The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 72

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CHAPTER 14: INFANT FRENZY The Result of the Meeting of Those People

Well… I guess i should continue where i left the last time… The second reason why i am doing this is because… the “meaning”. I mean, i think, it should had been ok if i just make a couple of chapters of this on english so you people know that you can just come, seek for the chapters in spanich and just read them while you let the translator of the Web Browser translate the text into english, but, i don't really like too much the translator of the navegator, i don't really like at all any translator of the internet… why? because they don't understand the “meaning” of what i, what everyone, try to say. The translator of the Browsers isn't bad, i always use it, but, it almost always commit some mistake whe it translate something. I can know the meaning of what that translator mistook because i can read the text in anglish wiout any big trouble, but, i don't know if you can. Isn't weird that the people try to learns English, but is not the same to the spanish, and even if some know something, i still commit some mistook while i am fixing the translation before i publish it (I don't pay enough attention while doing it…), and this will cause you some troubles. For that reason, i make this, to rewrite any part that, in my opinion, isn't well translate, and some other things like that… Look, you can try read any chapter that i already “translate” (if we can call it a translation…) on its spanish version while you use the translator of you browser to translate it. You shoul see a fex diferents between this version, and that other… And… well, that is. Those two are the reason why. “Because you don't know that i am doing this”, and “because the browser don't know the meaning of what i am writing”.
Ah, if you wonder how good is my english, you can use this notes as references since i try to write this things by my own(I still use the translator to check if I wrote some words correctly or revise some other words that i don't remember their translation into english)… this is my limit for now i guess…

◇◇ In the room of a certain building in a certain city ◇◇

「Dark King, the woman you met with recently was…」
「A~h, She. She is a Demon. She said she had become one of the Four Heavenly Kings recently」
「WhWhat kind of things were you talking about?」
「We don't talk about anything important… We just talk about the location of a certain event that would take place in a certain city where she could gather several babies with special abilities」
「Do you mean the New Life Festival that is celebrated in Houtarou? But, the only ones who attend are the newborn babies of the year…」
「I just said there would be some babies with “special abilities”. Even if they are simple weeping babies, some of them are quite large, enough to be called “Specials”. It is not my responsibility to ensure the quality of each of them.
I heard that the Demon Army has had a shortage of talented young people. I a.s.sume they will not ignore the opportunity to acquire some promising candidates」

The Dark King began to laugh softly after saying that.

「Chaos will soon spread throughout Houtarou. That will be the perfect time for us to act, is not it?」

◆ ◇ One day before the New Life Festival • Inside the Church of the border city, Houtarou ◇ ◆

It had been 3 minutes since Berano fainted.

The Cold Blooded Vampire, Juteime, timidly approached the unconscious Berano, then, she hit her head lightly and immediately took a step back while seeing what happened next.

… I-In my opinion, this woman is just 「pretending to be dead」, or that's what I believe

After that, the distrustful Juteime began to touch Berano's head, armpits and back.
However, Berano did not respond at all, even when she was beaten.
That was normal. After all, she, in fact, had fainted.

After that, Juteime continued beating Berano's body for almost 10 minutes, then.
「In my opinion, this woman is completely unconscious, or that's what I believe」
She finally come to that conclusion.

After that, Juteime raised her face and observed the mothers and babies gathered inside the church and.
「Well, my familiars! In my opinion, it's time to take all these babies!
Then, we will take them to the castle of the Demon King and raise them to become the future generals of our armies. I'm sure Yuiguard-sama will be happy with us after this, or that's what I believe!」

She declares that out loud while raising her right hand.

But, nevertheless.

「I-Impossible, this … is …」
Juteime was astonished to see the scene that stretched front her.

In front of her.
The mothers and babies who until a moment ago were inside the church, had disappeared completely and without a trace.

On the other hand, each of Juteime's familiars were stacked in a pile of corpses in front of her.

「I think we had warned you before, right? Demon Army.
We warned you that, if you dared to cause chaos, ma.s.sacres or looting, in front of us, we would punish them with our own hands」
At that moment, Gozaru began to approach slowly from the pile of corpses that were piled up while swinging his fists.

