The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 73

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CHAPTER 14: INFANT FRENZY Restlessness and Expectations

NT: Sorry for the delay. I was a little, quite, busy the last two weeks with some things from my university (some tests and homeworks, the usual), and I did not have time for anything, but hey, it's over, or at least for the most part, so now i can continue with this at the usual pace.
NT2: Eerr, about the t.i.tle … I changed it from the original… I did not find much sense, it said something like “dark and light” so I ended up changing it… well, both were written in the sense of “bad mood and good mood” so to say, so I put something that had to do with that and that agreed with the chapter… so… that

◇◇ Crylord Castle • Office ◇◇

The Princess Queen, who was speechless when she read the report that had just arrived, held her head with both hands and closed her eyes firmly.

The Demon Army carried out an attack during the New Life Festival that was being held in Houtarou, at the same time reports of robberies began to increase in the surrounding areas of Houtarou.
「Furio-sama and his family members took care of the Demonic Army, thanks to that, the only damages that could be registered were those caused to the church building, even so, the cases of theft in the areas near the city have increased considerably. The Guards that we designate to that area continue with their investigations」
The Princess Queen let out a deep sigh after hearing the report from her secretary, then, she began to scratch her head.

The Princess Queen was beginning to ramble on about the confused actions of the Demon Army once again.
However, shortly after, she let out another sigh, and immediately after hit her cheeks.
「First, send a message of thanks to Furio-sama.
On the other hand, order the designated guards to maintain security in the surrounding cities of Houtarou to report on any clues that may lead us to the group responsible for the recent cases of theft」
The Princess Queen began to give her orders, and immediately after that, the Secretaries who received her orders immediately left for different places.

… I am the Queen of this country, i have to keep standing, or else…

The Princess Queen clenched her fist while reinforcing her determination.

Behind her, was a shelf full of photos covered by curtain.
The photos that were hidden behind that curtain were photos of the seconds and third princes of neighboring countries who were candidates to be the Princess Queen's fiancés.

The Princess Queen… was a girl who, despite looking quite young, was actually about to reach the age at which she was to get married.

◇◇ In the Throne Room of the Demon King's Castle ◇◇

The Cold Blooded Vampire, Juteime, had decided to attack a human city on its own. After hearing that report, the Demon King Yuiguard looked up at the ceiling while covering his face with his right hand.
「What was the point of launching that attack if you're not going to return at the end!?」
*Dan, dan!* Yuiguard kicked the floor in disgust as he shook his head from left to right.
「Indeed, Juteime's actions were not only capricious and exaggerated, but also ended in their own destruction, something very disappointing, but, please, rejoice, Demon King-sama」
Fufun the Succubus and Yuiguard's close a.s.sistant, accommodating his – Ornaments – with her forefinger while smiling intrepidly.
「The Magic Canyon Beast, Dodôn has managed to be replicated stronger than ever, There is no doubt that he will be able to do a better job than that Juteime have done so far!」
At that moment, Fufun, who was shaking her arms proudly of herself, got rid of the curtain she had placed on the right side of the room.
Behind it,
Was the Magic Canyon Beast, Dodôn who was considerably bigger than before.
「Ooh! He looks stronger than before!」
Yuiguard could not help but loosen his bitter face to see his appearance.
「Previously, he was already quite strong, but now it has become much stronger.
The barrel that is on his back is five times bigger than before, and likewise, the bullets that it shoots have become 5 times more powerful than before! The name of Dodôn also changed after its replication, from now on he is the Magic Canyon Beast, Doggôn」
With to the introduction of Fufun, Doggôn pose while waving his arms.
Then, as soon as he said that, he fired the cannon that was on his back.

His power was tremendous. That single shot was able to destroy all the walls that were in front of the Demon King Yuiguard, allowing him to see the outside of the Castle.

However, one of the Four Heavenly Kings that were next to the Demon King, The Snake Princess*, Yorumeet, noticed a problem with Doggôn.

NT: I… just decided to change the name of Yorumeet… I like more Snake than Serpent.

After Doggôn launched that demonstration shot, he stopped completely where it was, remaining frozen with the posture he took to shoot.

「… Is there something wrong with him?」
「Oh? Isn't that normal?」
Fufun replied smiling at Yorumeet as she snorted with her nose,
「Doggôn shoots with a force 5 times greater than before, isn't it normal for him to run out of magic power after that? After that, it will obviously take a great amount of time to recharge his supply of magic power」
Fufun proudly said as she pulled out her chest.
「So? How much time do he need to fully recharge his magic power?」
Yuiguard, who just like Yorumeet, had a bad feeling about all this, asked Fufun that.
Then, Fufun looked at Yuiguard and-
「He needs 10 hours. Until then he can not move in the least」
– said that with a satisfied look.

