The Boss I Picked Up All Fell In Love With Me Chapter 5

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"This restaurant's Northern shrimp sas.h.i.+mi also tastes very good," Su Zui didn't wait for Yang Yuanhang's opinion before familiarly turning to the waiter and instructed: "One order of this."

The waiter quickly replied: "Very well Sir."   

Yang Yuanhang's half open mouth once again quietly closed. His expression didn't look very good.

Su Zui merely pretended to be blind and lowered his head to enjoy the food.

He had been so busy for the past few days to the point his head became dizzy, and was also unable to eat properly.   

The Northern shrimps' taste was sweet. The seeds from the shrimp's abdomen felt very fine in the mouth and tasted fabulous.

Su Zui ate with a single-mindedness and quickly finished the small plate of shrimp sas.h.i.+mi, before ordering a plate of tuna and a gla.s.s of freshly squeezed fruit juice.   

Yang Yuanhang watched him order one plate after the other. Remembering that none of the orders on the menu cost less than four digits, he can feel his liver hurting.

Most of the time, he enjoys coming to eat in this type of restaurants with Su Zui. But when he is the one paying, he doesn't feel that happy.

While Su Zui frequently gave him expensive presents, but he rarely gives him cash. Because he himself cannot earn money, Yang Yuanhang's savings were very limited.   

It wasn't as if Su Zui didn't know his circ.u.mstances, yet he absolutely insists on eating here! Aren't the restaurants down the street the same? It has good quality food while being cheap! It's so much better compared to these restaurants who charge extra expenses!   

Yang Yuanhang was originally waiting for Su Zui to admit his wrong, so he constantly kept his silence and not say a word.

But Su Zui was more absolute than him. After sitting down, he soly concentrated on eating and didn't even gave him a glance.   

Seeing how Su Zui was ordering without restraint, Yang Yuanhang finally can't hold it in: "Xiao Zui, about that day, are you still angry?"   

Su Zui calmly chewed the fish meat in his mouth and swallowed, before raising his head: "Didn't I already talked it over with you? I'm not angry. It's only that I have been busy with company matters these past few days."

He paused for a moment, his expression a bit somber: "Yang ge, am I the type of person who hold grudges in your heart?"   

Yang Yuanhang: "How can that be? I didn't think of that. I'm only worried that you keep your worries to yourself."

Su Zui sipped his fruit juice and laughed: "This matter has already pa.s.sed. I already forgot about it. You should also forget about it."   

Yang Yuanhang: "......"

Yang Yuanhang: "That set of paint brushes……"   

Su Zui smiled with his eyes: "Oh that? Don't worry, I already gave it to a friend who wanted to try out painting. It wasn't a waste of money."

He held the gla.s.s cup in his hand and in a lively tone: "Yang ge, I thought it through. The things I had done before were wrong. I shouldn't have gave you presents and "humilate" you in order to satisfy my own vanity. You don't have to worry anymore. I won't do it ever again in the future."   

The youth originally already looks obedient and lovely. This type of properly declaring his promise look really earnest and cute. It makes people unable to resist rubbing the top of his soft hair.

Yang Yuanhang's face became greener by eight degrees.   

He really cannot understand.

How could Su Zui… could he possibly come around?   

But he can't ask this question.

Yang Yuanhang forcefully said: "I knew you were sensible."   

Su Zui saw that his face wasn't able to keep up his forced smile and his own smile became a bit more genuine.

He stared directly at Yang Yuanhang: "You said before that men's main focus should be on their career. Before, I was angry at you and felt that you didn't care much about our relations.h.i.+p. Now that I tried it out myself, I discovered that career really is more important than a budding relations.h.i.+p."   

For a moment, Yang Yuanhang was speechless. He had indeed said that to Su Zui before.   

That day, Su Zui also looked at him with that gentle expression and said words that made his heart felt chilled: "In the future, we can go get married aboard. Where could you like to go? America or maybe Canada? If you like children, we can also do a surrogate pregnancy."

