The Boss I Picked Up All Fell In Love With Me Chapter 33

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Su Zui finished talking and discovered what he had just said, and his heart suddenly thumped.  

To mention another man or woman's name at this time was basically seeking death.

And don't even mention that Yang Yuanhang and him were actually together before.   

Although these matters were the original's problems, but after he had transmigrated into the original's body, he can only accept the consequences.   

Even if he had determinedly made their relations.h.i.+p into that of a person subsidizing an artist afterwards, it wouldn't prevent Fu s.h.i.+jun from thinking too much.   

"s.h.i.+jun," his voice was hoa.r.s.e and with a headache, he tried to explain: "I'm not——EN!"   

His sentence wasn't finished before he groaned due to the sudden movement by the person behind him.   

"You calm, calm down a bit."

He saw the man's eyes from the reflection in the gla.s.s. That expression made his head turn numb.   

The man's eyes were dark with a thunderstorm caged inside. The expression can be said to be ferocious.

Not like a human but more like a wolf, whose food had been stolen and was fiercely planning on how to bite a piece of meat from his body.   

Su Zui: "......"

He extended his hand to grip the man's arm, which was pressed on his waist. His palms touched the veins that were bulging out. Even without looking, he knows just how nervous the other person is.   

His hoa.r.s.e throat became tight. With his body also not in his control, his ability to talk was also not stable. A single sentence was interrupted a few times before it could be said completely: "You, you don't......don't imagine things."   

After a few seconds, a manly hoa.r.s.e voice sounded in his ear: "I'm not imagining things."   

Su Zui: "......"

President Fu's ability to lie without blinking is becoming stronger and stronger.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun used his movements to prove that he wasn't "imagining things."

The pile driver doesn't stop, but it seems that the wire had short circuited and turned it into a forever moving machine.   

Su Zui almost thought that he will never see the sun ever again. Midway, he fell asleep due to tiredness, but was awoken again due to the lively movement. In a state of half-sleeping half-awake, tears fell down as if showing that he couldn't live up to the expectations.

In the end, he didn't know what he had said but Fu s.h.i.+jun kissed his ears and carried his to the bathroom.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun's movement couldn't be considered rough and was very considerate to him just like before. This was the tactic understanding the two had developed after two years. They didn't need to pay special attention and they could still find the most comfortable method for the other.   

It's only that the pleasure flooded one's senses enough to make the other fall apart.

Even the first time between him and Fu s.h.i.+jun wasn't this tiring.   

In the end, Su Zui laid in the bathtub like a salty fish corpse before suddenly raised his head and bit the back of Fu s.h.i.+jun's hand, leaving a set of teeth marks to represent the anger in his heart.   

"Be obedient." The man's eyebrows didn't wrinkle a single bit. He used his thumb to lightly rub against Su Zui's jaw and used a husky voice to coax him: "It was me that wasn't good. Shower first and then sleep. You can be angry tomorrow."   

Yang Yuanhang.

He slowly repeated this name in his heart and his eyes flashed with a coldness that would make a person tremble in their heart. ————————

Yang Yuanhang's life wasn't as well as he had wished for.   

After he had been kicked out of the villa by Su Zui, he had attempted to retrieve the lover that had been docile and obedient to him.

But very quickly, people appeared to threaten him that if they were to see him at A City ever again, they would destroy his reputation and make him completely fall from grace.

Reputation was the only thing he hasn't lost. Yang Yuanhang didn't dare to take this bet and can only unwillingly leave A City.   

But he was also unwilling to return to that poor mountain village. After sending his mother home, he took his card, which contained a few thousand yuan, and rented an apartment in another city and continued to sell art as a living.

It doesn't matter, he thought. Even without other people's help, he can still rely on both of his hands to make a living.   

Yet in reality, his art was actually very limited.

Before, it was because the original had liked him that he had spent money to ask his friends to buy his art works to make him happy, that it caused him to create the misconception that his artworks were very welcomed.   

Once he left the original's a.s.sistance, his actual level was exposed.

For an ordinary artwork, he would price it to over ten thousand. If there were people actually buying it, then they had probably saw a ghost.

Not only did his work not sell, it had also been posted to a professional forum.   

"Hahahahaha really have poison. How could they bare to price this type of artwork so high? Even the year two undercla.s.smen in my college can draw better than this!"

"Is this really real? Is this person r.e.t.a.r.ded?

