The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 35, Chapter 504

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The Ice Bear King was very innocent. He appeared very foolish, but was very determined. Even though he knew that the Snow Empress had lost her original body, he still listened to her, precisely because she had saved him and brought him up. He treated the Snow Empress like his mother, and treated Huo Yuhao as his grandfather. 

If the Ice Bear King was in a life or death situation and Huo Yuhao only stood by one side watching, how could he be fit to be the Ice Bear King's partner?

This was why Huo Yuhao didn't hesitate at all. To him, any price he had to pay was nothing compared to that clear feeling in his heart. He was willing to take the risk for Little Bai.

However, he wasn't completely irrational. He wanted to rely on the reverse scale. Although he didn't know whether it could resist the lightning, he still did it willingly.

As the ball-shaped lightning fell from the sky, the terrifying natural qi instantly engulfed Huo Yuhao. The Snow Empress wanted to rush over, but was flung away by the immense natural qi.

The Ice Bear King was filled with astonishment. He had collapsed on the ground and clearly sensed his life dissipating away. He also clearly saw how that ball of lightning completely engulfed Huo Yuhao, who was so small compared to him, but appeared so tall and mighty in mid-air right now.

“Grandpa…” Little Bai was sobbing. He could no longer remain as calm as he was before. Two big beads of tears rolled down from the sides of his eyes. He could clearly sense the concern that came from Huo Yuhao.

“Yuhao!” the Snow Empress shouted. At this moment, she was also filled with astonishment. It was her first time seeing a human risking everything to save a soul beast. Even if he had the Beast G.o.d's reverse scale, how could he be sure that the Beast G.o.d would appear at this moment to save him? Moreover, this was the spectral demiplane, not the Douluo Continent. Even if Di Tian was here, could he do anything?

Before any answer was known, Huo Yuhao still charged over without hesitation. What did this show? It showed his attachment to Little Bai. If he was already like that to Little Bai, how would he treat the Snow Empress, the Ice Empress, and the Skydream Iceworm? It would naturally be better. 

At this moment, the Snow Empress was filled with grat.i.tude. She wasn't just grateful that Huo Yuhao had saved Little Bai. She was also grateful that he had shown her the kind side of humans. The Snow Empress knew that if Huo Yuhao survived this ordeal, she and the other Spirits would no longer have any other barriers with him anymore.

A sonorous dragon roar eventually sounded out. However, the voice also sounded like it was in torment. A pitch-black glow spread out and engulfed all the lightning. Huo Yuhao fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. In the sky, a pitch-black dragon claw remained in mid-air, and grabbing towards the catastrophic clouds.

At the same time, a furious voice sounded, “Huo Yuhao, you are really courting death. If you die in the forest, I could still steal your destiny. You rascal!”

The Snow Empress smiled. However, the smile only lasted for a moment before it froze in place. That was because of the claw.

The claw grabbed towards the sky. The catastrophic clouds were so strong that they had almost killed the Ice Bear King. However, they were crushed by the claw.

“Dragon! G.o.d's! Claw!” the Snow Empress said, word by word. At the same time, she also took the opportunity to vanish into Huo Yuhao's body just as Di Tian was too distracted to notice.

Right now, Huo Yuhao felt as if his body was about to disintegrate. However, he wasn't in pain, because he was completely numb at this point. All his bones, muscles, pa.s.sageways and even his spiritual sea were numb at this point.

However, what he found very surprising was that he felt an itch. It was both uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time.

What was going on?

The catastrophic clouds disappeared. The Beast G.o.d's voice sounded once again. “Yuhao, what are you doing? Why is there a Lightning Catastrophe? How dare you use your own body to get in the way of a Lightning Catastrophe? If you do this one more time, you can go and die!”

Di Tian was indeed infuriated. Although he had used his claw to destroy the catastrophe, he was the one who suffered the greatest impact of the lightning when he was summoned by the reverse scale. It was important to know that it was the last stage of the catastrophe, which was when it unleashed its strongest attack. Even a three-hundred-thousand-year soul beast like the Ice Bear King couldn't handle it! Di Tian rushed over using spatial power, and suffered such a strong attack immediately. It was understandable how much pain he was in. He was really hurt.