His eyes suddenly became a bit evasive: "......I haven't thought about that yet. I only just graduated. I haven't even enter the workforce. It's still too early to think about marriage and kids."

"Aren't we fine the way we are right now? Fellow student Su, you are only 22 years old. Don't be act so old and decrepit and enter the marriage grave. Romance is only a part of life. Men should put their main focus on career."   

He is the only son of his family. He can play with boys for a while, but ultimately, he will still have to marry a woman and have kids and pa.s.s on the torch. Only then can it be considered a normal life.

Or else, what kind of expression will his family, friends, and neighbors look at him with?

He originally thought that Su Zui also thought the same as him. Afterwards, he found out that he was wrong to the extreme.   

At that time, Su Zui wasn't happy because of his words and was angry for two hours. Up until it was time to eat did Su Zui awkwardly converse with him.   

And now.

They were sitting in a skysc.r.a.per, with the lit up city outside the gla.s.s windows. The pedestrians and cars were noisier than that during daytime.

The youth had a gentle look, his eyes reflected the city lights from outside as if his whole figure emitted light, and he asked him while laughing: "Yang ge, don't you agree?

Seeing Su Zui being like this, Yang Yuanhang can only feel that his throat was dry to the point he couldn't speak.

Vaguely, he suddenly had a sense of wrongness.

Like that former youth who very enthusiastically chase after him, who was docile and obedient, who could lean on his shoulder and laugh, would not return ever again.   

He lightly coughed and only then was he able to hear himself say in a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice: "......Right."   

A sudden vibration roused Yang Yuanhang.

He blanked for a moment, took out his cellphone, and saw there was a new text message.

It was sent by an unknown number. The content was very simple, with only two words: "Remember(1)."   

His pupils shrink. He quickly deleted that text message and raised his head to look toward Su Zui. His movement carries were a bit frenetic.

From the start, Su Zui had not noticed his movement. He was drinking the last of the fruit juice from his cup with a single-minded devotion.   

Yang Yuanhang let out a sigh of relief; at the same time, he feels a bit peculiar.

Before, no matter what they were doing, Su Zui's gaze single-mindedly followed him.

Today, two times out of three, he only lowered his head and mind his own business, acting as if he was air.   

Yang Yuanhang didn't know how long had it been since he experienced the feeling of being ignored. His whole body language spelled out his discomfort.

He lowered his head to take a sip of coffee. The bitter taste coating his tongue allowed his head to clear a bit.   

Half a day later, he appeared to become resolute and said: "Xiao Zui, let's go back to my place tonight."

As he spoke, he reached out for Su Zui's hand.

As a result, Su Zui coincidentally reached out his hand to reach for the napkin, leaving Yang Yuanhang to awkwardly grabbing air.   

Su Sui appeared to completely not notice this mishap. After thinking, he made things difficult for him and said: "I still have to go back and look over some doc.u.ments tonight."

Yang Yuanhang tried to retract his hands naturally and said in a warm voice: "It's only one night."   

"Besides," His voice suddenly lowered by a degree and his eyes carried soft affection: "Don't you want to be together with me?"

Su Zui didn't reply. He only threw the napkin he used to wipe his mouth onto the table.   

While the original was very crazy in chasing people, but because of family influences, he was actually very timid in regard to feelings.

He was together with Yang Yuanhang for three months, but they only stayed at the stage of pulling each other's hands.   

When Yang Yuanhang suggested that they go to bed together, the original was unwilling to progress that fast in the beginning.

But he minded too much about Yang Yuanhang. In original's emotional world, where there are rarely people, Yang Yuanhang was his one and only light.

When Yang Yuanhang acted just a bit threatening, he would cast away his helmet and armor and choose to compromise.   

Yet this type of compromise sent his whole life to the grave.

