Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 6: Testing His Talent Again

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Although the sea water is cold and piercing, Qin Shaofeng can withstand it.  Ash.o.r.e, Qin Shaofeng feels the piercing wind blowing, making him stiff and unconscious. If he had failed to react quickly at this time, he would have been frozen to death there.

Bearing the bitter cold sea water, Qin Shaofeng looks at the ice-covered island and finds that it does not seem to be inhabited, so he stops inspecting the island but examines his body instead.

To Qin Shaofeng's surprise, he has recovered.  Although he does not know how he jumped into the sea without killing himself and has even recovered, it is definitely something worth to celebrate.

Knowing nothing, Qin Shaofeng feels that his body is different. It seems stronger than before. Of course, it's only a little stronger. Qin Shaofeng looks at the boundless ocean and the deserted island. It seems that his present situation is even more difficult.

"Help! Help me! " Qin Shaofeng exerts his little strength and shouts loudly.

Although he knows that it is a fat chance, Qin Shaofeng still feels like trying. Qin Shaofeng has made up his mind that he will surely revenge Qin Shaoyang for his suffering and pay him back a hundred times. To do these things, first of all, he must live on.

After shouts, only his own echoes are heard, but n.o.body is found, which makes Qin Shaofeng's heart sink, not to mention the biting coldness that constantly stings him, but the hunger that comes from his belly makes Qin Shaofeng unbearable. He does not know how many days he has not eaten, but Qin Shaofeng knows that if he has nothing to eat any more, he is bound to die.

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The feeling of coldness and hunger constantly impacts the nerve of Qin Shaofeng, which makes his fragile spirit collapse again. Gradually, his consciousness begins to dissipate and he faints again. At the time of Qin Shaofeng's coma, a few white shadows jump among the mountains and quickly approach the seaside. When they arrive at the seaside, they stop and look around. One of the leading men asks, "Did someone just shout for help? Where is he?"

Several of the people who come here wear clothes made of broad white animal fur, and even their heads are covered with large fur hats, but the leader does not wear that kind of hat. His short black hair stands upright like hedgehog thorns, with face full of flesh, looking even more vicious, especially the scar across the whole face making him look fierce.

This guy with scar is their leader. After being ordered, others hurry to seek here and there. Soon afterwards, one of them points to the Qin Shaofeng who is floating above the water, saying to the leader:“Bro, look, there is a man.”

Bro looks down in the direction the man is pointing to and sees the fainted Qin Shaofeng in the sea. Then Bro, with a shake, steps directly on the water to the front of Qin Shaofeng, grabs him, and then steps back on the water.

Then he throws Qin Shaofeng to the ground. Then he says to others, "See if he is still alive, and if he is, send it to Blood-Cabinet. They have recently lost a lot of people there. They had wanted to catch some, but today there is one coming to the door."

"Bro, he's still alive, but he seems to be dying. He won't live much longer." After hearing Bro's words, one of his staff quickly checks Qin Shaofeng, saying to Bro.

And Bro listens to the words of his staff and says to him, “Why do you care about such things? We are just in charge of sending people and it is Blood-Cabinet’s business. It has nothing to do with us Shadow-Cabinet."

After listening to Bro's words, the man smiles and nods. Then he carries Qin Shaofeng running towards the island. Bro and several of his men look around and turn to run towards the inner part of the island. The coast is calm again.

When consciousness comes back to Qin Shaofeng again, he only feels warm all over him and slowly opens his eyes. Qin Shaofeng finds himself in a stone chamber at this time. There is an oil lamp on the stone wall, emitting a dim yellow light, so that Qin Shaofeng could see everything in the whole stone chamber.

The whole stone chamber has nothing but a stone bed, a stone bench and a stone table.

But there is a bowl of hot noodles on the stone table. When he sees noodles, which he would not have a look before at all, Qin Shaofeng feels his stomach murmuring and a feeling of unbearable hunger comes again. He does not know what kind of power pus.h.i.+ng himself to the noodles and devours like a wolf.

