Hone To Issho No Isekai Seikatsu Chapter 23

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~ Adventurer's life Day 23 (Tue) Morning ~ Comnes Town – West – Gravel Field

… Today, I try to pump myself up for hunting

I called out my 11 summons while Benedetta sang out a hymn for 'hasten'. Our entire party proceeded on at a quick pace.
We had the skeletons split into 3 teams, while the Golem only acts as our guard.
The reason being is that I wanted my skills to increase at roughly the same rate. If this guy were to keep defeating enemies by itself, then only my sculptor divine protection would benefit from it.

One after another, each team quickly came back with their monster for us to dismantle.
In the meantime, I had the Golem patrol the nearby surrounding area so we can concentrate on the work.

"By the way, you're oddly fast in dismantling…"
"Yeah. I'm thinking it's probably because of my divine protection bonuses."

Benedetta had a look at my stats and was surprised to see all my divine protection had the gathering bonus pa.s.sive attached to it.
Even in the game, having 3 stacks of gathering bonus makes you unbelievably fast in dismantling.
However, being quick at dismantling isn't particularly an envious trait. There are other traits that would be considered much more important than this.

In this world however, 3 stacks of this would be able to cut up carca.s.ses at an unbelievable speed.
It gets stronger with every level but… I really wish this could be something else.

"Is your skeletons looking really clean a cause from that as well?"
"Hm? Ah, no. That one's from a different skill."

It's the ‘Bone Creation' skill from ‘Necromancer'.
Apparently, I can use it to separate the blood stuck on those skeletons, along with increasing my speed in dismantling.
It's thanks to this ridiculous dismantling speed that we were still able to keep up with the hunting. May be even possible to go faster than it.

(I wonder if I could have enough time to engrave the remaining equipment…)

It's what I had thought, but once I realised that it may be better to just do it after I level up, I stopped myself.

It'll be difficult to remove the engravement once it's applied… the strength of engravement is determined by the level after all.
It would be probably best just to buy something cheap and apply engraving onto that for now until I level up.
With that in mind, I'm not going to use it just yet.

(… Making the armor is what I'm more interested in.)

Seeing a pile of the Great King Yamori bones in one corner, I'm thinking of testing out the skill 'Bone Manipulation' here.

Once I did that, from the centre of that pile came out a disk of about 80 cm in diameter.

(… Quite heavy…)

I wouldn't be able to use it before, but right now it's only a little heavy for me. It's not that I can't use it.
However, this one is definitely considerably heavier than the round s.h.i.+eld I bought from Adonnis.
I put a handle onto it… and with that, the s.h.i.+eld is now complete.

I also made two flat objects at about 50 cm… though they have about the same weight as the clubs.
Well, I planned on using these as knives, so I wonder if I should just make these lighter.

I also made a helmet while I was at it.
The helmet consisted of two parts, one had the appearance of a double pointed skull cap while the other was a mask that covers the upper half of the face.

After that, I'm a little concerned about the ears and back of the head, so I try to make some things to protect there too. Each of the pieces had some holes punctured into them so that I can tie it all together with a leather strap later.

What I'm wearing now is still that Barbarian robe, so with the helmet I look more like a viking now.
However, I tried out 'plating' on the robe yesterday and somehow the fur became black, changing its atmosphere a little, making it less barbaric… Thank goodness.

And so, while on the way back, we encountered another monster which we promptly killed. At that, my level was raised once again.

(… My mana. It recovered…)

I actually wanted to test out how long I can keep all my summons up, but since my health and mana recovered from levelling up, it seems like I won't be able to test it out today as well.
Guess I still have to rely on my senses to feel how much time I have left.

"… You're still getting stronger!?"
"… Yeah. Seems like I am getting stronger."
"What an ability to have. Adventurers would drool at the thought of it…"

Benedetta gave an amazed sigh.
Nonetheless she still checked on my stats for me, and it seems like Alchemist was the one that levelled up this time to 4.
Seems like the skeletons weapons that were ‘Plated' still have their same effect.

I was already aware of how absurd it was to level up in this world, but having someone else point it out to me made me aware of it once again.
That said though, no matter how much I level up my support cla.s.ses, it doesn't really improve my fighting ability in any way.

As I thought, it wasn't wrong for me to focus more into strengthening my summons.

~ Adventurer's life Day 23 (Tue) Noon ~ Comnes Town – Adventurers' Guild –

I'm here for the last job for today.

I have to work on creating some health potions for the guild, but since I don't really want people seeing me as I make them, I head to one of the back rooms.

After a bit of discussion we came to the agreement where after the end of the day, I'd use my remaining mana for creating potions.
However, if I happen to still be outside of town or am unable to make any potions, I am then free to do whatever I wish.

"You can use the herbs here, Toorinagusa and Yacchoutai. When done, could you also pour the solution into these tubes please."
"I understand."

Like how I've always done it before, the ingredients formed into the usual green liquid.

"… What an absurd skill… It makes the potions I put so much effort into seem pointless…"

Is what he said, but as I didn't reply back he remained quiet as pour the liquid into the tubes.

I finished using up the herbs to make the 6 potions.
With this, that should make about 2520 Goldas…
That's roughly a little over the worth of a single forest wolf.
Moreover, I don't even need to pay for the materials…

"At this current pace, we may have to remove some from shop. I'm not sure how the guild plans on removing those items, so I'll try to make some arrangements for it."
"No need to, this is really only possible for today. I'm not usually able to make this many. Can you reduce the materials to 4 by tomorrow? Otherwise I might end up wasting a number of them.

