The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 71

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CHAPTER 14: INFANT FRENZY Those who weren't invited

NT: So… I don't really know what should i say today… So i just gonna repeat what I said in the chapter of “The Villager of Level 999” that a just “translated” a little while ago… ¿Why am i doing this? I mean, "Making" the English version of this novels? yeah, ¿why not? Let me see… I think… there is two main resons, errrm, the fist one is… Beacuse n.o.body expects this. I mean, (almost) always, when someone translate a novel, they do it translating from the inglish version, and, if they haventt translate anymore chapter, they, the readers, could go and seek the inglis version to see if there are more chapters, but they are sure that they'll have more chapters translated. But, as a said before… n.o.body expect that the one who translate the novel into spanish will have more chapters translate, so they will not seek for more. You can even go and look on "novelsupdate" to see if someone have translate any other chapters, so you have less reasons to look around the net. And… well, thats why i am doing this. Because if i don't, you will not know that there is more of… this, and… well… thats all… I guess i will say the other reason in the next chapter.
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◇◇ In the room of a certain building in a certain city ◇◇

[… What's happening?… Sales have been declining lately]
[I-I'm sorry, Dark King, the royal guards have been increasing the frequency of their patrols so it's been difficult for us to continue without been discovered]
[Why did they start increasing their patrols now?]
[Well, the Demons have been launching attacks in various places, so the Knights Order were sent to lend their help in the affected areas…]
[*Fumu*, now that I think about it, I think I heard that the demons had been running out of control lately]
[Thats right, due to that, the castle guards have been conducting their patrols more often]

The Dark King took a moment to meditate after hearing the report of his subordinate.

[… Um, I guess I'll contact her.
We could cause a big scandal if we make good use of her]
[Who are you talking about…?]

The Dark King ignored his subordinate's question while grinning malevolently.

◆ ◇ Houtarou City • One day before the New Life Festival ◇ ◆

Slape and Bireri were walking through the streets of Houtarou.
There was a day before the New Life Festival, and both had decided to go prepare for the “Ritual of Joyful Growth”, where they prayed for a year of good health for recently born children.

NT: Like the t.i.tle of the previous chapter, the name of the ritual did not have a clear name, or, I did not know how to translate it, so instead I put something that meant something similar… or so i think

Uliminus had already taken care of their registration to the ceremony, but thay still had to decide what clothes the mother the child would wear during the ceremony.

[The streets of the city are really crowded after all~]
Bireri looked around with a smile on his face as he held Risley in his arms.

It had been some time since Bireri went outside because, during her pregnancy, she had simply walked through the garden of the house.

Anyway, although Risley had grown abnormally fast thanks to her Demon Blood, Bireri had given birth only two months ago, so moving on his own still put a burden on her.
Although her pain was greatly reduced by Furio's magic, everyone, including Slape, remained worried about her and often forced her to rest.

[Certainly, it must be exhausting to walk among all that crowd. Come on, I'll take her from here]
After saying that, Slape, who was walking next to Bireri, approached to Risley with a smile on his face.


Risley looked in the opposite direction and, immediately after, began to hug Bireri with much more strength.
Seeing that, Slape dropped his head with a desperate look that would make others believe that the world was coming to an end.
[Wh-Why!? It's me, don't you like me, Risley?]
Then, without warning, he started screaming that in the middle of the street.

At that time, the mage, Berano, who had decided to join them since the magic school would be closed today…

… I pity him, but it's his fault for making me hit the roof when he try to play with her before.

She muttered that while watching Slape with a look full of pity.

◆ ◇ After a while • City Church◇ ◆

The explanation about the clothes that should be worn during the ceremony would be given inside the church that was in the center of the city.

That's why, Slape, who is a Demon
[As I thought, going to a church is too much for me]
Had to wait in the Variety Store Ûgo of which Uliminus was the owner.

