The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 84

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CHAPTER 17: Promotion of the Demon Army Show me your Spirit! IMPORTANT

NT:Ok, I want to say a few things about the next chapter, I mean, the ENTIRE chapter 17. The next chapter will be full of new characters and demon races. Therefore, the names of their races will be left in the same way they were in the Raw (This is mainly because variants of the same races will appear and that will end up making it difficult to translate their names). Of course, I will add all the necessary explanations about the races and names, and even try to use the “furigana” for some things that could end up causing some confusion. But, I will also continue to translate some things, such as “Vampire” and things like that. Well, everything will be at my discretion, but I will do everything possible to try to avoid making everything too confusing. (Honestly, I was fortunate enough to have translated this chapter as a set when I had to translate it into Spanish since I had to make a lot of corrections to the five parts that make up Chapter 17. Oh d.a.m.n, it was horrib-, … I mean, funny, yes, it was very “funny”. Ha Ha Ha… Ha…)

Somehow, it's important … I think.

NT2: I've… been thinking of starting to "translate" (if we can say that what i'm doing is translating these novels properly) "The G.o.d of Killing of Level 0", the novel written by Koneko-sensei (the author of "The Villager of Level 999") about which I talked to you some time ago.
Honestly, I thought someone would start translating it after the Light Novel came out, but… nothing.
I'm still not sure, taking into account how I do all this ("translating" i mean…)… also, Lv0 is a bit… special, I mean… it's an extra. It was something that I began to translate to cover the empty s.p.a.ce that remained some days when I could not finish the translation of the chapters of a novel whose chapters are particularly long (Din) and … although its chapters are not too long, it is something that I update a few times, I say, a chapter every 3 weeks from now…
But well, what do you think about? Have you read the novel? no? What if you start reading it now.

〘Didn't you say last week that you would talk about the "Negligence Syndrome (Hemispatial neglect)" today?〙
〔I am not in the mood for that〕
〔I'm, not, in the mood〕

And those were me and my inner voice.


The Demon King Yuiguard, who was sitting on his throne, began clicking his tongue at the same time he was tirelessly hitting the armrest of his throne with his fingers.

It had been a few days since he declared his independence from the Evil G.o.d.

There were no signs of any response from the Evil G.o.d yet, however, this, instead of signifying relief for Yuiguard, ended up becoming a heavy burden.

The current Demon Army was still recovering from the damage it received during the failed attack to the Crylord Castle, and it was very difficult to say that they had optimal combat strength.

On top of that, even the Four Heavenly Kings, who should be the top link of the Demon Army, had been having a number of problems lately.

The two Heavenly Kings who have managed to stay in their posts after many years, the Snake Princess, Yorumeet, and the Two-Headed Bird, Fugy and Mugy, did not cause many problems.

However, the Raiko(Thunder Tiger)   Moulin, one of the candidates to occupy one of the positions of Heavenly King available, had to be hurriedly chosen due to the lack of other candidates.

On the other hand, the Cold Blooded Vampire, Juteime, not only committed a clear violation of the orders of the Demon King Yuiguard, but even ended up being defeated and killed by someone long ago, so she was now in the middle of a resurrection process programmed by Fufun.

The Demon King Yuiguard could not help snapping his tongue again and again with a frown at that situation, where not only did he not know when they would be attacked by the Army of the Evil G.o.d, but also had to take charge of rea.s.suring his troops, which were unable to advance their reorganization due to that anxious situation.


「Ah? That we carry out a new Promotion Test to elect the Four Heavenly Kings?」

The Demon King Yuiguard asked his a.s.sistant, the Sucubo Fufun, with a stunned look after she made that proposal.

「Yes. I think it's something we need to do at all costs if we want to end the reorganization of the current Demon Army without major problems」

Fufun said as she adjusted her – aesthetic – with the index finger of her right hand.

「However, there don't appear to be other qualified individuals to fill those positions in our Army, or do you think they could have grown significantly since the last time?」

What Yuiguard said was true.

Although Yorumeet and Fugy and Mugy were not very different in terms of strength, there was still an overwhelming difference between the capabilities of those two and that of Moulin and the other Demons of today, which would make anyone think they were unworthy of being called Heavenly Kings.

「One of the objectives of this promotion test is to increase the morale of our troops.

But, its true purpose will be to discover other outstanding Demons like Moulin」

Yuiguard brought his right hand to his chin as he nodded at Fufun's words.


Fufun, who bowed after receiving that order, cleared her throat as she watched the doc.u.ments she carried.

「The objective is to find individuals who, although they may possess a capacity lower than that required, still possess some peculiarly useful ability. Ideally, after finding these individuals, we train them and then promote them to Division Chiefs or Regiment Commanders, so that they make better use of these capabilities they possess」

「I see… But, what will we do if some of them seem to be useful enough to be able to ascend them to Heavenly King directly?」

Upon hearing the words of Yuiguard, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, the Raiko Raiko(Thunder Tiger) Moulin, stepped forward while showing his fangs.

「Theycan try, but I don't intend to quit my position as one of the Four Heavenly Kings」

After saying that, he returned to his original place.

Yorumeet, who observed the situation with a wry smile on her face, said, 「I think it's a good proposal because, right now, it is necessary not only to find new talents, but also to inspire our troops, even if only a little」.

After hearing Yorumeet's words, the Demon King Yuiguard nodded deeply as he rose energetically from his throne, and with a vigorous voice said, 「To the whole army! A Compet.i.tion for the Promotion of the New Four Celestial Kings will be held! All who consider themselves suitable can partic.i.p.ate!」, while raising his clenched fist.

