Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 7: Taoist Mind Breeds Demon

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However, in order not to disturb the test, Qin Shaofeng still keeps silent, but Qin Shaofeng's heart sinks when he sees the expression on Big Beard’s face has become increasingly strange.

After test, Big Beard is also very disappointed, because he finds that Qin Shaofeng really has no talent for training. If it had happened before, Big Beard would have scolded. He has spared much effort to find a new helper. However, he turns out to have no talent for training.

But when he sees Qin Shaofeng's face, Big Beard’s impulse  to curse is suppressed. He lets go of Qin Shaofeng's wrist, then pats Qin Shaofeng's shoulder and says to him, "little brother, it seems that we Blood-Cabinet cannot accept you. Have a good rest tonight and go to Shadow-Cabinet tomorrow. Well, they are responsible for imparting information collection. Ease yourself, although you can not practice, as long as you perform well in Shadow-Cabinet, you will be taken seriously."

Big Beard shakes his head, goes out and closes the stone door. There is only Qin Shaofeng left in the dark room. Although the result has been expected, when Big Beard says it, Qin Shaofeng still feels extremely upset. He thinks, "So it is. Surely I have no talent. However, I cannot be reconciled. I cannot be reconciled."

Qin Shaofeng remembers deeply that Qin Shaoyang has murdered him, making him not reconciled and angry. Simultaneously, Qin Shaofeng is helpless for he could not train.

Sitting on the stone bed and looking at the dim light emitting from the oil lamp, Qin Shaofeng falls asleep deeply with mixed moods. Without threat of death, he gets freedom from the nervous mind, which makes him exceedingly tired and fall asleep deeply.

When Qin Shaofeng is asleep, black light flashes in his Dantian with a great wealth of information flas.h.i.+ng into his brain, which was certainly left by Demon and begins to be pa.s.sed down to Qin Shaofeng.

Just because of the huge stock of information, Qin Shaofeng who has fallen into deep sleep still feels great pain. At last, Qin Shaofeng is waken up by his scream. As soon as he wakes up, Qin Shaofeng has a severe headache, which makes his breathing difficult.

With deep breath, it takes a long time for Qin Shaofeng to stop his headache. At this time, the huge information begins to appear in Qin Shaofeng's mind.

Qin Shaofeng is stunned, completely stunned. In the vast information that Qin Shaofeng receives, besides all kinds of practices inherited from Demon, as well as other practices gained by Demon by various sorts of methods, there are also some scenes, which are related to Demon who saved Qin Shaofeng and took Qin Shaofeng as his disciple without letting him know.

Especially when Qin Shaofeng sees that Demon made himself as the vessel, and condensed the demonic seed for Qin Shaofeng, so that Qin Shaofeng could practice Taoist Mind Breeds Demon, Qin Shaofeng sheds tears in his eyes. Although he has not seen Demon, nor has he ever wors.h.i.+ped Demon, Qin Shaofeng has recognized Demon as his own teacher.

Qin Shaofeng mutters to himself, "Master, do not worry. I a.s.sure that I will fulfill your wishes. I will not let go of all those who plot to frame you."

Understanding the causes and consequences of his surviving, Qin Shaofeng is naturally extremely excited. He cannot imagine that he is so lucky that he gets such an opportunity, although he feels incredible about fairy world  Demon told and thinks it is a long way for him.

However, Qin Shaofeng believes that since he has received such inheritance, these things must exist, but those are in the future. What Qin Shaofeng wants to know most is whether he can practice or not.

This is what Qin Shaofeng is most concerned about nowadays. So Qin Shaofeng searches for the memory of many skills in his mind. Because Demon made himself as vessel and condensed the demonic seed for him, Qin Shaofeng must practice the Taoist Mind Breeds Demon. So Qin Shaofeng quickly finds out the memory about Taoist Mind Breeds Demon and begins to read carefully.

Taoist Mind Breeds Demon mainly cultivates spiritual power. When it reaches a high level, the spiritual power remains as substances, which can be invincible and subdued without fighting. To cultivate this kind of skill can absorb the essence of heaven and earth into the body through its own pores, transforming it into the essence of the Zhenyuan, strengthening the spirit of condensing oneself, and controlling the opponent's mind when opposing the enemy. It is the supreme work of winning the world and creating the essence of the universe.                 

