Get Back To You 167 Getting Caught?

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Lillian Grey and Giselle were returning from their private tour.

Time flew so fast that the two girls lost their senses, enjoying the serene beauty together and sharing words.

It has been more than an hour since Giselle left the campsite and to avoid any more trouble, Giselle insisted Lillian return to the campground.

"Are we going to get caught?"

"I'm sure they would have noticed us missing for a long time."

"Maybe not you but at least me, I left telling Anna that I would visit the restroom."

"Anna would be mad."

"What if she is angry with me?"

"Mr. Seth has sharp eyes I hope he doesn't catch us."

Giselle kept moaning throughout the whole journey back to the campsite.

At first, Lillian Grey tried to comfort her, but Giselle's worried too much and hence Lillian decided to stay quiet and focused on the trail, making sure not to miss a path and get lost.

'That would be an ultimate double-trouble for the two.'

'Giselle would probably faint if she gets lost at a time like this.'

Hiding her inner thoughts, Lillian carefully guided Giselle back to their accommodation.

When they crossed the building and reached the backside, the bonfire still lit up the whole place as if the flashlights from hundreds of cameras fell upon the red carpet. The entire campground lightened because of more fuel added to the fire.

Giselle's eyes relaxed a bit when she entered the campsite and noticed the kids leaving.


"Is it over?" Giselle peered at the group of kids leaving the place.

Lillian Grey observed quietly from the sides and then signaled the kids who were exiting to know what was going on.

It appears that those who want to rest can go back to their respective rooms since the main events are all over.

'Main events?'

Lillian wondered what did happen during the campfire: a few people sang, there should have been dance performance too, and Giselle mentioned about the ghost story-telling time.

Other than these, Lillian Grey couldn't figure out the rest.

It seems that the kids performed skits and played various games that they all forgot the time. Two hours went by, and Seth noticed the time and announced to the kids that they could leave to have dinner and take rest.

Exhausted from the fun-filled camp night, many students opted to leave for dinner and then return to their rooms to rest. So when Lillian Grey and Giselle returned they saw schoolmates departing the campfire.

"I mean, do you want to leave?" Giselle asks Lillian.

Since the kids are permitted to go back, Giselle thought it would be safe to return without anyone spotting them.

"No, let's take a look. I'm sure people are staying."

The two walked towards the campground and saw the scattered kids in groups. However, the staff, along with the guides who helped them during the trip were large in number.

Only three groups of students remained, and they were all playing amongst themselves.

The adults were sharing drinks and talking while watching over the kids. Just as the two girls stood on the frontier and watched, Seth's voice came in roaring.

"Alright, everyone, it's going to be 10 PM, so I want you all to leave one by one. Go, have your dinner, and return to your rooms. Pack your things tonight itself so that there won't be any delay tomorrow."

The kids all objected it in a chorus, but Seth remained pa.s.sive. His decision was firm and finalized.

"You have only a few more minutes before leaving."

Seth warned as he went back to his seat and continued chatting with a nearby guide.

Hearing the announcement sent a final warning to the two girls who were standing around.

"Giselle, you can leave!"

Lillian announces as she faced Giselle.

"You are not coming?"

Lillian responded that she wishes to stay back and enjoy those last few minutes of the campfire night.

"Also, Anna would become worried if you don't return soon."

Giselle listened to her words and agreed. She gave a parting smile to Lillian Grey, meaning to obey her words and leave the place immediately.

But her actions got arrested when Lillian Grey didn't let go off her hand.

They both laugh at Lillian's cheeky actions.

Amidst that, Lillian apologizes for ignoring Giselle throughout the whole time. She also thanked Giselle for not hating her actions against Mike. By talking and sharing their innermost feelings, the two were able to get closer than before. Both felt comfortable and couldn't stop smiling when facing each other.

After hearing out Lillian's heartfelt grat.i.tude and apologies, Giselle summons the courage to request Lillian Grey.

"Can you promise not to ignore me, like ever in your life?"

Stunned from her direct approach and shocked by the impact of those words, Lillian Grey took a few seconds to calm down herself and responded.

