The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 85

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CHAPTER 17: PROMOTION OF THE DEMON ARMY First Day of the Compet.i.tion

Ok, let's talk about "Negligence Syndrome" (Or "Hemispatial neglect", i don't know). Let's see… this is a very, very interesting condition that occurs when a person is injured in a certain place in the right hemisphere of the brain (I don't remember which one…).

The curious thing about this condition is that those who suffer from it are unable to "recognize" (that is, their brain becomes negligent in the task of recognizing) THEIR left side (the left side of their body), and not only that, but they cannot recognize everything that is, spatially, on the left side.

(For the one who does not know. The hemispheres of the brain controlling the body part opposite them. In other words, the right hemisphere controls the left part, and the left hemisphere controls the right part.)

In other words, the brains of people who suffer from "Negligence Syndrome" do not recognize the things that are on the left side, like… if we divide a clock in half, the person suffer from this could only recognize the part where the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, while ignoring the half that contains the numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. This is also not limited to your perception of things, but also to their memories.

People with Negligence Syndrome (lets called it NS) do not remember the things that are on the right side (with them as a reference point).

To give an example… Imagine a square or any famous place you know, ok? Well, if a guy with NS were asked to look at this famous "place" from the front, and say the names of the streets next to it (a.s.suming he know them), he would have no problem saying the names of the streets that are on the right side of the "place", however, he would be unable to remember the names of the streets that are on the left side… AND IT DOES NOT FINISH THERE. During the experiment they did to prove what I just mentioned, they made people go to the back of the famous place they were observing, and repeat the exercise while looking at the "famous place" from behind … and what happened? Well, the same thing happened… but with the opposite streets.

I mean, people this time were able to say without problems the names of the streets on the right side (which had previously been on the left side when they saw the famous place in front), but were unable to say the names of the streets on the side left (which had previously been on the right side), even though they had just said them.

I mean, this indicates that Negligence Syndrome does not cause people to be unable to recognize the things they "remember / know" that are on the left side itself, but the things that they recognize are found on the left side in real time to be more precise …

Ok, and finally. People who suffer from neglect syndrome are unable to realize this on their own, I mean, even if they become unable to move their right arm, or do not "see" the things that are on the left side, they do not You will notice nothing strange.

During an experiment, they made those who suffer from this syndrome make some drawings (a clock, a flower and a house) and all drew only the right side of each of these things. When they drew the clock, they simply drew a circle with some arrows in which the numbers 1 to 6 were written in order on the right side (there have also been those who have put together the twelve numbers only on the right side), when they drew the flower , they drew a normal flower, but without any details like the petals or the leaves on the left side, and when they drew a house, they drew a half-built house that lacked the left side… of course, it is not as if the people would not have tried to draw the "left side" of those things, however, the few things they draw looked like blind scribbles.

Anyway, we can a.s.sume that the neglect syndrome is a condition that "seals" the memories and the ability to recognize the things that are on the left side, and also inhibits the ability to realize this of patients (Actually, Patients suffering from Negligence Syndrome may even stubbornly insist that you are sure that nothing happens to them because of their inability to recognize their inability to "see" the left side).

Complications caused by Negligence Syndrome can be reduced through therapies, however, it is a really long process (those who take the therapies take months to show some remarkable progress).


Two things.

First. I made a kind of glossary where I explain several things about the translations and the j.a.panese, you know, like the meaning of the honorifics (San, Kun, Chan, Sama, etc.) or about the furigana and the way I use it .  or look for the glossary in that "bar" that is above, you know, where it is from the "Home" (Inicio), "Novelas en Español", "Novels in English"… etc.

Second. From next week (this week actually) I will be a little busy with various tests and work. Well, it really won't be too much (I think … I hope), but even so, maybe… I may not publish anything for a week or two. Errrm, all this should last three weeks, so… already, by the beginning of November, everything will be over (temporarily) … Ok, that. NOW TO READ.


NT: Things happened, I got “capricious”, and decided to change the name of some things. Why? Because I realized that I had been translating it wrong. It is not many things, but … well, these are the changes.
Houtarou ⇒ Houtau
Crylord ⇒ Cryroad (Kurai rôdo*)
Honestly, I wasn't sure to change Crylord's name since “rôdo” sounds more like “lord” than “road” to me, but I ended up deciding to do it after seeing that the name of Road (from D. Gray Man) was written the same way.

… Promotion Compet.i.tion of the New Four Heavenly Kings nya.

Uliminus, the former leader of the Intelligence and Espionage unit of the Demon Army, the Silent Ear, and current manager of the Variety Store, Ûgo, was reading the report that one of her agents had brought her.

Although Uliminus had already retired from the Demon Army, she still kept in contact with her subordinates, who kept her up to date with the recent events in the Demon Army.

… Certainly, many influential Demons have left the Demon Army since the abdication of Gozaru nya, and there is also the recent defeat against Cryroad nya, so this could be a good plan to restore the morale of soldiers nya… It seems that that M muscle brain finally thought of something good nya.


