The Boss I Picked Up All Fell In Love With Me Chapter 32

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The answer was actually very simple. It was that their strength was strong enough.   

The sons born out of rich families, while there are many who will be heavily tied down by responsibilities and conduct matters not on their own volition, but there are also a few people who could reach a point where they wouldn't need to depend on other people's footsteps and can live without regarding other people's opinions.   

When Grandfather Fu was the leader of Fu Corporation, it could be considered a big corporation domestically. After Fu s.h.i.+jun took his position, he had expanded the business overseas and the business had become more prosperous with each pa.s.sing day.   

The power the Fu Corporation has now wasn't something a normal business can match.   

Don't even talk about dating another man. Even if Fu s.h.i.+jun were to brought a dog over to today's banquet and said that this was his lover, it was most likely that there would be a group of people coming up to him with laughter and used their most flattering words to praise the dog up to the skies.   

The rules of this world is forever set by the strong.   

It wasn't that Li Wenzhuo didn't understand this reasoning. It was only that for so long, he had used other people's similar sacrifices to comfort himself in order to be a "winner in life" in other people's eyes.   

To suddenly confront that all this was because he wasn't strong enough and forced to face his own powerlessness, his heart was full of agitation.   

His fiancee saw his ugly expression and mistaken it as him being horrified. Using a heavy tone, she once again warned him: "Fiance, sorry to bother you but please manage your expression!"   

Li Wenzhuo: "......"

Looking at his fiancee's what could be said to be a threatening expression, the winner in life's heart felt crushed once again.

These few days that he had returned from abroad, Zhao Wanqi was always warm and caring in front of him. He had thought that she had some good feelings towards him but looking at it now, it seems that he thought too much.   

Not only did he experience a senior's attack, but he still needs to experience his business marriage fiancee's dislike and threats. He is really a miserable man.

Although his mood was complicated, Li Wenzhuo was still has the ability to resist pressure. He very quickly fixed his expression and talked to the remainder of the guests.

It was only that his gaze would still unconsciously look over at the two men.

Being such sharp people, how could Su Zui and Fu s.h.i.+jun not discover that the banquet's main lead was especially caring towards them?   

But they had experienced this type of gaze many times. Especially when they just got out of the closet. Although people didn't dare to speak out, but it was unavoidable to judge. After getting used to it, they didn't take it seriously.   

But, because Li Wenzhuo was the male lead, Su Zui still looked at him a few times.

He discovered that Li Wenzhuo's character and looks were as ordinary as a rich second generation could be and didn't have any special quality. He didn't even have half the aura compared to his family's President Fu's, causing him to quickly lose interest.   

That sounds about right......the original story was originally a female lead story. Its main storyline revolves around the female lead continuous counterattacks and face slaps. Counterattacks to face slaps and counterattacks to face slaps. The romance scenes were so little it was pitiful. The main role the male lead has was to display the female lead's outstandingness and promote the female lead's chances of face slapping. His role wasn't portrayed as important so Li Wenzhuo's outstandingness was also very normal.   

Normal and ordinary. This was the labels Su Zui gave to the male lead in his heart.

As he continued to think, he became distracted and wasn't able to notice the look Fu s.h.i.+jun gave him by his side was becoming more dark.   

A deep voice sounded by his ear: "You are very interested in Li Wenzhuo?"   

Su Zui unconsciously moved his head away slightly: "I'm not. Don't go imagining things."

Two years have pa.s.sed but he still wasn't able to endure Fu s.h.i.+jun sticking next to his ear as he talked. Once he hears it, his ears became numb.   

President Fu, this person. He's handsome and das.h.i.+ng, and his figure doesn't lose to those of professional athletes. He's also exceptionally considerate and obedient. Except for the chaos when they first got together and his love for eating vinegar, he was practically has full marks as a lover.   

As time pa.s.sed, the chaos shortcoming also quickly disappeared by his love for eating vinegar not only didn't turn around, it actually became stronger.

At this time, Su Zui was very skeptical on whether or not Fu s.h.i.+jun had any grudge against people who sold vinegar, and bought out their whole stock in order to smell so strong of vinegar everyday!   

But Fu s.h.i.+jun also has principles and didn't actually pay attention to every single one of his glances. Most of the time, it was only an excuse to act spoil......   

Just like right now.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun narrowed his eyes. The eyes beneath the pair of sword eyebrows darkened: "Don't look at him. Look at me."

How would Su Zui dare to refuse. His eyes turned into a smile as he said: "Ok ok ok. I'll look at you. Come eat something."

As he talked, he used his chopsticks to pick up a slender piece of yellow croaker on a nearby plate and hand feed it to Fu s.h.i.+jun's mouth.   

The fried fish was very crispy. The bones were also very fragile. Fu s.h.i.+jun ate it in a single bite in a satisfactory manner.   

The banquet was approaching its end. The two and the host's family gave their goodbyes.

