The Boss I Picked Up All Fell In Love With Me Chapter 4

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Su Zui was silent for a while before asking: "......In the end, are you cannon fodder system or cultivate romance system?"

System 555: "I am a proper book transmigration system! Replacement guaranteed if not genuine!"

Su Zui: "Then why is there this type of mission?"   

System 555's mechanical tone had a slight lack in confidence: "It's, it's like this. Us systems are comparably humane. The romance routes were always very welcomed. To cater to users' requests, the main system launched the mission series: attack the important characters."

System 555: "This is only a side mission. There's no problem even if host doesn't do it! It's only the main missions that must be completed!"   

Su Zui glanced at the mission introduction and in an indescribable tone: "I remember the main missions' rewards were 5000 experience points?"

This obscure side mission's reward was unexpectedly twice the amount of that of the main mission. Isn't this obviously done to entice the hosts to do the attack route?

System doesn't dare to make a sound: "......"   

And also——

It's fine if it's just the male and female lead, but why is the boss also a target in the attack route?   

System 555: "Although boss is considered a bad character, but because they are the original novel's final villain, the boss's luck greater than that of any other character and second to that of the male and female lead. To lower the difficulty level of the side mission, successfully attacking the boss is also considered 'winning in life'!"

Su Zui: "......"

He can feel the gap between the villains.   

System paused for a second before adding: "Also through detailed a.n.a.lysis, the main system discovered that compare to attacking the male and female lead, there was a considerable amount of hosts that were more interested in attacking the villain characters."   

Su Zui: "......"

You guys are quite caught up with the time?   

Su Zui's face turned cold. He exited the mission panel and decided to ignore this side mission: "It's fine as long as you guys are happy."

Even if he is poor as h.e.l.l, he will definitely not do this type of obscure romance route!


Although he felt complicated, Fu s.h.i.+jun's face was still calm: "......En."   

Fu s.h.i.+jun isn't actually that old.

He is the youngest child of his family as Grandfather Fu only had him when he was forty years old.

He is currently 29 years old. When brought up, many people praised him for being a successful entrepreneur at such a young age.   

But due to the generation gap, he could still be called uncle by many peers.

Previously, he didn't felt anything when hearing the address, but this time, for some reason, he suddenly got an indescribable sense of strangeness.   

Grandfather Fu completely did not realize his son's complicated mood. He pulled Su Zui and pushed him towards Fu s.h.i.+jun and urged: "You young people, quit surrounding us elderly people. s.h.i.+jun, go walk around with your nephew. This is his first time coming to this type of banquet. He might not be used to it."   

Grandfather Qin and he were good friends since they were young. The two even planned to go on vacations and be free old men together after retirement.

In the end, he managed to retire smoothly, but Grandfather Qin still had to continue worrying over the company in his old age due to his sons and grandsons failing to live up to his expectations.   

Now that Grandfather Qin is starting to bring his grandson to social events, what is going to happen in the future goes without saying.

He hopes Grandfather Qin can retire early. And if there are places where he can help, then of course he will help.   

Although he isn't even in business world anymore and can't offer much help, but he can still order around his son.   

Grandfather Fu is old but his strength haven't decline. Because Su Zui's body is too weak, he was unable to stand steadily and stumbled once he got pulled.   

Su Zui: "......" Grandfather, your fitness cla.s.s sure wasn't a waste of time!   

Not waiting for him to stabilize, Su Zui was suddenly supported by his back by a strong power.

Warmth seeped through his suit at his back. Like the owner's aura, the presence was unignorable .   

Being gathered up by a beast wasn't a good feeling, even if this beast did not expose intentions of attacking.

In an instant, the hair on Su Zui's back of the neck stood up. This conditional reflex was very timely as it removed him from the feeling of being controlled.  

Grandfather Fu also got a scare and his expression show some awkwardness: "Really sorry about that. I used too much strength. Are you okay Xiao Zui?"

Su Zui obediently laughed: "It's nothing grandpa. It's my fault for not standing steady."

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, he raised his head and looked at the person supporting him: "Thank you Fu…...uncle."   

Fu s.h.i.+jun's hand stopped at midair for a second before returning to his side.

He narrowed his eyes and his voice was low and deep, not allowing anyone to hear his mood: "Don't mention it."   

His line of sight indistinctly fell on his own palm.

——Was he afraid of him that much?


In the end, Su Zhui and Fu s.h.i.+jun was "urged" away by the two elders.   

To inherit the family business isn't as simple as exchanging words.

