My First Diary 15 Chapter 15 - Nightmares

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Emma wakes up to the sound of a thunder strike nearby, and very soon after she woke up, she realizes that she is in a dark room, with her lips tapped, she could smell the smell of the duck tape on her lips, "where am I?!" Emma thinks to herself, she can soon hear footsteps, gradually becoming louder, and louder, and louder, until *boom* a light in front of Emma's face powered on, Emma closed her eyes from the strong light, she can feel the heat from the light on her eyelids. Then the light began to dim, as a oddly familiar, deep male voice emerged from the eerie silence, "open your beautiful eyes Emma, don't be scared of me, okay?" the male voice said in a light and eerie tone, "why am I here!? I was in the hospital... with Isabella... and... and-" Emma began to think to herself, but the deep voice interrupted her thoughts, "are you scared sweet Emma?" the voice asked, "I'll take that as a no, well that's very good then, isn't it?" the voice said as Emma could hear the voice and the footsteps becoming more and more quiet, her left with no choice, she decides to open her eyes slightly, to see what's happening, and just as she was about to open her eyes she can hear the man coming back. "Open up those beautiful eyes Emma, you don't have to be scared of me, I'm here to... to... you know, help you, in a way" the man said, Emma felt terrified, she wanted to get out of this place that she was in, she wanted to be safe with Tom, suddenly she felt a warm touch on her cheek and a stinging sensation, "hmm, a cut?" said the male voice, "I'll get you a plaster for that, don't you worry" the man said as his voice became more and more quiet one again, and it was not long until he came back, his footsteps became louder and louder, Emma could even hear his breathing, "what's happening? I... I want to go home..." Emma thinks to herself as her eyes begin to tear up, "don't worry, you stopped bleeding from your cut, a cut is a first world problem, considering that you are now going to die" The man said with a quiet and dangerous tone, "die!?" Emma thought to herself as she opened her eyes wide, she could not see anyone beside her, but she could her the man's voice behind her, "you finally opened your eyes, huh?" the man said beginning to chuckle.

Suddenly *boom!* the lights turned off, everything became pitch dark.

*ring* Emma's phone rang as she woke up and grabbed her phone, "w... who... is it....?" Emma said out loud to herself, she looks at her phone as it takes her a few moments for her vision to focus in the phone, "T... Tamara?" Emma said to herself, "who is Tamara?" Emma thinks, but she decides to answer her phone, "h-h.e.l.lo?..." Emma says in the phone with a croaky morning voice, "Can I.... help you?" Emma asks polity, "I can see you Emma... you can't hide now b.i.t.c.h!" a slightly deep female voice threaten Emma, "what?... what do you mean?" Emma asked, getting more and more scared. She can hear the creaking of the doors to her left side as it began to open, "you know what I mean" the female voice said, Emma can see a slender silhouette of the woman in front if a swinging, dim light, the woman had a knife in her hand as she began to approach Emma, Emma took her phone away from her ear, she wanted to say something, but she could not say anything, she felt intimidated, her eyes opened up wide, "goodbye Emma...." the woman said, raising the knife, and suddenly forcing it down straight towards Emma's body.

Suddenly *loud inhale* Emma opened her eyes, revealing a white landscape in from of her, and a figure beside her, she felt relieved as she can see more people around them, walking around, snow is falling down, she begins to smile, she turns her head to her right as she sees shoes of the figure standing beside her, as she begins to look up, she can see that the figure is quite tall, just like Tom, "Tom I missed you so much" Emma thinks to herself, she stops inspecting the body half way through, as she begins to move in towards the body, of who she thinks is Tom, "I love you Tom..." Emma says. "I... I love you too Emma... but, I'm not Tom" the figure says, Emma suddenly looks up looking at the landscape, in shock, she the slowly begins to look up towards the head of the figure while she is starting move away from the figure, when she looks at the face of the figure, she gets even more shocked to realize that the figure was actually Mr Daly. Emma begins to looks around her as the people around her disappeared, but when she looks back at Mr Daly, she sees him dressed in something else, a t-s.h.i.+rt and a muddy overall, "don't worry, I won't tell anyone Emma, I swear... " Mr Daly tells Emma, she looks at the grounds and sees that the snow is beginning to melt away, she looks to where a town is meant to be, and sees nothing but a waste yard, the sky turned from a snowy white, to a hazy yellow, suddenly, Mr Daly grabs her by her jacket, "do you understand that I need you Emma?" Mr Daly said to Emma angrily, "every night when I go to bed, I think of you, I want you, I need you.... m... maybe we can try one night? Can we Emma? I can try you out, and you can try me?" Mr Daly says with a hopeless look in his eyes, Emma feels disturbed, as she tries to get Mr Daly's had off you, "or you don't want me?..." Mr Daly says, getting more and more frustrated, "or you don't need me... you don't want me!? Is that it? Huh!?... You don't what me!?" Mr Daly says as he gets more and more angry, he grabs Emma by her hand now and pushed her onto the ground, "people keep on telling me what to do, "Mark do this, Mark do that", well guess what!? Mark Daly will no longer do what you f.u.c.king want me to do, he will do his own f.u.c.king think now" Mark says as he begins to unb.u.t.ton his overall, Emma begins to back up, "there is nowhere to go Emma, where will you go now, huh?" Mark says, but Emma begins to crawl away to her right, "hey, come back here, I'm not done with you yet b.i.t.c.h" Mark says as he grabs Emma, "you are gonna take what I give you, and if you don't, oh boy, will you be sorry" Mark said to Emma, but suddenly, Emma lied on her back, pulled her left leg back, and kicked Mark straight in the b.a.l.l.s, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Emma shouted as she managed to quickly get on her feet. "You f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h!?" Mark said as he clenched his teeth together and ran into Emma, holding her off the edge of the cliff, "you aren't as smart as you thought you were, huh?" Mark said, laughing, "f.u.c.k you" Emma said, spitting on Marks face, Mark wipes the spit off his face with his right hand, as his left hand is holding onto Emma's jacket, "ah, f.u.c.k you too" Mark said, as he pushes Emma off the edge of the cliff. "NOO!?" Emma shouts out loud, falling, time begins to slow down as her body is falling down toward the shallow water, "I'm sorry mom" Emma said to herself as she is falling down, suddenly, a bright light flashed in the sky, pulsating every second, pulse after pulse, it became more and more brighter, until...

"Emma!?" a familiar female voice screamed, Emma can see lights over her pa.s.sing by, quickly, "she is waking up!" another female voice said somewhere in front of her, "W-what.... is happening....?" Emma said in her head, before her eyelids close again and everything became dark once again.

*To be continued*

My First Diary 15 Chapter 15 - Nightmares

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