My First Diary 23 Chapter 23 - Love Is Pain, Love Is Pleasure

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Emma opens her eyes, she can see the blue sky with a litter of clouds, sailing their way through the sky.

Slowly, her hearing begins to come back, she can hear waves cras.h.i.+ng.

With each second, and with each crash of the wave, she could hear clearer and louder.

Emma tilts her head to her right, to where she could hear the waves cras.h.i.+ng into the sh.o.r.e.

She stares at the ocean, the water, the waves approaching the sh.o.r.e.

After a few minutes, she tilts her head to her left, she could see a large hill, covered in green gra.s.s. She could see the gra.s.s swaying in the wind.

She turns her head back so that she is looking straight up at the sky, and straight after she tries to sit up.

It is difficult, her limbs feel numb and sore, but she pushes herself and manages to sit up.

Her head begins to feel sore and dizzy as she rests her head on her hands, but she can feel her limbs warming up.

After a few minutes, her dizziness begins to go away, she can feel her body regaining strength.

Emma looked up, raising her head from her hands a few minutes later. She looks around her and she could see a distant figure as she looks behind her.

She feels stronger now than how she felt when she woke up, she attempts to stand up.

She first goes onto her two knees, before anchoring her hands into the sand below her and beginning to slowly raise her body up.

With difficulty, she manages to stand up onto her legs. At first, she wobbles, she tries to gain more stability and as time she does. Bit by bit, she manages to stand up still.

She looked at the direction in which she saw the figure. It is still there, not moving.

"Who... who is that?" Emma asks herself as she begins to walk towards the still figure.

She would look the figure before looking down at the sand to see in what she will step in. The sound of the waves cras.h.i.+ng into the sh.o.r.e relaxes her as she proceeds on walking.

She gets closer and closer to the figure.

She could see that the figure is, in fact, a guy, who has his back turned towards her. His hair is a light brown colour.

The person seems familiar, the build of his body seems familiar, almost too familiar.

He is wearing a pair of blue denim jeans and a s.h.i.+rt with a square pattern, each square was a different shade of blue, and he is wearing a black pair of low top converse.

She approaches the person, beginning to slow down until finally, she reached the person.

"What should I say?" she asks herself as she looks at the guy.

"Does he even know that I am behind him?" she asks herself again.

She tries to say something, but not a single word will come out of her mouth.

She attempts to say "hi", but she can't.

She looks down and looks over to her right hand. She looks back up at the guy, whilst slowly raising her right hand.

When her right hand reached the shoulder height of the guy in front of her, she gently places her hand on his shoulder blade.

From all of a sudden, she feels a wave of energy soar through her body as she slightly jumps back, quickly retracting her hand.

The person in front of her begins to turn his head slowly towards Emma, but Emma examines her hand to see for any signs of injuries.

"Emma?" calls out a masculine voice.

Emma stops what she is doing, and looks up. She could see the guy fully turned around and she cannot believe her eyes.

"You are alive!" he says, happily.

"It's you..." she mutters. looking into his face.

Emma realizes that the guy that she is looking at and who is talking to her is Tom.

Her eyes begin to water up, "I... I thought you left me" she says quietly.

"L-leave you?" he asks her.

"I would neve..." but before he could finish his sentence, Emma interrupts him with a hug as she begins to cry. "I am sorry" she whispers into his right ear, but Tom seems very confused and surprised that Emma hugged him.

"What are you sorry about?" he asks her, still confused.

"I... I don't know, I just feel like I should say sorry" Emma replies, crying.

"If anyone has to say sorry... it would be me" he whispers to her, as he slowly wraps his hand around her. He could hear Emma sob harder as she squeezes him.

"I still love you" Emma whispers to him.

"I love you too" Tom whispers back to her, as he rests his lips on Emma's head.

He closes his eyes as he enjoys his embrace with Emma, and Emma enjoys her embrace with Tom.

"I will never stop loving you" Tom adds as he tightly hugs Emma. They sway from side to side in the light breeze of the wind.

"I will never stop loving you either," she tells him, as she raises her head up and their eyes meet.

Slowly, their heads begin approaching one another, Emma begins to close her eyes as Tom tilts his head to his left, slightly bending down.

Tom closes his eyes as their lips meet, as they begin smoothing, tears roll down Emma's face as her heart begins to ache.

"I... I know that this is not real" she tells herself as she keeps on kissing him.

Suddenly she stops, pus.h.i.+ng away from Tom, beginning to sob again.

From all of a sudden... she cannot feel his touch anymore.

She slowly opens her watery eyes, just to find herself alone... Tom is gone, no-where to be seen...

Emma begins to breathe in heavily, each breath becoming heavier, until... she collapses down onto her knees.

"CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I STILL LOVE YOU!?" she yells out loud, breaking down into tears.

*To be continued*

My First Diary 23 Chapter 23 - Love Is Pain, Love Is Pleasure

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