Su Zui politely said: "When Mr. Li and Ms. Zhao marry, if we have time, me and s.h.i.+jun will definitely attend."   


Li Wenzhuo became sour with each and every one of Su Zui's "s.h.i.+jun" that his teeth began hurting. Without thinking, he blurted out: "When the two of you hold your wedding, I hope that I will also have the honor to attend the ceremony."   

The atmosphere became quiet without warning.

Fiancee: "......"

Li Wenzhuo: "......" Did he hit his head just now?!   

In the awkward silence, Fu s.h.i.+jun's lips raised into a rare faint smile and said in a reserved manner: "Sure."

Su Zui also nodded. He smiled as he said: "We haven't set down the date yet. But after we figure out the date, we will definitely give Mr. Li an invitation."   

The atmosphere became easy once again.

The hosts and guests all had a great time.   

After the banquet ended, the fiancee looked at Li Wenzhuo with a gaze that gradually became strange, as if she was getting acquainted with him all over again: "Really can't tell that Mr. Li's social skills are really not bad."

Although the flattery was a bit obvious, but she can't deny that the results were to the point.   

Li Wenzhuo: "......"

He wasn't! He isn't!   

On the other side, Su Zui and Fu s.h.i.+jun were sitting in the car and driving home.

In the car, he thought of Li Wenzhuo's actions just now and can't help but let out a laugh.

This male lead, whose existence wasn't strong in the original story, was more fun to play with than he thought.   

That being said, don't look at the incomparably familiar act of showing love he and Fu s.h.i.+jun had right now. When they were first came out of the closet, everything was completely different.   

When Grandfather Fu interrupted the scene, he and Fu s.h.i.+jun was only together for a day. Strictly speaking, they were still at the stage where they began interacting with each other after poking through the paper window. The two weren't even prepared to go public when they were caught red-handed by Grandfather Fu just like that, causing them to be also very startled.

But the matter had already happened. They couldn't just pretend as if nothing had happened.   

Su Zui wasn't a heartless(?) person who throws people away after using them; he originally didn't plan to run after he finished teasing people. Except, this matter was a bit different for him. He didn't have any means to be resolute and needed time to slowly get used to the situation.

Yet Grandfather Fu's unpredictable disturbance heartlessly destroyed his "slowly get used to the situation" plan.

The two still startled male leads were kicked out of the closet just like that.   

On Grandfather Fu's side, there wasn't much to dwell on. He had ordered his son to find a partner very early on. Except for the shock due to his son shamelessly extended his hand to the nest next door, he didn't have any problems. After he regained his enthusiasm, he started to stammer and asked whether they want to be like other people and hold an engagement ceremony.

The law doesn't recognize this isn't a problem! The ceremony is very important!   

Su Zui and Fu s.h.i.+jun were both in a daze for a few minutes. This elder had already became excited by himself by discussing where were the appropriate places to hold a wedding.

The efficiency was strangely high as if he was afraid Su Zui will respond in the next second and walk away......   

And on Grandfather Qin's side, after experiencing his only daughter's tragedy, he had already became very open. Especially because he had frequently heard of Grandfather Fu's suspicion towards his son's s.e.xuality and had been dragged along to watch many h.o.m.os.e.xual science videos, he was also unlikely to have prejudice against this.

Su Zui was the grandson that he loved dearly in his heart. Don't even talk about scolding. Just by having Su Zui stammering a bit, he was already feeling distress for Su Zui.

In the end, Grandfather Qin hasn't even started getting angry before he let out a sigh.

Forget it. A man is fine. It's way better than finding a slag like his mom. He had watched s.h.i.+jun grow up and he knew s.h.i.+jun wasn't a bad child.   

As a result, without waiting for Su Zui's response, he had already finished going through the out of the closet process.

Even when he was directly tossed out to move to Fu s.h.i.+jun's newly bought apartment, he still felt as if everything was unreal.   

How did everything happen so fast?   

"We arrived." Fu s.h.i.+jun extended his hand to help him release his seatbelt.   

After the two arrived home, they first took a shower.   

Compared to their family's villas, the area of this apartment wasn't considered large. It was only three hundred or so square feet.

But it belonged to one of A City's most expensive land property. It was on the top floor and was near A City's widest river. Standing in front of the huge French windows, they could see the river quietly pa.s.sing through the city and traveling into the far distance.   

The air in A City was good. In the dark night, the stars were s.h.i.+ning brightly. Combined with the lights s.h.i.+ning from the nightscape below, it was like an image from a famous painting.   

After Su Zui finished showering, he didn't have much time to look at the nightscape before he was hugged from behind by a body that was still steaming.

That person used all their strength to bury their head at the curve of his neck and rubbed against it. In less than a minute, his already loose bathrobe became more loose due to the rubbing and was hanging off his shoulder.   