After seeing the introduction of the Taoist Mind Breeds Demon, Qin Shaofeng becomes more excited. Taoist Mind Breeds Demonis so mysterious that if it could be successfully practiced, its power would be absolutely unimaginable.

Demon has made himself a vessel and condensed the demonic seed for Qin Shaofeng, which means that Qin Shaofeng has successfully practiced half of Taoist Mind Breeds Demon.

This makes Qin Shaofeng very grateful to Demon again. Knowing Taoist Mind Breeds Demon has made Qin Shaofeng understand the result of Demon’s behavior.

The cultivation of Taoist Mind Breeds Demon needs a vessel. It is the supreme mysterious skill in Tian Mo Ce, which is the strongest skill in Tian Mo School. Tian Mo School is diabolism. Therefore, in general, the devil disciples who want to cultivate the Taoist Mind Breeds Demon need to find a righteous person with firm heart as the vessel for practicing Kung fu.

When this vessel is of no use to those who practice Taoist Mind Breeds Demon, then the people who serve as the vessel will naturally be gone.

Of course, it is recorded in Tian Mo Ce. Taoist Mind Breeds Demon is not the only method of cultivation. A more orthodox method of cultivation is to have people willing to condense a demonic seed and plant it in the body of the trainer. Only in this way can Taoist Mind Breeds Demon be practiced to the highest level. However, devils will not sacrifice themselves for others, so naturally no one will do so.

Demon has reached the point of death, so he completed Qin Shaofeng. He has been gone and has no chance to reincarnate,  which makes Qin Shaofeng extremely grateful to Demon. Putting the grat.i.tude in the heart, Qin Shaofeng begins to carefully organize the huge memory inherited from Demon.

Although Qin Shaofeng is very eager to practise martial arts now, he also understands the truth that sharpening your axe will not delay your job of cutting wood. Now that he has such an opportunity, he should make good use of it. At this time, he can not be blank and needs calmness.

After calming himself down, Qin Shaofeng begins to sort out the huge memory from Demon. First of all, he takes all the memory of Tian Mo Ce out and puts it aside. Instead of hurrying to see it, he continues to sort out other memories.

Cultivation methods emerge in the mind of Qin Shaofeng one after another, which were robbed by Demon in the past. There are all kinds of cultivation methods, and Qin Shaofeng has also sorted them out in different categories.

Finally, all that remains is Demon’s practice experience, which equals undoubtedly a magic book from heaven for the present Qin Shaofeng. It can not be understood at all, so it can only be put aside and no longer be bothered.

Finally, there is a part of the experience of how Demon seduced female disciples of various sects. For such experience, Qin Shaofeng directly suppresses it in the deepest part of his memory, and ignores it entirely.

This process shows the strength of Qin Shaofeng's twelve-year scholar life. It not only brings out his unforgettable ability to the utmost, but also can sort out all kinds of memories in different categories well. He can read what he wants and the unnecessary can be omitted directly.

Such a thing is absolutely a very difficult thing for others, but for Qin Shaofeng it is a piece of cake.

After sorting out all the memories, Qin Shaofeng exhales. It is midnight. Qin Shaofeng looks at the dim oil lamp with a smile on his lip. He thought that practice was hopeless, but to his surprise, conversely, he has the hope of practice.

Qin Shaofeng thinks of the triumphant smile of Qin Shaoyang at the beginning, and the light in his eyes grows steadier and stronger. He must become stronger no matter what happens.

Deeply breathing again, as if to vent all the anger in his body, Qin Shaofeng closes his eyes again and begins to read all the contents of Ten Books of Tian Mo Ce again and again, which records all kinds of manuals, martial arts and spells, as well as some alchemy and alchemy practices. Tian Mo Ce is an encyclopedia for training.

All the problems of practice can be found in Tian Mo Ce, and this is also because Demon’s master is the patriarch of the last generation of the Tian Mo Zone, and Demon is also trained as the next generation of patriarch, so he can master all the contents of the Ten Books of Tian Mo Ce.

Qin Shaofeng‘s Dantian has already had a demonic seed. Naturally what he chooses to cultivate is Taoist Mind Breeds Demon, the supreme skill recorded in Tian Mo Ce.

Taoist Mind Breeds Demons Chapter 7: Taoist Mind Breeds Demon

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