The process of him and Yang Yuanhang making love in the bedroom was recorded through a pinhole webcam. The video got edited out the most brilliant ending and turned it into a photo. After cutting out Yang Yuanhang's face and body, the photo got sent to Grandfather Qin's office table.

All in the span of one night.   

The next day when the original woke up with a sore body, he received news of his grandfather entering the intensive care.

The person from Qin family, who came to receive him, saw how his body was full of unconcealable marks and was unable to cover up the disgust in his eyes and pushed him to the ground.

"Just what did our Qin family in our past lifetime owe you and your mother? Your mom wanted to marry that thing no matter what! The you now wants to make grandfather die from anger simply from living!"   

The original arrived at the hospital frightened out of one's mind and saw the elder's whole body stabbed with tubes, laying haggardly on the bed, like an old tree at the last of its life.

During the brief period of time he woke up, he even holded the original's hands and used a weak voice to tell him: The blame is not on you.   

Actually, if the he breaked up with Yang Yuanhang, the original would have unlikely suffered such a wrecked end.   

His relative pa.s.sing away was the cause of the original's collapse in reasoning.

Because of his personality, the original and the grandfather wasn't that close, but in actuality, the grandfather was the only relative nice to him in this whole world.

Su Zui remembered this and gave Yang Yuanhang a smile: "Want to. Even in dreams, I want us of being together."

The words were said warmly, but when Yang Yuanhang saw him, he suddenly shuddered.   

When Su Zui leaned his head to the side, Yang Yuanhang seemed to see a very cold thing from his clear black eyes.

But that thing pa.s.sed in a flash. So fast he thought he saw wrong, like that thing was only a trick from the light.   

Su Zui asked him: "Why aren't you saying anything? Don't tell me you don't want to be together with me?"

Yang Yuanhang snapped out of it, and looked at Su Zui while laughing: "How can that be? I was only thinking on how to coax this busy person back home."   

It's not that he's heartless. It's just that Su Zui didn't give him any escape.

He need to marry and have kids, but Su Zui won't give him this choice.   

Human are all selfish. He can only choose to protect himself.

Remembering his and Su Zhimo's agreement, Yang Yuanhang's previous hesitation disappeared.   

Su Zui was already too lazy to act with him, and felt a bit tired after eating: "Next weekend then? Recently the company has been very busy. I want to use my most optimal state to be with you."

When that time arrives, he will also be free to prepare Yang Yuanhang a "big present".   

Just when he was ready to call the waiter for the bill, his expression minutely s.h.i.+vered.   

His body suddenly felt peculiar.

A feeling of warm arise from his lower abdomen and spread to his four limbs, making his limbs soft and eyes dizzy.   

Su Zui: ???

Su Zui: …...   

System 555 weakly speaked up: "Host has been drugged with aphrodisiac."

Su Zui's face was a bit black: "I remember the original plot didn't have this part."   

But thinking it through, this is also normal. Because of his provoke, the female lead taking earlier measures were also to be expected.

But he didn't think that the female lead could be this tasteless and use the method of drugging someone.   

On the contrary, Su Zui didn't suspect Yang Yuanhang at all.

Throughout the course of eating, Su Zui looked absent-minded but he was actually always paying attention to the person across from him.   

With Yang Yuanhang's ability, he has yet to have the ability to perform trickery undetected under his eyes.

With him like this, he probably don't even know about the drugging matter.   

It's most likely that the female lead bribed the people in the restaurant and had already finish preparing before the drink or dishes even arrived on the table.

To be able to bribe this type of high-cla.s.s restaurant all within one afternoon, that so-called "luck halo" may be more useful than he thought originally.   

Su Zui felt a rare headache appearing and asked the system: "This current situation, do you have any ways of relieving it?"

System 555 hurriedly said: "We do we do! System can access the host's nervous system and inhibit your s.e.xual urges! The host don't need to worry!"   

Su Zui: "......Sorry to trouble you. Please wait a moment."

Just hearing the system's method sounded painful. To prevent any accidents, he decided to go to the restroom and locked himself in before letting the system start.   