"Are you tired?" Fu s.h.i.+jun bite his shoulder as he asked. His voice was a bit fuzzy and his hand had already entered his bathrobe.

Under the bathrobe was a clean body. Nothing was worn underneath.   

Su Zui's breath trembled a bit. From the window, he could see Fu s.h.i.+jun's reflection. Because that man's hair was just washed, the hair that was originally casually hanging became messy due to the rubbing motion. Even his usual dark appearance wasn't as terrifying as usual. It was a very different from his usual indifferent image.   

He raised his hand to rubbed against that head to make the hair more messy. He pressed down the groan that was about to come out of his mouth and pressed the tip of his tongue to his upper jaw. His voice carried a bit of a wobble: "If I say, tired, will you release me?"   

Fu s.h.i.+jun stopped moving. He raised his head from Su Zui's shoulder. His expression seemed a bit bitter, but he still obediently released Su Zui: "Then go rest first."

Su Zui's legs were trembling from Fu s.h.i.+jun's actions but when Fu s.h.i.+jun really stopped, he felt more uncomfortable. He grabbed the hair in his hands in an unsatisfied manner: "I lied......don't continue standing there."

Was he stupid? If he was really tired, could he be looking at the scenery without wearing his underwear?!   

The bathrobe was quickly thrown onto the ground. In the one way misty French window, one can approximately see the shape of two men coming together.   

Overlooking the lights down below, without knowing why, Su Zui suddenly thought of his first time with Fu s.h.i.+jun.

It also happened here with a similar circ.u.mstance.   

Except at that time, Fu s.h.i.+jun not only had the same pa.s.sion as he has now, but he also had horrible skills that was not present now.   

The next morning, he supported his about to break waist and leaned against the headboard. With an apathetic face, he went to the system to file a complaint: "You guy's Const.i.tution Strengthening Reagent from the system market can strengthen one's s.e.xual libido?"   

He knew that it was frightening when an old house became lit, but he didn't think it would be this frightening.   

At first, when he didn't know anything, Fu s.h.i.+jun would chew on his ears and asks whether or not it hurts. Later when Fu s.h.i.+jun knew that he had already adjusted, he stopped being as careful.

Even when his throat became hoa.r.s.e, he didn't see any signs of this person stopping at all. Each action was deeper than the last, as if he wanted to carve himself into his body.

In the end, his consciousness became fuzzy and can only remember this person's sweat rolling down the slopes of his face to his jaw and drop to his chest one by one, causing a hot sensation, and combined together with his own sweat on his chest.   

Like he wanted to cook him to death.   

System 555 began panicking for his life and expressed that it was still a child: "......This, this, System is also not clear! System has no authorization to read the market's data. Host can use tools to get a better understanding of each tool's effects."

Su Zui's face was full of indifference: "Oh."   

After he calmed down, he slightly ponder and found that this matter doesn't really have much to do with the Const.i.tution Strengthening Reagent.   

He had also used this reagent but wasn't he still tortured to death by Fu s.h.i.+jun?

It can't be that this tool knows how to dish out its effects?   

Fu s.h.i.+jun bit his ear lobe and used his teeth to grind it, making Su Zui's focus return a bit.

In between his pants, Su Zui hissed: "You dog——"   

His sentence wasn't finished before a sudden mission completion notification sounded in his head.   

[Ding! Main mission 1: Cannon fodder vengeance. Completion status: 100%]

[Novice's early reward system had already transferred 2000 experience points to your account; please make sure it has been received! Congratulations to the host for completing the ought to be completed main mission! The withheld experience points has already been transferred to your account!]

[The two-timing, deceiving for marriage Mr. Yang, who would kill for money, is also a respectable person. When he dies, he will also be in peace. Everyone should light incense for him before leaving!]   


Su Zui was startled for a moment before remembering Yang Yuanhang, this person, from the depth of his memories.   

The original's lover. The slag male who partnered up with Su Zhimo in the original plot and helped destroyed the original's family.   

He blamed his comfortable lifestyle for the past few years for almost completely forgetting this slag.   

Sending him a green hat. A tooth for a tooth. Making him poor and frustrated. Making him feel remorse until he couldn't stand it. Giving him a complete fall from grace......These were the five crucial points that he inferred from the main mission.

After completing the first four, he stopped caring about Yang Yuanhang. Now, this person finally made himself fall from grace?   

Fu s.h.i.+jun saw him suddenly stop speaking halfway and used a hoa.r.s.e voice to ask: "What are you thinking about?"

Su Zui's whole body was numb and soft. Being wrapped by a familiar hug, his guard was at his lowest. When he heard Fu s.h.i.+jun asking him a question, his brain still hasn't processed it but his mouth had already answered: "Yang Yuanhang."   

Fu s.h.i.+jun: "............"

Su Zui: "............"   

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet. The pile driver suddenly stopped.   

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Annoying Spirit: Wife called another man's name when rolling in bed with me :)。

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