With how big Qin family's family business is, it definitely isn't as easy as hiring a manager and be done after talking. If one isn't capable, then it is only a matter of time before everything falls down.   

Of course, connections also play an important part.

Both families' elders intend for him to get along with Fu s.h.i.+jun. Fu s.h.i.+jun didn't show any signs of opposition and Su Zui also didn't have any reason to reject it.   

While Fu s.h.i.+jun does give him a heavy sense of danger to the point he is unwilling to be touched, but at the same time, Fu family is powerful in both family and business. If he and this Fu patriarch have good connections, there is nothing bad that will come out of it.

Besides, from the original novel's standpoint, both of them are "villains" and can be considered companions if one use their imagination to the max.   

Being the main lead of tonight's banquet, Fu s.h.i.+jun was no different from a fragrant piece of meat in the eyes of the guests and attracted attention from the whole hall.

Even Su Zui, who he brought along, was unable to escape their gaze.   

As for Su Chengzhi and Su Zhimo, they were forgotten a long time ago.   

"Is this the Qin family's young master? Feels exactly the same as President Fu. Both look so talented. I can already see that he will also become an important figure."

Fu s.h.i.+jun: "You exaggerate. This small child still needs more experience."

Su Zui stood on one side like a flower vase and like a recorder, he obediently replied: "Uncle is too courteous."   

"President Fu. About last month's project, we intend to……"   

There was a continuous flow of important presidents who came to propose a toast. Since they didn't dare to toast with Fu s.h.i.+jun, they all directed their wine gla.s.s to Su Zui.

Although Su Zui was born from a rich family, he lacked results. Due to the lack of experience, he was unable to deny these real bosses' proposal and can only continue to drink.   

After finis.h.i.+ng a gla.s.s of wine, a piece of white cake suddenly appeared before Su Zui's eyes. Looking up from the cake, he saw the person he had been thinking about on and off.   

Su Zui extended his hand to accept it: "Thank you."

Fu s.h.i.+jun waited until he took the cake before saying: "Drink less wine."   

Technically, he isn't familiar enough with Su Zui to say these type of things.

But after taking Su Zui around to meet a few people, he silently observed that the redness on this little child's cheek began to spread to his ears, to the point that even the neck started turning from white to red.   

The eyes were misty; and under the bright light, the clear eyes were filled with water, as if it will spill out anytime.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun raised his eyebrows.

This child was from the family of an old friend. To return him drunk after taking responsibility of take him around wasn't a good thing.

He asked in a low voice: "Are you tired? Go sit down and take a break."   

Although it was said as a question, but President Fu, who was used to being the boss, did not wait for Su Zui's response. After speaking, he took away the wine gla.s.s in Su Zui's hand, gave his and Su Zui's wine to a waiter, and took Su Zui to sit down at a booth in the corner.   

Su Zui stared blankly for a second before obediently taking a seat.

This body's const.i.tution is really inferior. He only drank some wine and he's already tired.

He expressed his thanks again: "Thank you."   

Being taken around to meet the older generation, he already forgot how many times he said these words.   

With his brain feeling drained, Su Zui ate the cake piece by piece and his thoughts continuously circle back to his plan.   

Before meeting Fu s.h.i.+jun, he had thought before whether he should partner up with the big boss.

He and Yang Yuanhang have animosity and Fu s.h.i.+jun and Su Zhimo are both borned from the same family with the intention of competing. Their interests are identical.   

Except after meeting Fu s.h.i.+jun, Su Zui quickly rejected this thought.

Scheming with a tiger is too dangerous. He fears that the gains won't make up for the losses.   

A sudden beep interrupted his train of thoughts. His cellphone from the pocket of his suit pants were vibrating.

Su Zui wrinkled his eyebrows. He remembered that he silenced his cellphone before the banquet started. How can it produce sound?   

System considerately explained: "The original set Yang Yuanhang as a special notification. Even when it is put on silence mood, the notification will still sound."

Su Zui: "......" I see.   

Being on the cellphone in front of an elder wasn't polite. Originally, Su Zui was going to ignore it but Fu s.h.i.+jun suddenly asked: "Is it anything important?"

Su Zui seized this opportunity to look at his cellphone.   

Yang Yuanhang sended a text message.

"A few days ago, I was only impulsive. I didn't mean to make you angry. I like the gift very much."   

Su Zui: "......"

Even though he already knew, but seeing this text still made him surprised at how thick Yang Yuanhang's face was.   