Huo Yuhao revealed a smile on his face and touched his completely charred hair. He chortled, “Beast G.o.d, thanks. I was just helping a friend. If I didn't, he would have died.”

“What?” The dragon claw disappeared. A near-transparent black projection surfaced in mid-air. Di Tian couldn't truly transcend time and arrive here with his real body, especially since they weren't on the Douluo Continent. The fact that he was able to do even this much fully demonstrated his deep understanding of spatial power. Regarding that fact, Huo Yuhao was truly petrified. Di Tian was much stronger than he had imagined!

Di Tian looked around, and revealed a weird look on his face. “What is this place? It's not the Douluo Continent. It seems to be a parallel spatial dimension. Eh, is this a demiplane? How is this possible? Was this a demiplane created by a mortal being?”

As Di Tian spoke, the astonishment in his voice became more and more obvious.

In the Douluo Continent, he recognized himself as the strongest existence. He was also the closest to becoming a G.o.d. His senses were far more acute than any other Ultimate Douluo or Savage Beast. It was because of his sensitivity, especially towards spatial power, that he was able to become the strongest out of the Ten Great Savage Beasts in the Douluo Continent.

Even so, he wasn't completely confident in creating such a demiplane!

This wasn't a complete plane, because he couldn't sense a complete ecology in this plane. There was no aura of the G.o.ds in this demiplane, either. This also meant that it had to be the work of a mortal being. If that was the case, how strong was the person who had created this plane? At the very least, the Beast G.o.d was inferior to him. It seemed like there was someone stronger than him, someone who was between a G.o.d and him that existed. To him, this wasn't a huge blow. Rather, it was an exciting discovery!

It had been awhile since Di Tian had the motivation to cultivate. It was because he clearly knew that he couldn't possibly become a G.o.d, even if he worked harder. He could only maintain his current state. However, after witnessing the existence of such a demiplane, how could he not be delighted? If his abilities could increase such that he could create such a demiplane, would he be able to survive the next Catastrophe and possibly live for another hundred thousand years?

After realizing all this, Di Tian was suddenly very motivated. The fury he had for Huo Yuhao earlier also mostly dissipated.

When he turned his attention to Huo Yuhao again, he naturally noticed the Ice Bear King.

“Ah, an ice-type Savage Beast with a three-hundred-thousand-year cultivation. Are you from the Extreme North?” The Beast G.o.d was a little puzzled as he looked at the Ice Bear King.

The Ice Bear King didn't utter a sound. Right now, he was only looking at Huo Yuhao. There was a look of closeness in his eyes, as if he were looking at his own father or kin.

The Beast G.o.d was very powerful. He knew from the look in the Ice Bear King's eyes that Huo Yuhao had been resisting the attack on his behalf. The astonishment that the Snow Empress experienced earlier came to him, too!

Although the Ice Bear King didn't come from the Great Star Dou Forest, he was also a soul beast. Di Tian considered himself the king of all soul beasts in the Douluo Continent. All soul beasts were like his people. When he saw how Huo Yuhao had risked his life to save a Savage Beast, his anger dissipated even further.

Huo Yuhao asked Di Tian, “Beast G.o.d, can you save him? He's critically hurt from resisting the Lightning Catastrophe.”

Di Tian descended from the sky and landed beside Huo Yuhao. He only took a few glances at the Ice Bear King before he said, “I can't save him. His origin is greatly damaged from resisting the Lightning Catastrophe, and his soul core has also cracked. The only way to save him now is to make him your Spirit. Eh, how has your soul power reached Rank 80 so quickly?”

Although Di Tian's reverse scale was on Huo Yuhao's body, he could only sense what was going on whenever Huo Yuhao felt the aura in the G.o.dly realm, or when he was in danger. He couldn't monitor Huo Yuhao all the time. Right now, he was shocked to realize that Huo Yuhao was already at Rank 80. This fellow's cultivation is increasing too quickly.