「Does something happen to you? You has already sneezed twice Fufun-sama 」

「 … It-It is nothing Doctor Mephisto… Although certainly, it's strange to sneeze like that… Ah!? Impossible, could it be that Yuiguard-sama was talking about me!? 」

While watching that woman, who had begun to speak like a maiden in love, Doctor Mephisto thought,

… Ha~a, Fufun-sama always loses herself for a while when she gets that way…

At the same time he let out a sighed as he resumed the supervision of the resurrection.


The arena of the Stadium that was located in the bas.e.m.e.nt of the Demon King's Castle was riddled with monsters.

Each of those monsters were Demons who had expressed their desire to partic.i.p.ate in the challenges of the Promotion Compet.i.tion of the New Four Heavenly Kings that would take place today.

Everyone in the Stadium began to raise their voice as they clapped at the moment when Demon King Yuiguard rose from his throne.

In response to that, Yuiguard raised his right hand to greet them, and then, after clearing his throat, he said, 「Good morning everyone, we will now begin the first trial of the Promotion Compet.i.tion of the New Four Heavenly Kings. Show me everything you have! That's all!」

All the inhabitants of the stadium trembled with emotion at the moment when Yuiguard's imposing voice flooded every corner of the stadium.

All those who had been flooded with emotion responded by raising their applause and cheers.

「To think that I would end up in this state after having taken so long to rebuild myself…」

Said the skull of Cals.h.i.+m the skeleton, after his body completely collapsed due to the emotion he felt when he heard Yuiguard's voice.

「That's why I told you that you shouldn't overdo it」

The Golem Cocites said with a frown as he picked up Clas.h.i.+m's bones.

NT: Yeah… I was checking some things and… Cocites is a man.

Behind them, only the excited screams of the audience could be heard, whose mood kept rising after hearing Yuiguard's words.

「… Huh」

「… *koke*《faint》」


The Compet.i.tion was made up of a series of trials that would be carried out in the Stadium's Arena during the first two days and a real combat during the third day.

Among those trials were the Power Trial, the Resistance Trial, the Jumping Capacity Ttrial and many other trials, through which it is sought to allow each compet.i.tor to be able to perform in what he was best specialized in .

Finally, after collecting the trials results of those two days, a real-style battle will take place on the third and final day of the trials.

However, since it is a.s.sumed that the final result of the compet.i.tion will depend considerably on the results obtained in general, everyone went to the Stadium with their spirit to the fullest from day one.

Currently, a series of straight lines had been drawn in the center of the arena in preparation for the Speed ​​Trial that was about to take place.

Yuiguard, who was watching the people who lined up next to each other for the Trial from one of the VIP seats, frowned and asked, 「… Of all the people, why did they have to be the ones who lined up?」, as he turned to Fufun.

「It seems that, coincidentally, their names came out at the same time when it was decided who would partic.i.p.ate now」

In response to Fufun's words, Yuiguard muttered, 「… Then I guess it can't be helped…」, while turning his sight back to the starting line with a problematic look.

First place: The Slime Mort

Second place: The Slime Deras

Third place: The Slime Goliath

Fourth place: The Slime Purun

The four blue Slimes, and with a similar size, lined up next to each other on the starting line.

… I don't know who is who…

Yuiguard thought to himself as he clicked his tongue.

「Ready? Go!」

The four Slimes began to advance simultaneously at the moment when Fugy and Mugy, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, gave the signal.


「Fufu, I'm sorry, but I'm not just a Slime!」, said the Slime Mort as he jumped into the air.

At that time, his body acquired a humanoid form.

「What is that?」

「It is a variant of Slime, The Emperor Slime, which is capable of acquiring humanoid form」, Fufun explained to Yuiguard while arranging his – aesthetic -.

「Fufu, I'll be the number one~!」

「I won't allow it, desu!」, said the Slime Purun as he took an elongated shape and threw himself on the Slime Mort's legs.

Mort, whose legs had been tied, fell on the ground.

「What are you doing ~!?」

「This Purun will get the first place, desu!」

Mort and Purun started arguing while they were on the ground.

On the other hand, the Slime Goliath, who advanced steadily, quickly left the pair behind…

「… You're so coo~l… I like you~… I want us to be one~」

… While he was persistently chased by the Female Slime Deras, who kept relentlessly behind him while acting like a complete stalker.

… What the heck is wrong with her?… What's with the way she's looking at me…

Goliath, who had earned a reputation among the group for always acting like a dandy*, barely managed to remain calm while desperately trying to stay as far away as posible from the Slime Deras, whose sighs he could practically feel touching his skin.

NT: a Dandy would be a calm guy, possessing a strong will and with certain values ​​related to moderation. In other words, the guy who looks great and stylish?

At the end, Goliath managed to get first place in the race, however, this one, who was still chased by Deras, continued running to escape from her, disappearing completely from the place.

「… Hey, will this continue? I ask you if this will continue 」, asked Yuiguard, who couldn't help feeling deeply frustrated with the result of the first Trial.