Clearly it was Yang Yuanhang who indiscriminately got angry. However, not only did this text not contain a single word of apology, but was instead filled with a haughty aura. Everything about this text message was hinting for Su Zui to give that gift to him.

As if him accepting this present is doing Su Zui a huge favor.   

If it was the original Su Zui and received this "initiative to make up" text message, he will definitely be wild with joy and offer the gift to Yang Yuanhang.

However, he was already not the original, who was willing to devote all his feeling to Yang Yuanhang.

The current him only has one thought regarding Yang Yuanhang, and that is how to convert this slag male into experience points and make his wallet rich.  


Yang Yuanhang's mood was very bad.

He painted halfway before discovering that there was a major color error in the painting. He teared the failed painting off the canvas and threw it into the trash can. His whole face carried an annoyed and frustrated look.

This was already his third failed painting today.   

He put a new cloth over the canvas. After standing in front of the canvas with his brush held midair for a while and without even touching the canvas, he flung the brush aside in frustration.

Coincidentally, the brush hit the mixing palette and caused the paint to stain his white s.h.i.+rt, leaving a very apparent stain.   

Yang Yuanhang became increasingly more frustrated.

He grabbed his cellphone off on the side, opened it, and saw that there were still no new text messages.   

It's already the fourth day.

Ever since that day he rejected Su Zui's present, Su Zui haven't contacted him at all in the entire four days.

The text message sent yesterday was like throwing a rock into the ocean, laying under the ocean alone with no response.   

Yang Yuanhang surveys the empty villa and a frenetic feeling suddenly arises in his heart.

This villa was only temporary housing for Su Zui to use. However, ever since he moved over, Su Zui basically spent time everyday to accompany him. Except for the past few days, it was like Su Zui completely forgot about him and the villa doors remained close.

This villa is very vacant. When Su Zui was still, it was still ok. However, when he is alone, this quietness could always cause a sense of panic.   

Sitting on top of a chair, Yang Yuanhang doesn't know why but he suddenly thought of Su Zui's face.

That youth, who was younger than him by a year, always carried laughter in his eyes when he looked attentively at him. His eyes were as s.h.i.+ny and clear as water, full of dependency. It was as if he was his whole world.   

Every single time they argued, it was always Su Zui who conceded. The youth's anger won't last for half a day before he used a soft voice to apologize and make up to him.

At those times, his pair of eyes will be stained with water, like he was afraid Yang Yuanhang won't come back.   

That's why when Su Zui didn't return his message on the first day, Yang Yuanhang wasn't worried, so much that he didn't take it seriously.

Because he knew, Su Zui will be just like before: his anger won't last long before he returned to his side.   

The second day, he started feeling uneasy.

The longest time the two had a cold war was for half a day. Now, the time has exceeded that by a fold.

But… doesn't matter. He can still wait.   

One day pa.s.sed after another.

He waited from sunrise to sunset, from patient to annoyance, but he still didn't receive any news from the youth.   

On the third day he woke up, he looked at his cellphone. When he saw that his inbox was as empty as the day before, he finally start feeling panicky.   

Three whole days.

At this point, he finally can't bear it anymore. For the first time, he conceded and sent Su Zui a text message.

With Su Zui this obedient, even if he occasionally concedes… doesn't mean nothing.

Besides, he always have methods to find Su Zui and bring him back.   

He originally thought that by admitting defeat first, he will quickly receive a reply.

But who could have thought after the message was sent out, it was like nothing have happened.   

At first, he found it hard to believe. Afterwards, he became indignant!

Although he has been pressed down in work and school, but in terms of feelings, he had always been the one sitting up high.

In the end, even Su Zui learned how to disregard him?   

He dares?!   

After tras.h.i.+ng his art room in anger, Yang Yuanhang managed to forcefully calm down.

It was only a matter of time before he and Su Zui break up and live a normal life, but not looking like this.

What's more, he already promised that girl that he will partner up with her so that each can take their winnings.   

That's why, he still have to be temporarily stable with Su Zui.

If Su Zui continues to ignore him, then he will just have to keep…...apologizing.   

Yang Yuanhang became agitated once again and kicked the canvas stand, before grinding his teeth and opening his cellphone. As he typed word by word, his face became so dark it was as if someone slapped him.


The cellphone screen quietly lit up and dimmed down.

Su Zui was engrossed in studying and did not notice this movement.   

The system quietly climbed over to take a look and reported to Su Zui: "Host, Yang Yuanhang sent you a text message again and is asking if you are still angry."