It's only because I levelled up on the way back that I was able to create this many potions. If it was any other time, then I wouldn't have enough with the added skeletons cost… there's the Golem too of course.

“Is that so? I understand. Tomorrow, I will prepare for 5 then.”
“That's fine.”

After meeting up with Benedetta again, we split the reward from today's hunt.

~ Adventurer's life Day 23 (Wed) Morning ~ Comnes Town – West – Gravel Field


Once again, my scream can be heard across the hunting field.

Keeping a lookout around the area, Benedetta then spoke once it seems like my pain subsided.

"… It seems like ‘Necromancer' increased to level 5. It is as you expected."
"Ah, so it has finally happened."

So ‘Necromancer' reached level 5 huh… in other words, the number of skeletons I have had increased by 5!

"I had some bones already prepared."
"All in case of that isn't it."

I had some of the larger bones from dismantling brought along with me. It to the point that I got a little worried thinking whether I should bring these all back with me or not, but now I levelled up there's nothing to worry about.

*Rattle, rattle!*

Like I thought, so long as there are enough bones to make up a body, it can still be used as a catalyst to summon them.
5 skeletons emerged, increasing my army once again.

Fan Art Alert

"That makes a total of 15… no, including the Golem, it's actually 16."
"If you include the both of us, then it's 18… Hah, we're already well past the standard party size."

Actually, I already had that feeling long ago… however, I have no intention in stopping this!

I've already prepared some bags from the open marketplace for the skeletons to use… I've also bought for skeletons D, E, F too, so now all the skeletons have a bag of their own.

"However, there's not enough weapons to go around. They were already lacking enough s.h.i.+elds for 3, but with the additional summons, that's 8 s.h.i.+elds and 5 weapons short."
"! … Ooh, I got a good idea."
"What is it? Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this."
"In any case, let's continue hunting. We won't be able to do it otherwise."

Leaving Benedetta somewhat confused, we continued on hunting.

As the skeletons come back, carrying the monsters with them, we move on to dismantling each one.

And so, after collecting up the bones from the monsters we dismantled, they were made into a club shaped weapon… However, the weight of these are much heavier than that of the wooden ones, so I made these a little thinner and hollow compared to the usual clubs.

Of course, these clubs are for the skeletons with nothing on hand… Now that the weapons are taken care of, now for the s.h.i.+elds!

"It's much weaker than the ones I can purchase from shop, but it's still pretty useful to have as a basic protection. It's got other uses too, like be able to strike with it."
"Aah, does this one have something to do with the weapon and armor bonus?"
"That's right. However, I don't really need to worry about making it perfect as with the case of bladed weapons. I can just make it however I please with the ‘Bone Manipulation' skill."

If this was a bladed weapon, then I would need to visit the weapon shop to improve on it, but the skeletons aren't even good at making use of them to begin with.
If it was for some simple armor, then this should be enough to make them.
And if it is from the bones of these animals, then the strength should also be enough.

"This time, it's sculptor that turned level 5."

Aah… so now I'm also going to have to ‘Engrave' the skeletons equipment again.
I have some complicated feelings with how nonchalant Benedetta is when seeing me scream in pain… but, I do find it quite pleasant how productive things are going!

~ Adventurer's life Day 24 (Wed) Before Noon ~ Comnes Town – West Gate – Front

We were at the front of the gate, when I got asked something by the guards there.

“Eh? What are you doing?”
“I'm doing maintenance on the weapons.”
“Is that so…?”
“Well, it is.”

What I'm doing right now is 'engraving' on the weapons I haven't done so yet.
I'd be attacked if I were to do it in the field, and it'd be difficult to bring my skeletons and their weapon in town, so I'll just do it by the towns gate.
The ones I'm working on right now are my bone daggers and the clubs I had made.

Among the skeletons weapons, the ones that haven't been 'engraved' yet are skeletons G, H, I and J's clubs along with the 5 new skeletons.
… This is quite a bother.

Aah, almost forgot about the bone dagger…

“Umm… can you do my sword as well please?”

… Sigh…

However, whether or not it was worth the effort, I've finally managed to ‘engrave' all of the skeletons weapons + Benedetta's, before moving along from the gate… That said, I had the Golem returned back to the coin, but since we still had a lot of luggage, all 15 skeletons are out.

In the end, once I've worked on every piece of equipment from the skeletons, I don't even have enough energy left for my bone daggers…

Carvings a real pain!

—- Divine Protection and Skills —-
Necromancer level 5: Undead Servant 15 Summons; Bone manipulation; Bonuses < bone="" weapon;="" bone="" armor;="" gathering;="" night="" vision="">
Alchemist level 4: Health potion create; Extraction; Plating; Poison potion create; Bonuses < throw;="" gathering="">
Sculptor level 5: Engrave; Golem (Wood/Earth); Bonuses < dagger;="" hammer;="" sculpting;="" gathering;="" mining="">

—- Summon Equipment —-
A: Hatchet + 3/3, Kite s.h.i.+eld (metal) + 0/3, Blood stained leather armor + 0/3.
B, C: Mace + 3/3, Shabby round s.h.i.+eld (wood) + 3/3
D-F: Club + 3/3, Shabby round s.h.i.+eld (wood) + 3/3
G-I: Club + 4/3, Heavy round s.h.i.+eld (bone) + 0/0
J: Club + 4/3, Round s.h.i.+eld(wood/metal) + 0/3
K-O: Club(bone) + 0/3, Heavy round s.h.i.+eld (bone) + 0/0

—- Equipment —-
Pig femur Bone dagger – 2 sets + 0/3
Barbarian robe + 0/3

※: + X/Y Arbitrary level of engraving and plating respectively.

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