At the next instant, Fufun was. .h.i.t in the face by Yuiguard and sent flying to the outside of the Castle through the hole that Doggôn had opened.

◆ ◇ Houtarou City • New Life Festival ◇ ◆

「Somehow~, I feel a little embarra.s.sed by this~」
Bireri, who was holding Risley in front of a large audience while receiving the blessing of the Priest, returned to the side of Furio and Slape, who were waiting for her in an empty corner.
「No no no! It was not embarra.s.sing at all! You both looked extremely cute!」
Slape, who had been waiting for them anxiously, said that while hugging Bireri.

But nevertheless,


At the moment Slape hugged Bireri, Risley struggled to shake Slape's face away with her hands as she watched him with a disgusted look.
「Ri-Risley, don-don't do this to me」
Muttered Slape, who seemed to be about to shed his tears with a desperate look on his face.

Although he looked like this, he was still one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Former Demon Army.

The Mage Berano observed the situation from a more remote place,

… It can not be helped that Risley hates you now after having covered her with saliva with that cloying kiss you gave her yesterday.

Berano murmured.

「Berano, are you okay?」
Furio asked that, with a worried voice, to Berano, who was digressing in her own thoughts.

She had managed to protect the people of the city from Juteime's first attack yesterday.
After that, despite having used a suicide move, she manage to earn enough time for Furio and Gozaru to arrive at the place.

「Things ended well yesterday, but I don't recommend you to try something like that again」
After hearing that, Berano nodded slightly.

She was overwhelmed by the power she received when she decided to use all the magical power-up rings at once, and as a result of her inability to withstand the incredible amount of magical power she suddenly received, she remained unconscious until this morning.

However, her actions turned out to be useful, and thanks to that she was congratulated by Furio. Berano, who was congratulated by him, smiled slightly while blus.h.i.+ng slightly.

NT: Ooh~?

… Even so, at the moment I lost consciousness due to the excessive amount of magical power… Somehow, I felt good…

NT: Ooh…

She thought that as she deviated in a slightly wrong direction

The ceremony in which the babies were blessed had not yet ended.
At this time, Lys, Uliminus and Barissa were staring at the scene with smiles on their faces.

… I will definitely be there this next year…

… As I thought, I can not let the Second Wife hunt Gozaru tonight nya.

… I know what the First Wife thinks, but I will not let her do what she wants tonight.

The powerful flames of determination burned inside of them.

「It's a nice view, don't you think?」

「Totally nya」

「I can not help but smile as I watch it」

The three said with a big smile on their faces.

By the way, despite the many incidents that occurred the previous day, the Houtarou New Life Festival was much livelier than usual.

◇◇ Behind a Certain House in the Deep of a Certain Forest ◇◇

… WhWhat a mistake …

Ririanju, the Wicked at the service of the Evil G.o.d, fell into one of the traps prepared by the Blond Hero, ending with her feet tied and hanging upside down.

In front of Ririanju was the Blond Hero and Tsuya, who had come to check the trap.

… Impossible, to think tha I would show myself in front of him in this way… Kuh, kill me!

Ririanju thought as she firmly closed her eyes and bit her lips.

However, the Blond Hero only released the trap in silence and released Ririanju.

「Blond Hero-sama~? Are you sure about this~?」
「… Umu, it doesn't matter」

The Blonde Hero calmly responded to the anxious Tsuya as he returned to the house.
「Aah~! Wait a moment~, Blond Hero-sama~」
Then Tsuya began to chase him in panic.
「Blond Hero-sama~, is it okay to leave that woman alone~?」
「Umu… Well, I don't understand it, but I feel that I should let that woman go」
「Is that so~?」
「I don't understand it at all, so don't ask anymore!」
「Yes~, I'm sorry~」

NT: … … … he finally woke up a useful skill?

Ririanju, who stared at those two,

… Im-Impossible, there's no way he could help me because he discovered that I've been helping them in secret…
… No, it's impossible for him to know that.
… Even so, to think that a man as rough as he could show such kindness to someone like me… Blond Hero, you are an wonderful man.

Ririanju thought as she blushed.

NT: Riri-chan… have bad taste with men, a really bad taste
NT2: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments


The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 73

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