Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 26

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Irene pulled Angel to the side of Morrow. Angel was a little embarra.s.sed to go over, but saw that there was no rejection in Morrow's eyes, as she made her way slowly forward.

“Grandpa, brother, you're here too!” Irene pounced affectionately into Morrow's arms.

Morrow smiled and joked with Irene, and then said, “Later on, Mrs. Merlin will send magic to the Nightmare stone. You'd better stand further away.”

The three youngsters nodded and followed Morrow back a further distance away.

At this time, Mrs. Merlin, dressed in a colorful dress, had walked gracefully to the bow of the s.h.i.+p. In front of everyones' eyes, she slowly floated up, and suspended herself in front of the statue of the s.h.i.+p.

The statue of Bauhinia is of a robed girl with both hands in prayer. When Angel first saw her, he paid some attention. Because in the middle of the statue on the girl's forehead, inlaid a jewel that seemed to hold some kind of mysterious purpose. Angel, after all, is only a mortal, and only had a slight impression of it.

Now, Mrs. Merlin after casting a big spell, finally confirmed Angel's doubts at the time.

Believing that the light crimson jewel on the girl's forehead is indeed the focus of all. He found out that it is a very great natural magic crystal called nightmare stone.

When Mrs. Merlin cast a spell to manipulate the nightmare stone, Morrow also murmured a couple of words as she used magic to guide the nightmare stone.

The exact origin of the nightmare stone is unknown, but it seems to have something to do with a legendary plane. The output is so rare, and the stone has the ability to create illusions without depicting magic lines, making that the reason it can be called the treasure of the mysterious branch of magic. Therefore, the value is inestimable.

Ordinary nightmare stones, even the size of of a grain of sand, can produce an illusion that shrouds around ten meters. There is no problem with the nightmare stone on the statue of the praying girl, the size of a baby's fist, creating an illusion that a mile would be no trouble.

As the beads of sweat started rolling from Mrs. Merlin's forehead, Mrs. Merlin breathed a sigh of relief as a wave of mist covered the Bauhinia, and with a slight wave of her weary hands, the statue returned to its original position.

“The mirror illusion is ready, and if we don't take the initiative to attack the cloud whale, it won't go out of its way to break the illusion. Don't worry.” The pace of Mrs. Merlin's return was obviously much more troubled than her words suggested, but it could be seen how terrible the magic requirement needed in order to activate the nightmare stone!

“Do what you have to do. As you said, the cloud whale has a mild personality, basically no desire for destruction, coupled with the insurance of the mirror illusion, there should be no problem.” Mrs. Merlin waved to the adjutant knight and shooed him away.

By the time Mrs. Merlin returned to the deck, the adjutant had begun to direct the sailors to direct the onlookers back, and soon the deck was more than half empty, and most of the talented individuals returned to their rooms.

Comorne, from the Gravity Forest, looked at the cloud whale in the sky with burning desire. For a long while as he said, “Cloud whales can control ocean energy and can exchange air from the outside and hold it in through the air bags in their chest to soar in the sky. It is one of the best mounts in the sea. If only I could. ”

Comorne said half-heartedly said those words, but the coveting meaning evidently showed how valuable the whale was.

Neither Mrs. Merlin nor Florian responded. The cloud whale is at least at the official wizard level. They are just little wizard apprentices. If they truly cared about this matter, they might as well go back and meditate on it a while.

“What?! Look there! Something fell from the sky! ” Some sailors on deck suddenly exclaimed loudly.

There were bursts of exclamations all over the deck, and those who were still on deck could not help looking up.

Nearly a kilometer in the sky, a bright red point, slowly fell, just like a falling feather, leisurely with the wind, but no matter how it moves, just continued drifting down slowly, not far away.

And the bright red point's landing point is clear-.

It is definitely the Bauhinia!

Because it was so far away, Angel and others did not see what had fallen, but the four wizard apprentices present used their witchcraft to view what floated in the distance, so as their eyes glowed different colors.

“It's a person!” Cried Comorne.

“A woman in red.” It was Morrow who spoke, Morrow was more cautious than Comorne with his observation, directly indicating the gender of the comer.

“Umbrella?” Mrs. Merlin hesitated for a long time and softly uttered a word. But with this one word, it can be seen that her understanding of the situation are indeed much deeper than both Morrow and Comorne. The woman that is drifting in the air seemed to fall like a feather because of the delicate and gorgeous umbrella.

Finally, after confirming the facts, Florian, who made a serious expression, suddenly fluttered into the air with his gray beard that ignored gravity, even though he looked like a kind of old man, he looked at this time a little more majestic. However, if one were to observe carefully, there can be seen a faint expression of fear in Florian's eyes.

“It's Flora.” Florian's voice trembled slightly.

“Flora? Which Flora? ” Comorne was clearly confused.

At this moment, Mrs. Merlin seemed to react, her pupils shrank sharply, and her trembling fingers pointed to the red dot in the air: “Are you talking about Flora, the b.l.o.o.d.y witch?”

Florian nodded slowly and solemnly.

At this time, all the people present were silent.

Infected by some strange mood, the weakest member is also as silent as a dead cicada. Angel was shocked to see all the wizard apprentices cowering in fear, there must have been a big reason for the floating person to have come.

Angel has seen the cruelty of the wizard world firsthand. Fearing that someone might do something to them if they didn't comply, he pulled Irene and Alan back from the group. Finally, the three of them left the deck railings and leaned against the entrance of the watchtower.

After experiencing the initial shock, Morrow looked back at the three, went to the watchtower as well, opened the door and pushed the three of them inside.

“You three hide in there and be careful not to speak. The comer is an official wizard, although she is a female dark wizard, but an official wizards will not care about a mortals life and death, as long as you do not appear in front of her, she will not care about you. ” Morrow solemnly told the three youngsters, and with a look of bitterness, closed the gate of the watchtower.

Morrow felt somewhat perturbed to stand next to Florian, what he said just now to them was true, official wizards really will not take the initiative to kill mortals, not out the kindness of their heart, but because mortals are too far removed from them, the circle of wizards and mortals are very different, it would be like a human being communicating with and flea, does it have any purpose? Even them, as wizard apprentices, are no different from mortals in the eyes of formal wizards. But no matter what, after all, the group gathered here is the strongest fighting force on board. If they do not face the official wizard, will they seek mortals to go?

In particular, this comer. Is Flora! Flora, who is crowned made her name in a sea of blood! Morrow even felt his legs start to shake.

“Lord Flora is on this cloud whale, that is to say, the whale is probably the mount of ‘him'.” In the face of a formal wizard, Mrs. Merlin had to add due respect, even if she knew that Flora was much younger than her.

Using their eyes, the crowd looked at the cloud whale again. Sure enough, there was still a hint of curiosity. Above the sky near the back of the cloud whale, there were a group of falcons hovering in the sky.

Hayabusa, originally a polar eagle, they were crossed bred by a wizard with another a bird of prey, a Falcon.

Hayabusa cannot survive in the ocean and must land daily to replenish. In the middle of the sea, where will there be raw supplies for six raptors? Obviously, these are raised animals, and looking at the position the Falcons are hovering above, their daily landing for supplies must be on the back of the cloud whale.

Hayabusa is also ‘his' favorite pet, thinking of this, everyone looked at each other with a trace of unspeakable fear.

“If ‘he' is hostile to Bauhinia, I'm afraid it may be difficult for Lord Saab to resist.” Comorne, who had coveted the cloud whale, completely gave up his coveting, he even dared not think about it any longer.

Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 26

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