The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 35, Chapter 505.1

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This fusion provided enough strength that his Ice Jade Empress Scorpion no longer needed any soul rings. This wasn't a small thing. If his spiritual sea couldn't handle the spiritual strength of his Spirits, everything would be for naught. The impact on him would also be very great, and it might be a possibility that his spiritual sea would be crushed.

It wasn't possible for someone to replicate the method by which Huo Yuhao had fused with five Spirits. He was only able to do so because his spiritual power was in the concrete-material realm, and also because he possessed the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's Skull of Destiny, as well as his Spirit Eyes' soul core.

The icy-blue glow slowly faded. Huo Yuhao only felt that he was continuously improving. The soul power in his body kept on rising. The pleasure of experiencing a breakthrough made him feel as if he were about to fly.

His body was filled with strength. The remaining Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence instantly melted and fused into his body.

The Ice Bear King's body was already stiff. His life aura had completely vanished. However, a brand-new life was slowly taking form in Huo Yuhao's body. Little Bai's Spirit was slowly forming.

The Ice Bear King was a soul beast who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years. Logically speaking, he should be able to give Huo Yuhao a soul bone. But Huo Yuhao was stunned that no soul bone appeared. It was just his Spirit that formed.

A red eighth soul ring fully demonstrated the strength of a hundred-thousand-year soul beast.

He slowly stood up and looked at the Ice Bear King's ma.s.sive corpse. Huo Yuhao couldn't help but sigh. Little Bai, I still couldn't help you in the end.

In fact, Huo Yuhao didn't want Little Bai to be his Spirit after he developed feelings for him. By becoming his Spirit, it meant that Little Bai would lose his body. To a certain extent, he was dead. Huo Yuhao wasn't fully confident of becoming a G.o.d! If he was able to help Little Bai overcome his bottleneck, he would have been able to live for another hundred thousand years.

Just as Huo Yuhao was feeling a little down, the Beast G.o.d Di Tian suddenly exclaimed in astonishment, “Oh, what's going on? Undead?”

Huo Yuhao thought that some specters were venturing towards them. He wanted to take a look, but he was shocked to realize that Little Bai's charred corpse had actually moved. After this, the corpse gradually sat up.


Huo Yuhao was wide-eyed in shock as he looked at Little Bai. Little Bai straightened his back. His body was still gigantic, but the charred bits started to fall off his body. After this, he let out a deep roar.

His roar was very special. Compared to his original roar, it was much sharper and weirder. However, the specters that thought that things had returned to normal following the lightning catastrophe actually looked in his direction.

After this, Huo Yuhao sensed some kind of special strength gathering in this direction and into Little Bai's body. His aura was increasing at an alarming speed.

As the charred bits fell off of his body, Little Bai's skin grew a layer of greyish fur, still flas.h.i.+ng with dim-blue light. Little Bai's eyes also turned grey, and a weird glow kept on transforming him.

“Has he become an undead?” Huo Yuhao muttered to himself in shock.

Di Tian nodded and said, “It seems so. It seems that he has been restricted by this world. It's the work of this demiplane. Even after he became your Spirit, it seems like some of his spirit is still in his own body. After that, his body slowly transformed into an undead. He was originally a Savage Beast, which means he was very strong, and his body is still resilient enough. Although he was lethally hurt earlier, he seems to have become stronger after becoming undead. His aura isn't weak at all.”

Huo Yuhao revealed a bitter smile on his face. He didn't know whether it was a good thing that Little Bai had become undead...

At this moment, a white light flashed. Little Bai, who had turned into his human form, appeared beside Huo Yuhao. When he saw his original body was roaring into the sky, he was also astonished.

He had just completed the Spirit fusion, and still hadn't sensed the changes to his own body before this situation surfaced.

As the Beast G.o.d was around, the Snow Empress couldn't appear. As a result, Little Bai ran out on his own.

Huo Yuhao was astonished as he asked Little Bai, “Little Bai, what's going on? Can you sense the changes to your body?” 

Little Bai replied, “Grandpa, I'll try.” As he spoke, he shut his eyes, and the gentle power of his spiritual origin cautiously extended towards his body.

