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Angel turned down the Alchemy Pet offer, and Flora was disappointed. If Angel had agreed, she would been able to study the stupid bird and perhaps reverse the key data for Gloria's Creation.

Too bad.

But Flora's regret lasted only a few seconds, because even if she had been able to get the original data, it would still be difficult for her to replicate it as long as she didn't follow Gloria's path. She was only curious because of her natural wizard's tendency for knowledge.

Flora said she wanted to take Angel back to his room. Angel was happy to see the scenery of the prairie on the cloud whale's back, but as he went deeper into the “ranch”, he started feeling strange.

For example, as he pa.s.sed a square stone house, he vaguely smelled a very strong scent of blood.

Moreover, ever since he had followed Flora, he always felt a sense of someone peeking at him form behind, which made him quite uncomfortable. But every time he looked back for the source, his line of sight saw nothing. The curtains of each tent were tightly closed, and he saw no one but cows scattered on the prairie.

But when Angel had turned to look forward again, the feeling of being watched reappeared.

Angel felt uncomfortable, and Flora seemed to be used to this, and she did not give him any particular explanation for what was happening.

As he pa.s.sed a completely metallic building, Angel felt a strange atmosphere from behind the closed door. He doesn't know if it was his illusion, but he seemed to smell the stench of rotting corpses.

The sun is warm, the fresh gra.s.s is green, the cows are leisurely grazing, and the falcon flies naturally.

At first glance, the ranch is so rustic and natural. And not so long ago, Angel felt the same way. But all sorts of weird things kept popping up, the smell of blood, the feeling of being watched, and Flora's meaningful smile from time to time, all made Angel feel that something was really wrong with the ranch.

Perhaps hidden under the sun, is an abyss, or an indescribable evil.

Angel had no intention of exploring it, but this impression made him feel a completely different atmosphere than on the Bohemia.

Perhaps this is the difference between white wizards and dark wizards in the words of the wizard apprentices? Although the Bohemia was also salty and unscrupulous, as long as he did not take the initiative to cause trouble, he could be safe and sound. On the Bohemia, Angel never felt his hair stand up, but soon after he set foot on the cloud whale, he already felt that all of his nerves were stretched, as if the next moment he would be swallowed up by a monster that came out of nowhere.

Flora had previously answered his questions so freely, that Angel once felt that he could not have asked for such a better sister, feeling very relaxed and comfortable.

But at this moment, Angel was silent.

He was only acquainted with Flora and Sanders for a short time, and even though he was accepted as an apprentice, how could he label these people as good people on the basis of his one day impression?

Even Morrow said that Flora was a famous black wizard in the South, nicknamed the b.l.o.o.d.y Witch. Sanders has the power to one-sidedly slaughter all those wizards at the restaurant, how can he recklessly think that when he started his journey, that others will treat him differently?

Angel had begun to worry about his future. But now he suddenly realized something, again with a perturbed mood, he did not hold the thought for too long, and thought that worrying about gains and losses will only let him unconsciously focus on them, which will make him ignore important details.

Like the cla.s.sic case of psychology, during the Stockholm hostage case-.

Two ex-criminals, after failing to rob one of the largest banks in Stockholm, Sweden, hijacked four bank employees and ended up giving up after a 130-hour standoff between police and criminals. However, a few months after the incident, the four hijacked bank employees still showed compa.s.sion for their kidnappers, refusing to charge the kidnappers in court and even raising funds for their legal defense. They all showed that they did not hate the criminals and expressed their grat.i.tude to the criminals for taking care of them instead of harming them, and were hostile to the police.

What is more, one of the female staff members of the hostages fell in love with one of the robbers and was engaged to him while he was serving his sentence. The two robbers held the hostages for six days, during which they sometimes threatened their lives, and sometimes showed mercy. In an unexpected psychological change, the four hostages resisted the government's final efforts to rescue them.

The Stockholm case, though different from Angel's current situation, has many similarities.

In an extremely restless state of mind, human beings will subconsciously grasp even at a little hope, Angel is now in this state of fear, thinking of gain and loss, because of Flora and Sanders kindness to him, he started to let his subjective consciousness change his tendency, then what is the difference between Stockholm Syndrome in the Stockholm hostage case?

At the thought of this, Angel had a cold sweat on his back.

The apparent intimacy towards Flora was slowly put away at this moment, and he returned to his aristocratic etiquette of “love ends in propriety.” even his facial expression changed, to mimic old Pat, who died early, looking stiff and alienated.

Savage Grottoes, after all, are dark wizards, and if he naively thinks that worldly morality is universal, he will surely end up miserable.

Flora clearly saw the change of Angel's demeanor in her eyes.

As they pa.s.sed the smell of b.l.o.o.d.y decay, Flora said nothing, but a glimmer of admiration flashed through her eyes.

Angel is still a teenager who is alien to this world, and she and her mentor will not become his babysitter. Angel must be strong in this world of cannibalism in order to have a foothold.

“What do you think of your tent ahead?” Flora said, pointing to a circular tent with a white-topped red flag.

Angel froze as soon as he saw it.

This tent is very ordinary.

But he was only a hundred meters from the ornate tent where his mentor was located. If you walk in a straight line, you only need to climb over a small hill to get there.

Flora gave him a tour a thousand meters all around the tent area.

Angel looked at Flora, suddenly understood something, and felt that a lot of things that were vague became clear.

He smiled. “Fine, thank you.”

“If you like it, then go in by yourself. I'll come over in the evening.”

As Flora was about to leave, Angel quickly asked, “Can you tell me why mentor accepted me?”

Flora stopped.

Turned her head, smiled brilliantly, and bent her eyes into crescents.

“Well, actually, I'd like to know too. In the evening, you might as well ask him yourself. ”

A small white tent with a domed roof.

A very simple layout, a shelf bed, nightstand, white cloth screen curtain, as well as a table and chairs. Beyond that, there are clocks and candlesticks. The layout of the room of the was similar to that of the Bohemia, it was of the same level of consideration.

Angel sat in a chair and put his bag on the table.

His small leather backpack contained all his possessions: clothes, toiletries, and a pair of suede hunting boots. In addition, there was a small wooden box containing Fragment Ephemera from Gloria, as well as several bamboo tubes with sundried Morning Dew After the Rain.

For Angel, the backpack was so irrelevant that it didn't matter if it were thrown away. He personally carried everything that was really precious to him, such as holographic tablet and Heavenly Eye.

After tidying up with a change of clothes, Angel had nothing to do for the moment.

He had planned to open the holographic tablet to continue reading the novels, but at the thought of doing this in someone else's territory, with his mentor's ambiguous att.i.tude, coupled with Flora's previous suggestions for a “wizard's eyes and ears,” Angel dared not open the tablet for fear that someone would monitor him.

The tablet is fine because it is full of Chinese characters so no one can understand it. But he is afraid that he will be investigated. If his mentor finds this “stowaway”, then it will be a big deal. So Angel decided not to touch the tablet for a while, at least on the cloud whale.

There was no tablet time, and all the books he bought were given to Alan, so all Angel could do now was stay put.

Super Dimensional Wizard Volume 1 Chapter 53

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