"O- Okay!" she replied, earnestly vowing never to ignore Giselle without a proper reason.


"Can you please let me go now?"

"You won't avoid me any more, but Anna might soon start it if you keep me stalling here."

Giselle appealed like a kid.

"Listen, I'm going to say this only once."

Lillian announced, drawing attention from Giselle.
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"My friends will never hate you. They won't, not under my sight."

Lillian declared as she pressed Giselle's hand so hard to share the weight of those words she meant sincerely.

"Fine," Giselle admitted, not worrying about Anna.

They both silently stared into each other. Standing within the vicinity of the bonfire, it felt warm and comfortable.

"d.a.m.n, it is so warm in here!" Lillian commented.

"We missed it," Giselle frowned.

Though the place the two visited was unique and irreplaceable, the campfire sounds intriguing too. The fact that they both missed eating smores, dance or sing and tell eerie ghost stories stays true.

"I mean it's just a camp, not a big deal," Lillian mocked.

For her, all of this may include as an experience but not much to the point of worrying.

However, that was not the case for Giselle. Hearing Lillian's laid-back response, her face became blue. Noticing the girl's change of mood, Lillian sighed; Mentally slapping herself for throwing loose words without any courtesy.

"It's okay we can do our, own camp sometime."

Giselle wanted to leave at once, not because she didn't get impressed of Lillian's reply but the time was nearing. Two more of the remaining group have already pa.s.sed on while these two chatted a little.

Without stretching the topic, Giselle nodded.

"Fine, can I go now?" Giselle signaled.



"Woah, you can't call me that," Lillian blinked in awe.

"What?" Giselle snapped.

"Why, you gave me permission already?"

"No, take backs."

Watching Giselle argue instantly, Lillian smiles.

"I know, I know."

"What I meant is that you cannot call me like that out of nowhere, not publicly too,"

Suddenly a difference sprouted between Anna and Diego addressing her 'Lilly' and Giselle calling her 'Lilly.'


"Anna and Diego can call you, why not me?"

Lillian struggles as if this kid is not trying to understand. Even Lillian herself cannot interpret these new odd behaviors. Unable to take control of the situation, Lillian gives in to her.

"Fine, fine, do whatever you wish."

"Can I go now, Lilly?"

Lillian snickers slightly without Giselle seeing it.

She let go of her hand, Giselle says goodnight and then left.

Just as she watched Giselle leave, someone called her.

"Lillian Grey?"

Lillian turns back to find Seth.


Lillian's stress-free state starts to melt as she meets a highly flaming boiler.

Lillian blinks as Seth beckons her.

Lillian Grey obeys, and when she reached him, he declared out loud, "Wait here, I need to talk to you."


'Did he found us out?'

'If so, then he would have called us both, why me alone?'

Lillian deeply ponders as Seth went back to the guy he was having a conversation with and whispered to his something. The guy seems to agree with Seth because Lillian saw Seth approaching her.

It was like a Lion walking towards its hunted prey.

The nearby group of kids asked Seth on his way back, to know if they can return to help the staff put out the bonfire. Seth requests them to take rest and leave the fire extinguis.h.i.+ng to the adults as it could be a time-consuming process.

The kids leave; a few of the staff members also take leave from the place.

After a bit of waiting, Seth returns with a drink in his hand.

"Mr. Seth, I shouldn't drink!"

"It's a flavored soda drink. Don't think I'm that too lenient to let my student share a drink with me."


Seth handed her drink and took a seat. They both chose a place near to the fire since Seth was in charge of keeping an eye out. Also, the night air is cold. Sitting near the heat can keep them warm.

Probably, the short adventurous trip with Giselle might have exhausted Lillian she got dehydrated as soon as she saw the drink. Quickly, she opens the can and starts to drink the juice in one gulp.


"I know you and Giselle went somewhere else."

The sugary flavored water streaming down her throat caused an outburst, literally making Lillian Grey to choke on her drink.

Seth's words. .h.i.t her like an earthquake.

Get Back To You 167 Getting Caught?

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