"This all honesty, a few hundreds is ok. Any higher is just a joke."

Yang Yuanhang angrily argued with the people on the forum, but he was meet with everyone's mockery. That day, everyone on the forum homepage was dissing his post, causing his liver to hurt from anger.

In the end, he couldn't win in the argument and closed the post. In his heart, he thought that this group of people was only jealous of him.   

Just like this, a few months pa.s.sed. Not only did he not gain a single yuan, he had also nearly spent all his savings.

Normally, these few thousands wasn't too little. If he were to spend it sparingly, living on it a few years weren't a problem.   

But Yang Yuanhang had lived too comfortably when he was together with the original. He hadn't learned anything yet had learned how to extravagantly spend money.   

It was when the landlord press for the rent that he was unable to pay that Yang Yuanhang finally turned panicky.

He gloomy packed and went to a small city near his home. After renting a cheap studio, he began accepting reality and priced his artwork at an ordinary price.   

One month later, he became so tired he was like half dead. The money that he earned was just enough to pay his bills, causing him to fundamentally unable to save anything.

Because he couldn't successfully date, he can only occasionally a computer software to invite another person for a one-night stand. After the appointment, they would go their separate ways.   

Just like this, a b.u.mpy two to three years pa.s.sed. Under his mother's urging to start blind dating, he started preparing for marriage and settle down.

It was just that he didn't have either a car or a house. His work wasn't steady and his home condition was horrible. Except for a decently-looking face, there wasn't anything presentable.   

After blinding dating a few times, he finally found a young girl that was attracted by his face. After dating for two months, both families had met and decided to arrange for a marriage. Yet at this time, a mishap suddenly happened.   

Coincidentally, a highschool cla.s.smate of that girl had a one-night stand with Yang Yuanhang before.

When he saw their photo in the friend circle, he tactfully warned the girl as they were once cla.s.smates.   

This reminder really exploded the hornet nest. The girl has a bad temper. Not even two days have past before she brought people to beat up Yang Yuanhang.   

"You dare to lie for marriage to this lady! I'll let you know what is karmic retribution!"

"A gay liar! Die slag male! Pah!"   

Yang Yuanhang was beaten until his whole body was full of bruises with one of his legs broken, causing him to be unable to get out of bed for a few days.

He angrily reported to the police but that girl's family has a very strong influence locally. The police showed their intent by coming over to take a look and elaborately took notes, but nothing happened after that.   

Yang Yuanhang felt very indignant, but was unable to do anything. Because one of his legs became broken, it became very difficult for him to walk. To take revenge was more of a fantasy story.

Because he didn't have the money to get appropriate treatment, that broken leg wasn't healed properly. The doctor said that it was inevitable for the leg to become crippled in the future if he continued to walk.   

Yang Yuanhang holed up in that cold and damp studio. He dragged his injured leg and continuously cursed other people.

Su Zhimo who burned the bridge after she crossed it, Su Zui who had heartlessly abandoned him, and that cheap girl who had directly broke his leg......   

But at this time, he didn't know that becoming handicapped wasn't the worst thing that could happen.

Not even a few days pa.s.sed and Mother Yang burst into his studio while crying. She disregarded the wounds on his body and charged at him, crying and hitting. Her expression was one of despair.   

"Yuanhang, what happened with that girlfriend from the blind date? They brought people to the village and hanged a banner saying that you are a h.o.m.os.e.xual! They even used a loudspeaker to broadcast it! Right now, the entire village knows that you are an abnormal person who are into man!"   

"Now when I go out the door, people always point their fingers behind my back. This is the dignity that you returned to me? Hah? I gave birth to you and raised you for so many years only for you to harm me like this? You are such an ungrateful b.a.s.t.a.r.d! If I had known this earlier, I could have choked you to death when you were just born!"(1)   


The author has something to say:

Zui Zui: So angry I'm turning into a salty fis.h.!.+ (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


1: Some of the curses in the original anger spout can't really be translated directly into English without it still making sense so I may have subst.i.tuted some phrases that have similar meaning.

Translator's Notes:

Sorry for the weird update for this two week. I'm not sure if anyone checked the Home page, but I posted a notice there because I don't know how to reach out to you guys QwQ

There are 3 more chapters in this arc and then it's done ヾ(≧▽≦*)o At the end of the arc, I'm going to post a poll regarding the next arc above the comment section. The poll will be opened for a week and then I will close it, so please vote when the time comes since it's really important QwQ

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