Fufun, who watched Yuiguard staring from his side,

… Yuiguard-sama, please-use that fist, to hit this head of mine…

She thought that at the same time her face was dyed red as she began to gasp.

She had already become an M that did not take into account the moment or place.


A notice about the realization of the 『Promotion Compet.i.tion for the New Four Heavenly Kings』, promulgated on behalf of Yuiguard, had been distributed among all the members of the Demon Army.

Normally, in order to ascend in the Demon Army, it was essential to show great results on the battlefield.

However, recently it had been impossible for the Demon Army to carry out some kind of large-scale attack due to the previous defeat, so there have not been many opportunities for soldiers to stand out.

In such an unfortunate situation, this was the perfect opportunity to ascend.

Even if they failed to become Heavenly Kings, there was still the possibility that they would be promoted if their abilities were recognized. Because of that, all members of the Demon Army were excited by that announcement.

「I'm burning. Even this old me could prove to be useful to the Demon King-sama」

said the old skeleton soldiers, Cals.h.i.+m, laughing as his body began to agitate to cause his laughter.

「Grandpa, is it okay to laugh like that? Wouldn't it be dangerous in its current state?」

Said the Golem Cocites, while clinging firmly to Cals.h.i.+m's shoulders


At the next instant, just as Cocites had feared, Calsim's body crumbled.


Cocites opened its* eyes completely to that sudden incident.

「… It seems that my body was unable to bear my motivation…」

Mutter the skull of the skeleton Calsim, who gradually fell into a deep silence.

NT: I don't really know the gender of Cocites… I think it is a girl but… i don't know… so… let's leave it like this…

Then, as people began to make preparations for the event that was about to take place, the deadline for registration to the Test of Promotion of the New Four Heavenly Kings was getting closer and closer.


「How is your resurrection process?」

Asked Fufun, who had returned to her laboratory after finis.h.i.+ng giving her information to Demon King Yuiguard, to his subordinate, who was still working.

「Well… Actually, I couldn't say that it's going very well… Juteimu-sama's body was completely crushed, so…」

Said Fufun's subordinate, the* , Doctor Mephisto*, with a clear voice.

Fufun tilted her head to the side as she pondered the words of his subordinate.

「Anyway, try to hurry up. Right now we need to increase our forces as quickly as possible, even a little」

She said as she looked at the doc.u.ments in his hands.

Seeing that, Doctor Mephisto frowned.

「… Is it possible that the chances that the forces of the Evil G.o.d invade us during the Promotion Compet.i.tion… are high?」

And ask that directly to Fufun.

「It's just a possibility… for now」

Fufun said, as she turned her gaze to Juteimu, who was in the midst of her resurrection process.

NT: Ok, could be translated as Demon or Devil. In this case, they would be something like the demons in general that appear in this novel, but the type are more similar to those that appear on some religious texts… i think.

NT2: The Name of Doctor Mephistos was likewise in the RAW, well, not exactly, but it was something like “Dokuta mefisuto”, I mean, Doctor Mephistos, although I think it's in English …


Saber, who was in his Horned Rabbit form, was perplexed by the time he entered the Living Room.

At that moment, Risley, the daughter of Slape and Bireri, quickly pounced on Saber.

「Kyawa ♪」

Risley babble with joy.

Saber somehow managed to escape of her grip after twisting his body. Then, he started running outside the Living Room, however, at that time, Saber was blocked by the female Horned Rabbit, s.h.i.+bea, who gave time to their three children, Subar, Seber and Sober, to jump on his Father with all their strength.

「It seems that Saber is the one most loved by his children in this house」

Said Furio, who watched the scene sitting in a chair in the Living Room while laughing.

Elizabeth, who was in the arms of Furio at that time, began hitting Furio's face sharply with his hands as she babbled happily.

「Dannsama, Elizabeth says she loves you too」

Said Lys, who was sitting next to him with Garyl in her arms, as she saw them with a smile on her face.

While Furio and Lys began to enjoy their pleasant talk …

Saber was again caught by Risley, who approached him while he had his movements limited by his three children.

Saber, who used to live the same experience every day, looked at the couple with a look that seemed to be saying, 「Help me, please」.


「… What is this? It says, 『Promotion Compet.i.tion to something of the King*』 or something like that」

「The important part is torn, so I can't understand what it means」

「Well, it says "King", so it's not related with fugitives like us…」

「Alright, let's go there」


「Don't you get it? If I can get a good result on this, we could have the opportunity to ask the King to erase my charges, and so I will no longer have to hide the fact that I am the Blond Hero」

「Certainly, it is possible. There is also the possibility of being granted some prestige if your skills are recognized」

「But we are not even sure where this comes from~」

「Idiot! We found this here, so the place where it will take place should be nearby! 」

「Yes~! I'm sorry~! 」

「… But, from what Kingdom will this come?… I'm not yet familiar with this world so I can't tell」

「Well, it's probably a small Kingdom in the area whose King has died Recently. No wonder the Demons and the Demon Army are mentioned in this thing」

「I guess it's most likely」

「I think the same」

After saying that, those three, The Blond Hero, Tsuya and Ririanju, began to laugh.

NT: Errrm, in the RAW, the part that said “Four Heavenly Kings” had almost completely disappeared, except for the King's Kanji, that's why the Blond Hero read it that way. Errrm, anyway, it was something like… "Promotion Compet.i.tion for the New Four Heavenly Kings“, that's why I wrote it that way.
NT2: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments.


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