Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 52

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The next day, when Angel was leaving, Alan and his sister Irene came to the deck to practice to see him off.

On this day, the sun was s.h.i.+ning, and Angel flew up high in the sky with the Falcon, and his figure viewed from the deck was seen flying further and further away until it disappeared.

When will the next time they meet be? At this moment, Angel had begun to look forward to seeing them again.

The closer he gets to the cloud whale, the more awestruck he feels.

As Angel was carried on the Falcon over the whale's head, he could clearly feel the whale's huge blue eyes gazing at him, and as he flew closer, the whale's eyes followed his direction.

The beautiful blue eyes, like a newborn seeing the sun s.h.i.+ning above the sea, were like quiet and gentle waves.

As the eye gazing ceremony from the cloud whale was performed it gave Angel an unparalleled shock, and at the same time, it also filled Angel with courage. The uneasiness of sailing through the sky for the first time shrinks down to nothingness when seen through the warm eyes of the cloud whale.

The falcon put Angel down on the back of the cloud whale.

As soon as Angel landed, he was stunned by the layout on the back of the whale.

Is this really the back of a cloud whale? Instead isn't this just a comfortable and leisurely ranch?

Such a large gra.s.sland, with endless extensions of green, could make one believe they were walking on a prairie. Black and white cows, trotted little by little on a green carpet, leisurely swinging their tail, grazing at the tender gra.s.s.

The Falcon flies in the air, stopping to land on the rocks when it is tired, and drinks in a pool located in the middle of the Ranch when it is thirsty.

Everything looks so natural and so harmonious that even the large and small tents on the prairie do not feel unnatural.

Where Angel landed, was in front of the largest and most magnificent domed tent on the gra.s.sland, as he wondered about the tents, Flora dressed in her red skirt, floated out as she opened one of the tent.

“Hey, I know you have a lot of concerns. Come with me. If you have any questions, I'll answer them for you.” Flora paused: "Mentor is working on an experiment involving light radiation, you don't have a spell to protect your body, so your body is to failure. I'll take you to see him in the evening when he is finished, for now I'll take you to where you'll be staying.”

“Why is Gloria's stupid bird on your head?” Flora raised her eyebrow, suddenly stretched out her hand and grabbed Toby from Angel's hair.

Last night, Angel and Toby communicated all night, mostly him telling Toby to stay somewhere else and stop making nests above his head. Although he didn't care about his image, he felt it was particularly rude when he meets new people with messy hair.

Angel struggled to say what he wanted, but Toby always raised his cute head and looked at him with innocent little eyes, an expression like a baby which could not understand what you were saying. Angel could not deny him. Although Gloria said Toby could understand people, she didn't say Toby could speak. When Toby made up his mind to pretend to be ignorant, he had to admit defeat.

However, from the bottom of his heart, he secretly decided to buy a hat when he had a chance, just like the a felt top hat of his cheap mentor, he will see where the little rascal can go!

Toby was curled up sleeping, and Angel's golden hair was his soft quilt. Suddenly he was caught in hand, Toby was tired and confused at first. But when he was looking at who grabbed him looking at him full of inquisitive spirit, he suddenly remembered many wizards were eccentrics that his master warned him about, and Toby started fluttering his wings in distress.

He was caught tightly by Flora, Toby couldn't break free, which made him more frightened that he began chirping so fast that even the tone of his chirps soared to a higher note.

“This stupid bird was born from the art of creation, and there must be something special about it.” Flora murmured, “I'd like to dissect it.”

Toby shook his head and watched Flora's face get closer and closer. His eyes turned white as his claws and legs kicked, and he fainted with fear.

"It doesn't have the strength to defend itself. It's so timid.”

Flora casually threw the fainted Toby back to Angel.

As Angel quickly caught the little guy. He remembered that Gloria asked him to take care of Toby, and if something went wrong, he wouldn't be able to easily explain.

Toby returned to Angel's palms, perhaps stimulated by Angel's gentle breath, which slowly awakened him.

“Are you awake? So timid, Lord Gloria said you could take care of yourself. ” Angel sighed, and it seemed that he would have to work a little harder in the future.

“Why do you have this stupid bird? Did Gloria give it to you? ” Flora wondered.

“Lord Gloria just asked me to take care of Toby for a while.” Angel tells the story of yesterday's meeting, and his account is concise and clear.

“I see.” Flora suddenly frowned. “Apart from being able to understand people, he has no other special abilities. No, all of the creatures that Gloria created from her creation magic have some special role to play. Fragment Ephemera can construct potential channels, Twisted Protozoa can locate spatial coordinates through past breath, and Waxy b.u.t.terflies can increase skeletal strength. ”

“It is incredible that a creature without any special abilities would be born! I really want to dissect it. ” With the eyes bent on research, Flora approached Toby again. Toby flapped his wings again in fear and flew into Angel's arms in a panic.

Angel simply put Toby in his padded chest pocket. He was wearing a white lined brown plaid coat today. He looked a little less green and a little more mature.

Toby's little head rose slowly from the pocket, and when he saw Flora still there, he drew back in terror, and quickly stretched out his red claw from the pocket and fastened the round b.u.t.ton.

Angel was amused by his human like behavior.

Flora shrugged. “It seems that this stupid bird is too scared to come out.”

“That's fine, as long as it does not mess up my hair again.” Angel smoothed down some of his messy hair.

“Although It has no special ability, it is enough to be used as an Alchemy Pet.” Flora suddenly came to her senses. “Do you want me to help you turn this stupid bird into an Alchemy Pet?”

“What is an Alchemy Pet?” Angel wondered.

Flora smiled mysteriously, then blew a whistle into the sky, and then a broken sound came from afar, and smoke appeared which frightened the cattle. After the smoke had dissipated, a black owl stood firmly on Flora's shoulder.

The root of the black feather is like a hairy needles, majestic and abnormally powerful; the golden feather poking out from the forehead looked like a crown, standing up straight, similar to the posture of a king.

“What a majestic owl!” Angel thought to himself, but he noticed that the owl's eyes were cold and green. This indifference is not from an instinct of a qualified beast, but a kind of mechanized and cold indifference.

“Let me introduce to you my Alchemy Pet, Aisha.”

In order to quickly send and receive messages, or when a wizard does not want to come forward with the true body, they will use their extensions of eyes and ears.

Generally speaking, there are three extension for the eyes and ears of wizards.

First, a special technique, such as possession, transmission, and so on. It can do the job of seeing and hearing. Second, a servant scout; third, an Alchemy Pet.

An Alchemy Pet, is a wizard's experimental means. Through alchemy, magic objects, magic spirits, or wild beasts, it is refined into the eyes and ears of wizards.

The servant scout is also biological, but the servant scout is self-conscious. Alchemy Pets are not the same, Alchemy Pets are almost equal to the dead, its survival and energy is a magic cycle in it's body, which must be completely supplied by a wizard. It's eyes are equivalent to the eyes of a wizard, and its ears are equal to the ears of a wizard. The wizard has complete control over the Alchemy Pet, which is almost equivalent to having a wizard's five senses.

Alchemy Pets are also not self-conscious.

For Angel, an Alchemy Pet is one of the cruelest means possible. Even though cruel, Alchemy Pets are the most effective, the most error-free means. Because an Alchemy Pet is already apart of the wizard's body, it is impossible to betray or be deceived by magic.

Angel thought that if he wanted to find an eye and ear in the future, he might also want to have an Alchemy Pet.

But to let him make Toby into an Alchemy Pet, he would never dare.

Not to mention whether Gloria would ever let him go, he had promised to take good care of Toby and to destroy what she had created is monstrous.

Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 52

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