Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 27

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“Heh, would you look at what we've got here, a nightmare stone, and such a big piece at that.”

Suddenly, an ethereal voice spread to all ears of everyone on board the Bauhinia, it sound like the a seven or eight-year-old child, but without a child's innocence, and had a hint of strange charm.

Angel heard the commotion on board the deck outside, and the sailors exclaimed, “How is that possible?” The mirror illusion is out of order! ” Angel thought that Flora, the blood witch who had frightened all the wizard apprentices, had arrived.

He tried to sneak to the window to view the commotion going on outside, but before he could get up, he was pulled back by Irene. Irene had tears welling up in her eyes, she kept shaking her head at him, and silently said: "We could die, don't move."

Alan on the other side also clung to his sleeves with apparently even more fear in his eyes.

Angel curled the corners of his mouth and felt that the two siblings were such scaredy cats.

But he didn't understand-.

When Flora's body pa.s.sed through the mirror illusion made by the nightmare stone, there was a magical ripple in the air much like rippling water, and all the mortals present became overwhelmed by the breath that leaked after she had crossed the barrier, at the moment when she pa.s.sed through, she forced all mortals to feel her breath and this caused them to go into a state of mind where they only felt extreme “fear” and “aversion”. This was actually an effect of the mirror spell, but since the spell has been broken, the effect of prevention by the mirror illusion naturally dissipated into the air, leaving the small mortals to feel their natural instincts.

Even if this is a poor mirror spell cast by wizard apprentices, as the s.h.i.+elding was lost, the mortals began to sense the breath, no matter how tiny a breath that was leaked was, it's existence caused the talents to fear it.

This inexplicable fear rose in Irene and Alan, there were even sailors on deck who, fearing the breath, jumped straight out of the s.h.i.+p's hurdle and into the endless depths of the Devil's Sea.

Angel was not affected by the breath, but stopped for another reason not mentioned for the time being.

When Angel was about to talk to the brother and sister, there was a burst of anger outside: “Stop! Flora, if you dare to touch the nightmare stone, it will be a provocation to our Sky Mechanical City! ”

“Sky Mechanical City? Hee, I wondered who was so rich, so it their your boat? Tsk, I thought it was just you three chicken organizations stationed here. Is it a talent picking guide s.h.i.+p? ” Flora: “Unfortunately, there is no smell of blood on this s.h.i.+p at all. Such a guide s.h.i.+p, the talents picked up by you backup apprentices are probably as weak. ”

Angel, as a interim apprentice of the chicken organization, silently wiped the sweat on his forehead.

The voices outside came and went, and in the process, Angel quickly collated and summed up the message he had heard.

In the war of words with Flora, they are clearly not the three major wizard groups on the continent, as the wizard apprentices dare not talk back to the official wizard, even as Flora was ridiculing them as a ‘chicken' organizations, they can only nod as she continued spitting curses.

It must be the case that only a formal wizard of the same rank would dare to speak bluntly with Flora.

“Sky Mechanical City.” Angel remembered this in the back of his heart, Morrow said, the background of the Bauhinia may be extraordinary, this must be mean that behind Bauhinia their group are simply riding along the wind and waves? “I heard there are official wizards on board Bauhinia, are they possibly wizards from Sky Mechanical City that Flora is talking about outside?”

The people present were overwhelmed by the momentum of the official wizard, and it is estimated that Angel was the only one that had the leisure to a.n.a.lyze these conjectures.

The loud voice outside was becoming quieter, and Flora and the wizard on the Bauhinia seemed to have reached an agreement, and finished their business smoothly without waiting for Angel to have a chance listen carefully on about the details.

When Angel stood up and made an observation while looking out the window, he saw only two figures flying in the direction of the cloud whale.

One of a burly male figure, estimated to be the wizard of Sky Machinery City, and the other a pet.i.te figure with a long red dress and a black veil and a beautiful umbrella, which must be Flora.

Looking at Flora's back, Angel vaguely felt that there seemed to be a shadow hovering behind Flora.

Hmm… am I going blind?

Before Angel could think about it, the two little guys next to him turned on wailing mode.

Irene and Alan seemed to know that the danger had gone past, and as they were originally using their energy to hold their breaths, they turned their energy towards their eyes and mouths as tears rained down along with thunder.

Angel rubbed his temples, he helplessly took out the spare silk handkerchief from the lining of his pocket, resisted the impulse to leave, and lowered his voice to appease the two siblings.

As Angel calmed them down, the gate of the watchtower was pushed open and Morrow came in. His face was a little pale and his brow scrunched, as if he were worried about something.

At the sight of Angel caring for his two grandchildren, Morrow made a softer expression at Angel when he saw him.

“Grandpa, is she gone?” Irene asked shakily as she sobbed.