“Is there really no way?” Huo Yuhao asked anxiously, “You've overcome eight Catastrophes. You're so experienced. Come, save him!”

Di Tian snorted and said, “Given my current status, why would I lie to you? If I can't save him, I can't. Aren't you Rank 80 now? Quickly, fuse with him. Otherwise, it'll be too late. Since you saved him, I'm sure he's willing to become your Spirit.”

After hearing Di Tian's words, Little Bai was already nodding repeatedly before Huo Yuhao even opened his mouth. Not only was there a look of excitement in his eyes, but there was even great eagerness.

Huo Yuhao knew that there was no other way. If even Di Tian couldn't save him, Little Bai wouldn't be able to live. He pursed his lips, and then nodded at Little Bai.

Little Bai's eyes brightened immediately. It was as if he experienced a surge of energy just before he died. He forcibly turned himself around and bowed in front of Huo Yuhao.

 Di Tian said, “Begin then. I'll protect you. After you fuse with him, I have something important to ask you.”

“Thanks.” Huo Yuhao didn't say much. After he expressed his grat.i.tude, he immediately started to recite the incantations for an equal contract.

In terms of fusing with Spirits, Huo Yuhao had the greatest experience out of all soul masters. He was the person who had established the profession of a Spirit Transmission Master, and the PaG.o.da Master of the Spirit PaG.o.da.

A formation gradually appeared below Huo Yuhao and the Ice Bear King. Huo Yuhao sensed the Ice Bear King's intent, and slowly released his spiritual power, summoning him.

The Ice Bear King slowly lifted one of his front paws and extended a finger to Huo Yuhao.

His finger was too thick. Even when Huo Yuhao placed his entire palm on the Ice Bear King's finger, it couldn't even cover the fingertip.

A gentle icy-blue light rippled from the Ice Bear King's body. He was a Savage Beast that had survived two Catastrophes. After experiencing this Lightning Catastrophe, he was technically a Savage Beast that had been through three Catastrophes. It was just that he could survive no longer.

A dim blue glow also appeared on Huo Yuhao's body.

“Eh!” When he saw the changes to Huo Yuhao's body, Di Tian exclaimed gently in surprise. However, he didn't say anything further.

The icy-blue glow released from Little Bai's body turned into rings that engulfed Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao was stunned to realize that Little Bai's origin strength was completely compatible with his. There wasn't any rejection during the fusion process at all. He also didn't feel bloated because Little Bai's origin strength was too great. After he fused Little Bai's strength into his body, it quickly fused with his soul power. It even helped to absorb the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence in his blood.

Huo Yuhao turned ice blue. The seven soul rings of his Ice Jade Empress Scorpion also gradually surfaced.

Red, orange, orange, orange, orange, red, and red. Seven soul rings shone brightly.

In a normal fight, Huo Yuhao wouldn't reveal the colors of his soul rings, it was equivalent to telling his opponents that he was extraordinary. However, there was nothing he could do about it right now. He definitely didn't dare to be careless, and did his best for this fusion. His soul rings were thus in their original form and color.

Di Tian's pupils shrank a little. He was in awe. This kid is indeed extraordinary! No wonder he can attract the calls of the G.o.dly realm. I must monitor him more closely. No matter what, I can't let him bring the aura of the Destiny G.o.d Beast into the G.o.dly realm...

The Ice Bear King's body slowly collapsed, and his life aura slowly disappeared. A brand-new red soul ring with three golden patterns slowly rose from his feet.

From this moment on, Huo Yuhao had truly become a Soul Douluo. He was now an eight-ringed Soul Douluo!

Even Huo Yuhao didn't expect his Ultimate Ice martial soul to be the first to reach eight rings.

In fact, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to add soul rings to his main martial soul. It was too difficult to find a spiritual-type soul beast. Furthermore, as the number of Spirits he had increased, Huo Yuhao became even less willing to kill soul beasts to increase the number of soul rings he had.

The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 35, Chapter 504

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