Su Zui stood up and calmly said to Yang Yuanhang: "Apologies. I suddenly feel uncomfortable so I'll go to the restroom first. You can go back first."

Yang Yuanhang felt a bit astonished, his mouth opened as if he was about to say something.

But Su Zui don't have enough energy to exchange pleasantries.   

Afraid that he will expose any peculiarities as time pa.s.s, he left right after talking without waiting for Yang Yuanhang's reply and used his quickest walking speed to go to the bathroom entrance.

Leaning on the cold glossy ceramic tiles, he heavily panted.   

Su Zhimo definitely gave him enough dosage to drug eight cows. Within such a short distance, he can feel his breathing also becoming influenced.

Su Zui didn't dare delaying. After resting for a bit, he headed straight for the restroom and pulled open the cubicle door.   

In the end, just before he stepped in, his arm was hauled away by a strong strength.

That strength was very strong and clamped onto his arm tightly like iron pinchers.

This body's physique was originally not very good. With Su Zui in this type of special phase, he didn't have the slightest amount of strength to strike back and was pulled into the neighboring cubicle.

Su Zui's eyes seemed to be looking into a farther and farther distance: "......"

A deep powerful male voice sounded: "Su Zui?"

The voice sounds a bit familiar.

Su Zui paused for a moment and was glad he hadn't fully kicked his leg at the other person.

He raised his head and saw Fu s.h.i.+jun's face.

The man's expression was still indifferent, his eyebrows wrinkled and asked: "Are you still clear-headed?"   

Su Zui subconsciously became on guard before quickly loosened up: "En…...Uncle Fu."

While the boss is a dangerous character, but he and the boss doesn't have any conflict in interest.

Both their families are in good relations. Fu s.h.i.+jun at the minimum won't harm him.   

This type of awkward situation. Running into Fu s.h.i.+jun was comparably better than running into the people arranged by the female lead.   

Su Zui shaked his head. The drug was influencing his vision; under the restroom's gloomy white light, Fu s.h.i.+jun's handsome face looked cold and hazy.

He pulled his arm out and politely bid farewell to the boss: "Uncle, I want to go to the restroom."   

Fu s.h.i.+jun didn't even blink before gripping his hand tighter: "You can't."   

Did Su Zui not know how he currently look like?   

His face was stained red. It was redder than the time when he drank wine in the banquet. His eyes were misty from the water and when he spoke, his voice carried a hoa.r.s.e nasal sound. Even in loose casual pants, there was a protruding part.

The whole person seems to emit a l.u.s.tful aura that makes people want to tear off his clothes and press him under them.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun's face darkened.

He never partic.i.p.ated in this type of play; however not eating pork doesn't mean he had never seen a pig run. He knows quite a lot about these type of stuff.   

He's not the type to meddle with other people's business. Even if Su Zui plays wilder, it doesn't have anything to do with him. He can act as if he saw nothing and leave.   

But the person before his eyes was his long time family friend's younger generation and the elders specially told him to take care of him.

If his father knew that he ran into Su Zui outside causing trouble and not question him, then he will definitely be nagged.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun's voice carried some fury that he even he didn't notice: "Do you know what you are doing right now?!"   

Su Zui blanked his eyes: "......"

It might be the drug that caused a question to pop up into his mind, but he can't seem to understand, why did Fu s.h.i.+jun suddenly became angry with him?   

"System," Seeing how Fu s.h.i.+jun didn't have the slightest intention of letting go, Su Zui also didn't intend to delay, "You can start now."   

The next second, an electrical surge invaded his nervous system and Su Zui's sight became black.

This feeling… was like being dosed with water when you were in a concentrated state. A sour and clear feeling that can't really be described.

Even though his endurance was strong, he was unable to resist shuddering and let out a groan.

Fu s.h.i.+jun acutely sensed something was wrong: "What's wrong? Uncomfortable?"

His grabbed arm suddenly loosened in strength and softly hanged on.

