Get Back To You 166 Something New With This Girl

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Giselle heard the story quietly. However, it took a long time to process it.

The fact that Lillian Grey fought for her sake astounded Giselle. Her whole body started to quake.

Was Giselle happy?


Was she aware of her happiness?


Little by little, her feet propelled ahead. Even under the trembling state, she kept pus.h.i.+ng her body towards her.

Towards Lillian Grey.

Without considering too much, her hands spontaneously spread out, circling the lean, firm waist that stood in front. Even with her unsteady hands, her grip was tight. She didn't let go and shattered the distance by pressing herself onto Lillian Grey.



Lillian Grey froze to her feet with s.h.i.+vers down her spine. She felt Giselle's presence, so close, and vibrant, her body grazing Lillian's back.

Giselle hugged Lillian Grey out of nowhere. Her hands clutched onto Lillian firmly, yet the embrace was not suffocating. It is soft and gentle as if Giselle tried to suck out all the pain from Lillian Grey, emotionally as well as physically.

Lillian felt her shaky fingers. She knew how much Giselle struggled just like Lillian.


What she experienced that day was cruel!

Until now, Giselle kept quiet about it. Lillian knew that even with her quirky acts, it isn't possible to heal that pain. That is why Lillian resolved to take revenge on Mike if she ever saw him.

Thanks to the lords that he escaped a few times, until that final day his luck ran out, making him run into Lillian Grey as if it was fate that bought Lillian Grey to Mike.

Because she didn't want to let go of the chance, Lillian used it to destroy Mike.

On that day, while beating Mike, Lillian felt satisfied. However, the feeling of content disappeared when she faced Diego's seething rage.


"Thank you-"

Giselle uttered while planting her head on Lillian's spine.

"Thank you."

"So much, Lilly."

Giselle's words sent shocking waves to Lillian's heart. Not because she felt the grat.i.tude from Giselle but for something else.

Something so silly that it masked all of her distress.

"Can- I-"

"-call- you- Lilly- ?"

Giselle faltered with every word, her voice so soft and melodious almost seducing Lillian, because Lillian too found it arduous to reply. She battled with herself to answer.

After much struggle, Lillian finally replied.

"Y- Yes."

Hearing her response, Giselle s.h.i.+fted her head sideways, now settling her soft cheeks on Lillian's spine.

Lillian noticed the transition. But what felt next intimidated her.

Giselle's cheeks broadened, letting Lillian know that Giselle was smiling.





The sound was loud, and irregular like it isn't normal at all.

The sound startled Lillian Grey. It lured her in and started playing with her.

Within the next few seconds, another sound echoed. It followed the preceding one and tried to catch up to it.

'What is this?' Lillian pondered, unable to recognize it.

Soon, the echo got caught up, and now the two sounds pumped and danced together, beating flawlessly in sync like a pleasing rhythm.

At one point, the sound of two heartbeats embraced to become one.

Lillian knew it.

The first rising beat was Giselle's. It played with Lillian's heart, soon luring it mutually to become one, to become identical.

The dancing beats sent chills to Lillian Grey.

It is a new feeling, unlike anything she's ever felt up until now.

As if a Pandora box got opened, Lillian's heart raced together with Giselle's, matching it perfectly.

The sound was sweet and warm to her ears as if she heard a symphony; Like music to the ears.

Lillian Grey liked it,

She enjoyed it.

She felt it deep even though it is unexplored until now, Lillian loved it.

Meanwhile, Giselle kept reddening from the 'permission granted' response.

She knew her heat went crazy at the moment and so, she didn't interrupt and let it go with the flow.

When her heart rate reached its zenith, Giselle's boxed feeling erupted.

She felt no more hesitation.

Without making a sound out loud, she screamed within herself.

'I'm sorry, Lillian Grey.'

'Right now, I'm not hugging you because I see you as a friend-'

'I'm hugging you because I'm so in love with you.'

'My feeling for you will never disappear.'

'It won't die until my last breath.'


'I love you very much, Lillian Grey.'

These words that Giselle wanted to scream, she let it happen mentally. Without any fear or shame, Giselle yelled out of her lungs within herself, sprouting those lines one by one as she stood so close to Lillian Grey.


Giselle's solo confession got disrupted when she heard Lillian Grey's voice.


"You are not angry, correct?" Lillian asks about the Mike issue.
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Giselle speculated that the cause of Lillian's state is due to her encounter with Mike and the fact that she injured him.

Wanting to resolve the misunderstanding, Giselle declared out loud.

"Of course, not."

"Why would I be angry in the first place?"

"You did it for me."

"Besides, he deserves it."

Giselle paused.

"Did someone said anything?" she asked, finally realizing.

"Uh?" Lillian stammered, swiftly spinning her body to meet Giselle.

Startled from her action as well as dispirited by the emerging distance between them, Giselle frowned as her hands got separated.

Nonetheless, that frown died when Lillian Grey caught those soft fingers and interlocked them with her.

The looming distance vanished once again, not by Giselle but by Lillian.

Surprisingly this is the first time their gazes remained so close and intriguing each other.

Both of them could sense their rising heartbeats privately.

Feared from getting exposed, Giselle interrupted this time.

"Ah- did someone say anything?" she questioned, distracting herself from sensing the heat.

Words don't need to get revealed, but both of them felt the same thing.

Feeling shaken from the sudden warmth rus.h.i.+ng, Lillian looked away from Giselle.

"Lilly?" Giselle called, gathering every single ounce of the courage she had left to utter that name.


'This girl!'

'd.a.m.n it, why did I turn back anyway?'

'I should have kept quiet and stayed on the other side.'

'I never knew that my pet name would someday become my weakness.'

'I should have never given her permission.'


Lillian's train of thoughts halted when Giselle called her once again with the same pet name.

'That's it.'

'It will be dangerous if I stay like this anymore.'

Lillian decided and stepped away from Giselle, her actions not too transparent or abrupt for Giselle to suspect any disliking.

Lillian stood next to her, their shoulders only inches away from brus.h.i.+ng.

"Nothing happened."

"I only thought that you would get mad at me for beating Mike."

Lillian answered as she succeeded in keeping Giselle still centered on her.

"Oh! I mean- I would never recommend it to get done that way."

"What if you got caught by one of our teachers?"

Giselle worried, disturbing Lillian Grey's peace.

Once again, Lillian thought about Diego. Not his interrogations but his rage at that time which seems justifiable.


Giselle's voice caught Lillian's attention.

"You got lucky," Giselle chuckled while she said it.

"Lucky? Why do you think so?"

Lillian wondered.

The last thing she could consider is being lucky on that day. Well, she got lucky in terms of meeting Mike outside the school. Also, she was fortunate because Diego can casually blame it on Mike.

"Why would you say that I got lucky?" Lillian asked not able to accept Giselle's point.

"Because it was for me."

Giselle's response was vague.

"Because you fought for me, you got lucky enough not to get busted by any of our teachers."

Giselle replied cheekily.

"Because of you?" Lillian asked, staring at her eyes.

"Yes, definitely because of me. My power let you get away with it.

Lillian laughed from her silly remark. She felt no more stress in her mind like a weight being lifted off.

All of her insecurities got replaced with new fluttering sensations.

Lillian Grey didn't bother to acknowledge it immediately. Instead, she let herself enjoy the time spent with this girl who is starting to look different in Lillian's eyes.

Lillian Grey was feeling something new with this girl.

Get Back To You 166 Something New With This Girl

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