, they both asked Furio and Gozaru to become their daughter's G.o.dparents.
Since both agreed to be the G.o.dparents of that girl at the request of Slape and Bireri, they had been discussing the name that she would have.

The first day, Furio had come up with five names for her, but Gozaru had been agonizing, while trying to choose one of them.

「Gozaru-san… it's been 5 days…」
「Ye-Yes, I know, I know! but please, give me more time」
Then, when Gozaru said that, he began to think again.

To make it clear, Gozaru had been thinking about that for the last four days.

「… Gozaru-dono keeps thinking about that?」
Barissa, who slowly opened the door to see what's going on inside, let out a sigh before asking Furio that.
「He's really thinking hard about that, so let's give him a little more time」
Furio said as he let out a wry smile.
「I-I know… I know it well, but …」
Barissa, who had already come two times before to ask, frowned in disagreement.

NT: So … where did my Great and Wise Demon King go? …

◆ ◇ 3 Days Later • Furio's House • Bireri's Room ◇ ◆

「So this is Slape's daughter?」

That day, three Demons visited Slape's house.
Those who had arrived at his house (in human form) were Yorumeet and Fugy – Mugy.
Fugy – Mugy was originally a two-headed bird, however, when it took human form, since it had two heads, it always ended up becoming two people.
The three were led by Slape, who had already become an old man who smiled pleasantly, towards the room where Bireri and the girls rested.

「It was good that she didn't look like Slape at all!」
「She has inherited the sweetness of the young wife!」
「It's not like that~. Look, the shape of her mouth is similar to that of Slape-sama~」
Fugy and Mugy shouted that with a smile on their faces, meanwhile, Bireri pointed to their daughter's face with a smile.

「During your days as a Demon Army member it was never possible for you to have a child, but even so, it seems you could still do it, eh」
Yorumeet, who was wearing clothes that a male adventurer would wear, said that while watching the three arguing while letting go a cheerful laugh.
「You don't have to remind me that, I never would have imagined that I would be blessed with the opportunity to have a child at this age」
Slape said that while laughing.
「That's right, even we were surprised when we found out. I guess your compatibility with Okugatdono was really good」
After saying that, Yorumeet smiled as she watched the girl behind Fugy and Mugy.
「Thank you very much everyone, I'm sure this girl will be very happy~」
Bireri said with a smile on her face, then, while smiling, looked at Slape and beckoned him to come closer.
「Nn? What's wrong Bireri?」
Bireri, who brought her mouth to Slape's ear, who had approached her, said to herself in a low voice,

「That woman, is not your lover, right?」
After saying that, Bireri squeezed Slape's ear.
Upon hearing those words, Slape.
「Im-Impossible! I have no eyes for anyone but you!」
Slape said in panic as he blushed.

At that moment, there was no trace left of who had once been one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Army.

… At the same time.

「… Gozaru-san …」
「I-I know, I know Furio-dono … seriously, just a little more」
Gozaru was still thinking about what name to choose.

In the end, after five long days, Gozaru had finally decided to give it the name of 「Risley」.

◇◇ On the corner of a certain street, of a certain city ◇◇

「What's up, Tsuya?」
「I thought I felt the sound of an explosion in the direction of the store that we left little ago~」
「It must be your imagination. And forget that we visited that store」
「But~ I've been hearing the sound of several explosions coming from that direction for some time~」
「Everything is in your imagined. And if something really happened, we could not get involved either, since they could end up attacking us」
「Ah, yes~, it's horrible that they just attack us at the moment they know our names~」
「That's right, the name of Golden Hair Braveman has already been scattered in the underworld…」
「What will we do now~, Blonde Hero-sama~?」
「I have no idea, for now let's try another store」

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The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 65

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