"Haha, your life is saved by our Blood-Cabinet. You have eaten the noodles of our Blood-Cabinet. From now on, your life belongs to Blood-Cabinet. Start training with the disciples of us tomorrow." While he is eating noodles, Qin Shaofeng hears a rough voice.

Qin Shaofeng, who is desperately eating noodles, is shocked to hear the rough voice. Qin Shaofeng has expected that he is saved owing to the fact that he is now in the chamber. However, the sudden voice almost chokes Qin Shaofeng who is eating noodles.

When he looks up, he sees a bearded man, a very strong figure, coming in through the stone door of the stone chamber. Obviously, the rough voice is his.

Qin Shaofeng lays down his chopsticks and stands up. First, he straightens his clothes. Of course, Qin Shaofeng's clothes have been changed into the white gown of the Demon, which is a top-grade fairy dress in fairyland.

Because the clothes are the same as his previous ones, so Qin Shaofeng does not find any difference in the clothes. As for the function of the fairy clothes, it remains to be seen by himself.

"Thank you so much for saving my life. I am Qin Shaofeng." Qin Shaofeng says after bowing to the man with beard.

And Big Beard looked at Qin Shaofeng bowing his hand to him with a look of a scholar. If it were in the past, he would have scolded him. He just hates the etiquette of these scholars.

But he does not know why Qin Shaofeng did this, and he feels that Qin Shaofeng is sincere from the heart, unlike other scholars’ affectation. Surprisingly, he feels no disgust towards Qin Shaofeng at all!

With such feeling in his heart, Big Beard does not know how to say what he has already thought. He has wanted to come in first to scold Qin Shaofeng loudly, and then force him to join the Blood-Cabinet.

But now because of the inexplicable fondness for Qin Shaofeng, Big Beard does not know how to speak, and the reason for this situation is that the demonic breed in Qin Shaofeng is making mischief.

After awkwardly learning the salute of Qin Shaofeng's arch hand etiquette, Big Beard wants to say something several times but stops and finally blushes. Then he says to Qin Shaofeng loudly, "Okay, don't say any nonsense. You'll be the disciple of Blood-Cabinet. Have a good rest today and train with other people tomorrow."

Usually, he would be extremely vicious without pretending. Today, in front of Qin Shaofeng, it is very embarra.s.sing for him to pretend to be fierce.

After listening to Big Beard's words, he thinks for a moment and he makes an oath that he would revenge Qin Shaoyang in the future. But Qin Shaofeng knows he has no way to revenge Qin Shaoyang at all by virtue of his ability now.

But Qin Shaofeng would not give up so easily. Maybe Blood-Cabinet can help him. So Qin Shaofeng says to Big Beard, "Can joining the Blood-Cabinet let me learn martial arts?"

After three-year-old family talent test, he has been proven that he has no talent for training, so Qin Shaofeng can only choose to learn literature. In the past twelve years, Qin Shaofeng, who has read Four Books and Five Cla.s.sics well, had no idea about practicing martial arts. However, at this time, Qin Shaofeng's heart is longing  strongly for practising martial arts. He looks at Big Beard, with his eyes burning, and hoping that Big-Beard can give him a certain answer.

"Haha, as long as you have the talent of practice, of course, you can learn martial arts, and Blood-Cabinet is a place where we are responsible for teaching martial arts" After hearing Qin Shaofeng’s words, Big Beard responds cheerfully.

But when Qin Shaofeng listens to Big Beard's words, his eyes get dim. "Talent, also talent. Can't we cultivate without talent? Why do we have to be gifted to practice? “

Although he knows that he has no talent for practice, and even if he is forced to practice, which will bring him no benefits and a potential threat to his life, at this time, Qin Shaofeng still cannot help shouting in his heart.

Then Qin Shaofeng asks Big Beard, "See if I have the talent for practice?" Although he does not hold much hope in heart, Qin Shaofeng still wants to try in case Blood-Cabinet checks out that he has a talent for practice. Although this hope is slim, Qin Shaofeng still wants to have a try.

Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 6: Testing His Talent Again

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