Su Zui turned the page of his information quickly, and without a change in expression: "En. Leave it alone for now."

He's busy right now.

The original had an antisocial personality and was immersed in his own world. He did not put much care into inheriting his two family companies and never learned the things he needed to.

Now, Su Zui can only learn from the beginning.   

For the past few days, aside from eating and sleeping, Su Zui put all his energy into studying.

The message that Yang Yuanhang sent him at the banquet was immediately ignored by him.

Yet, Yang Yuanhang became out of character. Not only did he not get angry, but he also continued to send a text message to Su Zui everyday to apologize. There were even a few times where he actually called.   

If the original was here, he will definitely be moved to the point of being foolish.

But Su Zui looked at it left and right and can only see the word, "conspiracy", written on it.   

After a few days, Su Zui slowly typed back a few words.

"I'm not angry Yang ge(1). Don't think too much. Recently, the company has been busy so I didn't have any time. I have only finished today."   

System can't help but say: "Host, Yang Yuanhang and the female lead are partnered up together!"

Su Zui yawned and laid back on the chair; he was lethargic due to the amount of brain power he had use for the past few days: "Even if I didn't say anything, the female lead could know anyway."

That day, he was so high-profiled when he went with Grandfather Qin to the banquet. If Su Zhimo's IQ was online, she can definitely guess that he planned on inheriting Qin family's company.

Su Zui: "Besides, the plot is moving too slowly right now. The female lead can wait, but I can't wait."

Grandfather Qin's body was already not good currently, so he doesn't want to waste time. By studying up on company management and making every second count, it should lessen Grandfather Qin's burdens by a bit.   

In the original novel, Grandfather Qin died from anger after seeing his grandson and another male's bedroom photo. Now that he came, he definitely won't let that happen.

But to prevent this elderly grandfather from dying unexpectedly, he can't only rely on this method.   

Although he often ridicule that the main lead's luck halo had a mental deficiency effect, but he can't help but admit that the effects were indeed very formidable.

Rather than waiting for the bad situation to occur, it was better to provoke the female lead and allow the plot to happen earlier.   

Besides, rather than quietly killing the enemy when they are still in the womb, he could rather wait until the enemy is at their peak. This way when he succeeds, he can kick and trample on that person and let them experience going from heaven to h.e.l.l.   

The system was a bit ashamed: ".......Apologies host. System's a.n.a.lysis was too lacking!"

On the contrary, Su Zui didn't care about this part: "It doesn't matter. You can just lay there and observe."

Rather than relying on a plugin that can disappear anytime, he was more used to relying on his own abilities to succeed.

What's more, he felt that the system being this foolish was also pretty amusing.   

The system who didn't know his position was already being warped: "......" Can't help but be more ashamed!


Yang Yuanhang waited for an hour before replying back: "It's ok, work is more important."

Immediately after, he asked: "Do you have time today? I want to eat dinner with you. We haven't eaten together for a long time. You can pick the place. I'll pay."   

One who is unaccountably solicitous harbors evil intentions.

Without a change in expression, Su Zui took the bait: "Ok. Let's go to Hua s.h.i.+. I like their yellow croaker."

Su Zui pretended to not understand his implication: "Ok! I will go there at eight."

Yang Yuanhang didn't reply until a few minutes. The words exposed his reluctance and he frantically urging: "......Ok. Although the bill is a bit big, but as long as you are happy."   

Hua s.h.i.+ is a high end restaurant. Even if it was only two people, the bill will at least cost five thousand.

Previously whenever Yang Yuanhang offered to pay, the original, who was worried about his lover's economic situation, would choose a more common restaurant along the streets out of consideration, and wait until he pays before going to a high end restaurant.

Common restaurants' environment are generally bad. Because the original had lived a high-cla.s.s lifestyle since he was young, he could get stomach aches every time he ate in these unclean places.   

Yang Yuanhang may not necessarily not knew of this, but he had never said a word about it.   

Now that the body contains Su Zui, there was no way Su Zui will wrong himself.

The gifts that the original casually bought for Yang Yuanhang costed at least five figures. This dinner that costs several thousands wasn't even a drop in the ocean compare to that.

The author has something to say:

Zui Zui: I'm poor as h.e.l.l! Unable to buy artifacts! But will definitely not do the romance route!

Zui Zui: ……

Zui Zui: ……


#why are you#

#not speaking#


1: Ge is the pinyin for brother. Again, it's just part of Chinese culture to call people of the same generation by sister or brother. I'm going to use the pinyin instead of english.

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