His body, which was absorbing the spectral aura from the demiplane, immediately sensed it when Little Bai tried to reach over. His body immediately turned around and looked back at him.

As the four eyes met, Little Bai and his spectral body shook. In the next moment, Little Bai revealed a delighted look on his face.

“Boss, I've connected with it. It's still me! I can sense my own aura.”

Huo Yuhao was confused, and scratched his head. He asked, “What's going on?”

Little Bai replied, “It seems like I was restricted by the rules of this world when I tried to become your Spirit. A streak of my spirit still remains in my body. Without me controlling my own body, it started to change according to the rules of this world. That's what happened. I should be a vampire, as humans would call it. However, I feel stronger even though I'm a vampire now, especially my body. However, I need to absorb more energy first. Hehe, I already told you that I love this place. It's great, I can live as two ent.i.ties now. This is amazing!”

Huo Yuhao was also in a bit of a daze. He didn't know whether this was a good or a bad thing. However, since it had already happened, and Little Bai could connect to his own body, things were already considered not too bad. At least he wouldn't be attacked. If Little Bai's corpse was even stronger than Little Bai was originally, it wouldn't have an opponent in this demiplane, and could rule the entire place. It was indeed not a bad thing.

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “It's good as long as you're fine. Little Bai, return to my body first and let me sense the changes. You've just become my Spirit. You can't waste too much of your origin strength.”

“Alright!” Little Bai immediately agreed. He disappeared into Huo Yuhao's body after staring at Huo Yuhao with a stirring look in his eyes.

Huo Yuhao turned to the Beast G.o.d. Di Tian was annoyed as he said with a weird expression, “Huo Yuhao, you're becoming more and more unclear to me. Tell me about the history of this demiplane. It couldn't have just appeared out of thin air. How did you find this place?”

After pondering for a moment, Huo Yuhao decided to tell the truth. There was no point in hiding things from Di Tian. Although his reverse scale had restricted his connection with the G.o.dly realm, Di Tian had still saved him on many occasions. Huo Yuhao didn't like him, but he didn't hate him either. He only treated him as a target that he wanted to reach in the future.

“This demiplane was created by a teacher of mine. He was called Electrolux, the Divine Law of Necromancy. He was a n.o.ble existence that hailed from another world.”

Huo Yuhao recounted how he had managed to fuse with Electrolux, and how he was guided by him, gaining strong necromantic abilities in the process.

Di Tian didn't doubt him at all or pose any questions. He only listened seriously.

The Divine Law of Necromancy came from another world. Electrolux even had his own divine sense. All these were considered rather inspirational to Di Tian. Regarding this, Huo Yuhao didn't think it was critical. Even if Di Tian learned anything from this, he couldn't become a G.o.d.

“Alright, you've told me everything I need to know. This demiplane is rather good. You must preserve it well. It can become part of your power. Given your current abilities, you can already use it to a great extent. You must be careful in the future. Stop getting into trouble, I can't always save you. Do you understand?” Di Tian said seriously.

“Yes. Thank you, elder Di Tian, for saving my life!” Huo Yuhao nodded at Di Tian.

The projection that was Di Tian disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. It just vanished into thin air. Huo Yuhao was secretly in awe. Elder Di Tian is indeed the strongest existence on the continent! When can my control of spatial power reach his standard?

Little Bai's corpse was still absorbing the spectral power in the demiplane to transform itself. Huo Yuhao didn't dare to stay too long, as he still had things to attend to. If not for the fact that Little Bai had suddenly faced an urgent problem, he would have already tidied himself up and gotten ready to leave for Shrek Academy.

When Huo Yuhao returned to the Tang Sect and his own room, he was feeling depressed.

The reason was very simple. His hair…

Was that heavenly lightning so easily resisted? Even though Huo Yuhao wasn't clear about what kind of effect the lightning had on his body, he could clearly see the frazzled hairs on his head right now.

His hair was neither long nor short. It just reached his shoulders. Now that it was all sticking out like a porcupine. He couldn't even press it down. How could he see anyone like this?

He couldn't help it, he had to take a bath again. Enough water finally restored his hair to normal. However, as he was struck by lightning, his hair was still curly after returning to normal. But the effect wasn't that bad. At least he didn't become ugly...

The Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 35, Chapter 505.1

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