「To think that you would point towards babies … You are really despicable」
Furio, who was walking behind Gozaru, did not look different from the usual, however, he looked furious at Juteime.

… The-The-The-They are the Former Demon King, Goul-sama and his friend, Furio-sama… or that's what I believe…

Juteime, who wasn't only aware of the strength of Gozaru, the Former Demon King, but also knew of the strength of Furio, who ended up with the Magic Canyon Beast , Dodôn, one of the candidates for Heavenly King like her, was slowly moving backwards while trying to control her legs, which could not stop shaking.

…… I-I-I-I can't fight against them, if I don't run I will definitely die, or that's what I believe.

Juteime, who immediately decided to escape, turned around and hurried towards the exit.
She planned to accelerate and leave the church at once.

In the middle of her way of escape, was the body of the still unconscious Berano.

「Nooo!? or that's what I believe」
At that moment, Juteime stumbled awkwardly with Berano's body, and then crashed into the wall of the church and collapsed.

「Hey hey hey, dono't you tell me you end up dying just from hitting a wall?」
At that moment, someone started talking next to the collapsed and motionless Juteime.

… I-I plan to ask who you are, or that's what I believe.

Then, Juteime desperately tried to look at the owner of that voice with her weakened eyes, then, when she ran into Slape's face, she was speechless.

「You… You tried to kidnap my precious Risley」
Slape's body began to swell as he said that, find, gradually began to take his demon form while releasing an overwhelming amount of magical power.
「You must pay for your sins. Don't think I'll forgive you after just hitting a wall.」
So, while saying that, and without looking away from Juteime, he end up transforming into a Horse of Death.

To her left was Gozaru, who had taken his Demon King form.

To her right was Furio, who was watching her furiously.

At that moment, Juteime, who had been surrounded from three different directions, turned pale and tried to scream, however her voice refused to leave.

◇◇After a while◇◇

「Ooh, Risley, Bireri, I'm glad they're safe」
Slape, who had just left the church, approached Risley and Bireri with a smile on his face.
「Slape-sama, I'm also happy that you are safe~」
Bireri, who didn't take long to recognize him, smiled as she ran towards him.

「Well, no one got hurt so don't worry」
Furio said as he watched the three of them with a smile on his face.
「Umu, it was nothing」
Gozaru said, affirming Furio's words, while nodding with his arms crossed.
「Even so, what do we do now? Should we go complain about this with the Demon King?」
「… That's what I'd like to do, but I think it would be a bit tricky after what we did to that Juteime or whatever her name is」
「… Do you think we exaggerate? 」
「Well, she looked for it herself, so it doesn't matter」

◇◇ At that moment • Inside the Church ◇◇

After those three, Furio, Gozaru and Slape, who hit Juteime until turn her into a pile of ground beef, left, Hiya, the Majin of Light and Darkness, Furio's servant and demystifier in training, manifested herself in front of what was once Juteime and immediately after she let out a sad sigh and said.
「I was hoping to give her the opportunity to join us in our “investigation”」
Then she bowed to the corpse as she clasped her hands together.

◇◇ In a certain place on the mountain ◇◇

「… Seriously, to think that I would end up sweaty like this after digging a simple hole」
The Blond Hero continued to complain in that way while cleaning his sweat-covered body in the bathroom.
Of course, he was naked in the bathroom.

… How much longer do he think to use the bathroom of us, the Wickeds, to bathe?

The Wicked Woman muttered as she watched the Blond Hero taking a bath.

… It can not be helped, I guess I should just get rid of him… But, it's a handsome guy… I guess nothing will happen if I play with this little rascal before killing him.


The Evil Woman collapsed on the ground.

「… Incredulous」
Muttered Ririanju, the Wicked at the service of the evil G.o.d, who had torn the woman's neck and was now trampling her body until she was out of breath.
「To think that you would dare to spy on someone in the bathroom.

You are a really shameless person.

Really shameless.

Very shameless.



Then, Ririanju began to peep inside the bathroom from a small opening in the window.
Ririanju hadn't noticed the blood that had begun to fall from her nose.

NT: Riri-chan…
NT2: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments


The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 72

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