「… What if we moved Yuiguard-sama?」, said Fufun, who guided Yuiguard to another place while using her body as a s.h.i.+eld so that Yuiguard did not see the partic.i.p.ants who were lining up at the starting line for the next race.

On the starting line there were four gray Slime, ready for the race.


The Weightlifting Trial consisted of charging the Volcanic Stone Giant, Dodoskoy.

Since the ma.s.s production of Dodoskoys had now become possible, several of them were prepared, which would be added one by one every 10 minutes to the partic.i.p.ants.

It was possible to hear the roars of admiration from the spectators of the compet.i.tion everywhere

「Alright, let's add another Dodoskoy」, said the Snake Princess, Yorumeet, while using her tail to place another Dodoskyo over the challenger.

Everyone expressed their admiration when Yorumeet placed the fifth Dodoskyo on the challenger, the Onihito(Ogre person)* Kisaragi, who had managed to charge the Dodoskoys for 40 minutes already.

NT: Onihito: Oni (ogre) – Hito (person). The “Onis” are a kind of ogre (they are usually compared with the “Demons”, but their nature is more similar to that of the Ogres… i think). Now, the name “Onihito” could indicate that they are an “Ogre” with more “human” characteristics, or, well… we could considered them more a type of “Semi-human” with ogre characteristics than a “Monster” as such. The Onis usually have one or two horns growing from their foreheads (or even more sometimes… I think), and they look like big and stocky monsters.

Most of the other challengers had only managed to continue charging the Dodoskoys for 30 minutes, in other words, only 3 of them, which said a lot about how powerful Kisaragi was.

… It feels so light that it's starting to get creepy.

Kisaragi thought to himself while smiling, as she held the Dodoskoys without any problem.

「She does really well to be a woman」

「Seriously, that powerful woman is so cool」

「The men barely supported 3 of them. That woman is wonderful」

「It's the first time I see a woman as unique as she is」

… That they say it with such confidence is a bit…

Kisaragi began to slowly lower the Dodoskoys while her cheeks were dyed red.

Yorumeet showed a perplexed look when she saw that.

「What happens? He~y, you can still continue, isn't it?」, she said as she looked at Kisaragi.

However, Kisaragi just covered her face with her hands, and said, 「No… This is my limit, I retire…」, as she started running out of the place with her red face.

The powerful, but weak maiden, Kisaragi, could not help but be deeply ashamed when she heard everyone calling her a 「Good Woman」.

Yorumeet could only hold his head while watching him escape.

The New Four Heavenly Kings Promotion Compet.i.tion was just beginning.

NT: Ha~a … adorable creatures that heal Catora's wounded heart… I couldn't have dealt with all this if it wasn't for you and the others~… (Catora is a Tomboys lover, especially of those who are easily embarra.s.sed. Hail Tomboys!)


「And first place is for… Golden Hair Braveman*!」

A roar echoed throughout the stadium after those words were heard.

NT: First… yep, the Blond Hero used as Alias the “translation” into English of his “t.i.tle”, which was written that way in Katakana in the Raw.
Second… I don't think I mentioned it, so … The “Hero” of the “Blond Hero” is written as “Yûsha”, which could be translated more literally as “The Bravest One” …. that's why I use “Braveman” as his alias.

「Amazing~, that guy wears a full body armor」

「It's amazing that he can move so fast while wearing such heavy equipment like that」

「It's not only fast, the speed at which he dug was incredibly fast, I'm sure is not someone normal」

「 Also, just look how well he arrange the spears in the background」

The site where the Hole Excavation Compet.i.tion was held was flooded by roars of admiration for a while.


Naniwa City was known for being a commercial city.

Furio was walking through one of the wholesale markets to buy merchandise with which to supply the Variety Store, Ugô.

「Furio-sama, there it is」

As always, the Silk Fleece administrator, Fettabetch, called Furio with a fearless smile on her face as she smoked from her pipe.

「This time I will recover everything I have lost against you」, Fettabetch said as she began to laugh.

However, Furio, who just stood in front of Fettabetch with his usual smile, said, 「Please, listen to me, Fettabetch-san, remember that my children were born some time ago?」.

「Eh?, Y-Yes, I remember it, congratulations」

「Very well, then in that case, look at these pictures I took of them. They are really adorable, look. This one here is my son Garyl, and this is my daughter Elizabeth…」

After that, Furio began to boast not only about the children he had with Lys, but also of Slape and Bireri's daughter, Risley, and even Saber's children, about whom he continued talking for hours.

「Well, I'll come back another day」, furio said, after he finished talking about the children, as he returned home with a smile on his face.

「… Furio-danna*, did you just come here to boast about your children?」, Fettabetch murmured as she watched Furio leaving with a bewildered look on his face.

NT: As I said before, although Danna can be used to refer to a person as a husband in a more respectful way, as Lys does, or to the head of the house, as Brossa does, it is also often used to refer to a Sponsor or, an important customer… the j.a.panese is complicated… all languages are complicated…

NT2: As always, if you find something weird, whatever, just tell me in the comments.


The Laid-back Life In Another World Of The Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Level 2 Chapter 85

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