He hesitated for a moment before extending out his fingers to touch Su Zui's forehead.

The youth's originally clean forehead was already with a layer of sweat, making his fingers wet.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun's eyebrows became more wrinkled. He already forgot that he doesn't like being in contact with other people and grabbed onto Su Zui's shoulder, allowing this unstable small friend to lean on him, before taking out his cellphone and pressing on some numbers: "We are going to the hospital."   

Su Zui didn't have time to react before half his body was pressed against Fu s.h.i.+jun's chest.

This support wasn't the same as the support from last time. This time he was actually being pressed into the other person's bosom. Even being separated by a thin s.h.i.+rt, he can feel the firm chest muscles under Fu s.h.i.+jun's suit.

If the person he was embracing were a lady, then she could definitely be red in the face with fast heartbeat from this mature man's hormones.   

But the person he was embracing was Su Zui, who looked soft but has a strong sense of self-awareness.

He breathed in deeply a couple of times before slowly controlling his desire to hit the other person.   

Starting conflict with the boss at this time isn't a wise decision.


He can't beat him.   

In the original novel, Fu s.h.i.+jun had experienced specialized fighting lessons. He's the type of ruthless character who can defeat five armed police alone.

When his body's physique is better, maybe he can try fighting him. The current him now who can't walk two steps before gasping, if it's possible not to seek death, then it's better not to seek death.   

Su Zui put his arm in a horizontal position on Fu s.h.i.+jun's chest and used as much strength as he can to distance himself from this nosy boss, and in a forced tone: "No need. I'm really fine. It's only my stomach not feeling well."

Fu s.h.i.+jun was like a recording(2): "We are going to the hospital."   

Su Zui choked to the point his temper disappeared.

He tried to threaten: "Uncle Fu…...if you don't let go, I might be in a scandal with you."   

Only then did Fu s.h.i.+jun pursed up his lips and said in a low voice: "I'll wait for you outside."

Su Zui: "......" Is this person still isn't done!   

Su Zui: "Then how about you first let me go?"

Being engulfed in another person's scent was too strange. If he grew fur, then all his fur would stand straight up.   

Fu s.h.i.+jun restrained his body's strength before letting go.

Su Zui slowly let out a breath. Using Fu s.h.i.+jun's arm, he pushed himself backward.   

When he was able to stand steadily and was ready to retract his hand, his brain suddenly sounded out a notification.   

[Ding! Main mission 1: Cannon fodder vengeance. Completion status: 20%]

[Detecting that employee had only entered their first world. Starting novice's early reward system. 1000 experience points have been deposited. Please make sure it has been received!]

[Reminder: If the mission fails in the end, then the withdrawed money will be deducted from the next mission.]   

The suddenly rich Su Zui: ???

He had only confronted Fu s.h.i.+jun for a while, how did the mission suddenly completed by one fifth?   

Suddenly realizing something, Su Zui raised his head and looked up.

Yang Yuanhang, who arrived at the restroom entrance at an unknown time, was darkly staring at him…...or rather, his hand that was touching Fu s.h.i.+jun's arm.

His face was green, as if he accidentally saw his own wife cheating.

Su Zui looked at Yang Yuanhang, and then at the final boss, who had just forcefully embraced him, and seemed to realize something.

The hand that originally was ready to be retracted suddenly tensed up.

The author has something to say:

Zui Zui: longing to become rich.jpg

Fu s.h.i.+jun: …...I am only following my father's instructions to take care of this small friend.

Grandfather.Carrying Pot.Fu(3): ? Did I instruct you to take care of him to the point of going to bed together?


1: The original text 记得 or remember is two words.

2: The original text 复读机 means a repeating machine, or basically a machine that repeats something over and over again.

3: Carrying pot = taking on a blame

Translator's Notes:

Changing "small child" to "small friend" because one of the lines is too awkward if I use small child OxO. I have already fixed the previous chapters regarding this issue.

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