Bireri entered the church with Berano.
In addition to her, there were several other young mothers carrying their babies.
As Uliminus had said, there were also mothers and children of sub-human races, among whom there were babies who, in terms of size, looked much larger than some adult men, although the mothers of these were much larger.
[That's why it's so much fun~ when many babies are born at the same time~]
After saying that, Bireri smiled at Berano.
Berano also smiled back.

Then, in the middle of that quality scene.

The stained gla.s.s windows installed on the roof of the church were broken.

At that moment, the church was flooded with screams while the fragments of the stained gla.s.s windows were scattered all over the world.


Berano immediately prepared her magic while raising her magic equipment.
Then she invoke a great s.h.i.+eld over the whole place, protecting the mothers from the fragments that fell on them.

[In my opinion, that must have been the work of some wizard's magic, or that's what I believe]
One of the Four Heavenly Kings (Temporal), The Cold Blooded Vampire, Juteime, was hovering over the place where it was previously the window.

NT: I change Cold Vampire to, Cold Blooded. I think this is better sinse, that “cold” refers to a Cold Lady more or less…

… A Demon.

Berano solidified her gaze as she watched the figure of Juteime.
At that moment, without looking away from Juteime, Berano moved and positioned herself in front of Bireri and Risley to hide them behind her, although she was too small to really hide them.

[In my opinion, I think it's okay just to eliminate them, or that's what I believe]
While saying that, Juteime touched the thumb of her right hand.
Using that as a signal, Juteime's familiars, the Bloodsucker Maidens, appeared in droves.
[In my opinion, it was just like that person said, that's right, there are a lot of promising sub-human babies that will increase the forces of the Demon Army, or that's what I believe.
In my opinion, we can take these babies, and train them as a unit and turn them into the great soldiers of the Demon Army of tomorrow, or that's what I believe]
After saying that, Juteime let out a laugh.

… This is bad.

Berano put her hands in the magic bag that she wore around her waist and pulled out numerous rings from it.

… I only have this left.

Then 10 rings were placed on both hands at the same time.

… Ah, this is bad… I'll be killed by Okugatsama if I do that.

Then she removed the ring she had put on her ring finger and placed it on other fingers.

At that time, Berano wore 20 rings equipped in his hands, which were really a new type of magical equipment created recently.

[Mu~? In my opinion, the intensity of the magical power that emanated has increased suddenly, or that's what I believe]
Jaime frowned at the sudden change in Berano.

Rings of increase of magical power.
These are rings created by Furio to Berano, who was born with little magic power in his body.
Using them all at once, Berano had managed to acc.u.mulate a large amount of magical power in his body.

At this time, they were the only things that would allow Berano to face Juteime and her familiars.

Then, at the next moment, Berano moved.

[… I-I feel bad]
Berano, whose body had suddenly received an overwhelming amount of magic power, had no trouble moving, however, that did not last long, because the next moment, he began to see everything in slow motion as he collapsed.

… What is happening? thats what I wonder.

In front of such an unexpected event, Juteime and her familiars were paralyzed, bewildered.

◇◇ Behind a Certain House in the Deep of a Certain Forest ◇◇

[I sweated a lot today ~]
Tsuya was wiping the sweat that covered her body in the bathroom while humming a nice melody.
Of course, she was naked in the bathroom.

… Who does that woman think she is to use so blatantly the bathroom of our base?

The Wicked, who was spying on Tsuya from the bathroom window, muttered that while licking his lips.

… We'll get rid of her in a moment… However, that woman has a good body… Well, I guess it does not matter if I enjoys her body before killing her.


The Whicked collapsed on the ground.

[… Wretched b.a.s.t.a.r.d]
The Blond Hero struck the Wicked hard on his head with his spear, then began to trample it to a standstill.
[No matter who you are, looking at a woman while bathing is a despicable act.

Yes, it is something absolutely despicable.

Really despicable.

Very despicable.

So Desp…


Then, the Blond Hero began to peep inside the bathroom from a small opening in the window.

NT: … … … As expected of the Blond Hero…
NT2: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments


The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 71

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