Morrow nodded and did not tell them about Flora. He just rubbed Irene's head and comforted her so would not continue crying.

When the siblings stopped sobbing, Morrow left the watchtower with the three youngsters, while Irene carefully asked, “Grandpa, why did the wizard come to our s.h.i.+p?”

Morrow shook his head. “We'd better not think about what happened regarding those big men,” Morrow shook his head.

When the group came to the hatch, Morrow took the two siblings to the upper floor with, giving words of advice about the triangle guidance method; after saying goodbye to them, Angel silently returned to his nest.

Angel walked all the way, scratching his back. Somehow, he felt a little itchy on his back.

The itching position was exactly where Angel had been scratched by the Queen of Heart's fingernail before escaping from the strange fantasy during the talent test.

At the end of the test, Angel had gone to the mirror to check the place where he had been scratched by the Queen of Hearts in the fantasy, and there was no marks on his body in reality, and no wounds on his back.

But why did it suddenly start itching now? Angel reached out and touched the itchy position, and there was nothing strange about it, the smooth skin felt the same as anywhere else.

Angel scratched it for a moment, and the itch stopped.

Angel estimates that the itch comes from some kind of sea flea. With this in mind, Angel decided to take a bath in the big bathhouse in the evening.

At the same time, above the cloud whale.

A miniature manor, like a ranch, is quietly situated on the broad back of the cloud whale.

There are tents large and small outside the manor, but the most outstanding of them all is a magnificent tent with a huge domed roof in the middle.

Inside the tent, the burly man who flew up from the Bauhinia, the official wizard from Sky Machinery City, Saab, nicknamed “Mad Bear,” was lowering his brows and talking cautiously to a thin middle-aged man with his back facing.

This thin middle-aged, dressed in a black tuxedo, wearing a white laced s.h.i.+rt, a round top hat, with green curly hair, had an elegant face, which can be embody how an elegant aristocratic gentleman would be described.

No one can imagine that such a gentlemanly aristocratic middle aged man, is an unparalleled existence wielding great powers, such strength that the whole Southern continent are in awe of this great-second level wizard, nicknamed “Phantom Master” Sanders!

Sanders was clearly not focused on Saab, wearing a gold monocle and looking intently his experiment on his own side. In his hands, smoke transpired, all kinds of illusions appeared; Saab stole a glance, then felt pain in his eyes, so much so that he no longer dared to raise his head, and could only talk with his head held down.

“The location of Barbie's restaurant is erratic. We have been driving in the Devil's Sea for weeks, and there is no sign of Lord Gloria in the Devil's Sea area. ” Saab said respectfully.

Sanders clenched his gloved hand, and the illusion made by his palm was crushed and disappeared like a bubble; then he turned and looked at Saab.
"It's normal that you can't find Barbie's restaurant for a while. Gloria likes to play the game of hide-and-seek with me. She is obviously a gourmet wizard, but she always enjoys acting like a mystical prophecy wizard. If you want to meet her, you have to have a chance encounter. ” Sanders smiled and shook his head. “In that case, if you are free later Saab, I'll ask you to accompany me next time I find her.”

Stunned, Saab looked up at Sanders and saw only a half-smiling face.

“What? You don't want to? ” It was Flora who sat on one side of the bench, without shoes, her naked little feet swung rhythmically, looking extremely leisurely. But when she asked, a glint of light in her eyes cooled Saab's heart.

“No. Why wouldn't you? I'd love to. I will arrange for the captain of the Bauhinia to cruise the nearby waters, looking for the whereabouts of Barbie's restaurant until the dust settles. ” In such a situation where one side was clearly weaker than the other, Saab finally nodded. Even if he stood behind sky mechanical city, in these distant troubled waters, no one can help smother the flames nearby, now he can only take one step at a time. Anyway, there is no rush to send talented individuals back to the south. He doesn't care what sanders wants to do at Barbie's. He can only wait and see, at least until they find Barbie's restaurant, until then the Bauhinia should be safe.

After Saab left, Flora murmured, “It's no fun, if he only answered otherwise, hmph.”

Sanders shook his head, said nothing, and continued to look to his side to experiment.

Sanders suddenly frowned and looked out.

Flora asked doubtfully, “Mentor, what is it?”

Sanders did not speak, but secretly said:

“It's strange why is there a breath of nightmare escaping from here?” Sanders lowering his eyes: “Is there an unknown pa.s.sage in the devil's sea that connects to the nightmare realm?”

If, if there is possibly of a real pa.s.sageway to the realm. Sanders' eyes immediately flashed with joy.

Sanders closed his eyes and sensed the almost cognate breath. After a while, Sanders opened his eyes, no longer happy, and even more confused.

Just after he sensed the nightmare breath, it disappeared instantly? Now there is no trace left of the escaped breath.

Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 27

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