Bunny Husband Chapter 8

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He was wrong! He was scared!

‘Haocheng gege!'

Hearing her voice and seeing her running figure, Haocheng's head ached. Why did no one tell him that Zhao Tianjiao was coming?

‘Haocheng-gege, Tianjiao missed you so much!' she cried as she held his hand, and acted coquettishly. She was dressed in pink and looked as beautiful as a flower, but all eyes were on the handsome young man.

The Wulin a.s.sembly was going to be held in two days, people from all works of life were coming to the Guyunbao to partic.i.p.ate in the event. The guests of the Guyunbao saw the Wulin Alliance leader waling about with the beautiful young man, making people speculate who he was. A few young men thought Jiang Haocheng was a woman disguised as a man, and they were eager to find out who she was. If it wasn't for the fact that she was always by Ji Danning, they would have surrounded her and tried to court her.

When they asked the residents of Guyunbao about the young man, they all had complicated looks on their faces. They hesitated to speak, making the curious guest think that the ident.i.ty of the young person was important, so they dared not say more. This inflamed the guests' curiosity. The young maids whose hearts throbbed at the sight of Haocheng wanted to know where he came from so they may be able to marry him. Many villainous eyes coveted the feminine beauty of the young man.

As more and more people arrived in the castle, Jiang Haocheng's days became more and more distressing. There were lots of women who glared at him, just as there were people, men and women, sending him love tokens. Even when he said he was a man, there were people who didn't believe him, and there were those that said even if he was a man, they did not mind.

❌ You don't mind? Laozi minds!

Whether it was stabbing someone's a.s.s or being stabbed; he was not interested! He just wanted to hold onto Xiaojiu's soft body and enter her seductive wet cave. The rest of the world can go hang!

‘Miss Zhao…' he began.

‘I said you should call me Tianjiao,' Tianjiao muttered unhappily. Then her expression turned coquettish as she asked, ‘Haocheng-gege, don't you want to see me?'

After they had left the Zhao compound, she had thought about him every day. Then she began to hear rumours of a beautiful young man in Guyunbao two weeks ago. The appearance of the young man caused a disturbance in Wulin. She had become afraid that Haocheng would be taken by someone else so she had rushed to Guyunbao as soon as possible.

Zhao Tianjiao raised her chin proudly as she clung onto Haocheng's arm possessively while glaring at the envious expressions of the women around them.

Haocheng sweated all over but he could not retract his hand from Tianjiao's grip. He looked about to find Xiao Lao-Er's teasing eyes looking at him, he glared at Lao-Er,

Was this a theatre show? Come and save him quickly. If Xiaojiu saw this, she will…she will kill him.

Ji Danning entered the hall, and the lively atmosphere died away to freezing point. The strange tempered rarely seen martial arts leader had appeared; they were all intimidated by her. Unlike ordinary folk, she had strange coloured eyes, and she was a powerful martial artist. She won the leaders.h.i.+p staff four years ago but she disappeared for four years, till now. The only thing that was known about her was that she was the adoptive daughter of the head of Guyunbao. They dared not approached her to know more because of her cold aura.

Seeing that she was around, the brothers and sisters tacitly stepped away from Haocheng. They have seen how possessive the younger sister was of Jiang Haocheng. Her mood depended on how close or how far Haocheng was away from her. If he should laugh with other people, their s.h.i.+mei would be unhappy. Although, she said nothing and had no expression, the intense cold aura she exuded would make people s.h.i.+ver.

The people in the hall perceived that something was not right; they held their breath in trepidation.

Haocheng quickly pulled out of Tianjiao's grip and took three steps to the left, getting as far away from Tianjiao as he could. He held his hands to his back and have Danning an innocent look; don't lose your temper. I didn't do anything!

He was happy Xiaojiu was jealous. Being jealous meant she cared about him. So to see Xiaojiu's possessive desire he was willing to act as bait – it didn't matter if it made him sick; Laozi was cool. But Xiaojiu's anger was terrifying and Haocheng subconsciously touched his neck.

‘What it is, cousin?' Tianjiao's voice trembled wondering why Danning's cold gaze was on her. Did she do anything wrong?

Danning stepped towards her, her green eyes boring into Zhao Tianjiao, ‘Keep away from him. If you do this again, I would not let you go.' If she saw Tianjiao touch him again, Danning would kill her!

She grabbed Haocheng's hand, and turned to the crowd of onlookers coldly, ‘He's mine.'

With that, she pulled him out of the hall. Everyone was silent.

‘What was that about?' Zhao Tianjiao said after a long bout of silent astonishment.

Xiao Lao-er patted her sympathetically, ‘Miss Zhao, you will die.'

Want to covet his sister's thing, she was looking for death!

‘But isn't cousin marrying my brother?' Tianjiao asked incredulous. She turned to her brother, ‘Brother, what had happened? Why didn't you say anything?'

Zhao Tianlin remained silent. He closed his eyes and kept silent while his fists were clenched tight.

The brothers looked at each other and dared not say anything; it was better for others not to interfere in emotional matters.


‘Xiaojiu, have some tea.' Haocheng held a tea bowl up to Danning, not forgetting to smile at her.

She had pulled him back to his room. She had not said anything, just sat in a chair not looking at him. He nervously touched his nose; he knew his Xiaojiu was angry at him, but it was Zhao Tianjiao clearly clinging to him, he hadn't wanted her to.

But Xiaojiu was hot-tempered, and he understood, so he immediately tried to coax her.

Danning stared at the tea in his hand but did not take it from him. Her green eyes glanced at him and she still said nothing.

Gosh, why was his Xiaojiu so cute when she got angry?

Haocheng smiled narrowing his eyes, but Danning ignored him. But he wasn't upset about it. He put down the tea bowl and handed her a sweet scented osmanthus candy.

‘How about something sweet?' he asked.

She looked down at the sweet in his hand, the sweet scent calling her gaze, but as soon as she saw his smile, she immediately tightened her lips. He was trying to pacify her with something sweet again! But this tactic would not be effective this time; she had told him to stay away from Tianjiao but he had been near her just now. She was unhappy, very unhappy.

These days, she had not been happy. The Guyunbao was full of people, and they were all unintentionally or intentionally staring at Haocheng. She hated the look in their eyes. Even the maids in the castle blushed when they saw him, and he got little presents from them. It made her feel very uncomfortable. Even though Haocheng did not keep his gifts, she was not happy.

If her father hadn't forbidden her, she would have taken him and left the castle! She hated crowded and noisy places, and people who stared at Haocheng.

With her lips tightly closed, Danning's face looked sullen, but she didn't realise she looked so cute making him laugh. Many little bubbles of love rose from his heart, and he wanted to throw her down. She had really changed recently, although she remained expressionless to outsiders, in front of him, she would show her anger, petulance and sometimes even smile slightly. That little smile made his heart throb, and he could not help but kiss her and hide her smile from others.

On the surface, it looked at though he was the one following her about. But when he was not near her, she would seek him out. She was like a proud kitten, who seemed to ignore him when he was near, but when he went away, she would quietly follow him and stare at him with those beautiful green eyes as though accusing him for not being near her.

Ah, she was so cute! But her loveliness was shown only to him; which satisfied his male vanity. He reached out and hugged her from behind. Although, she was angry, she let him put his arms around her. He could not help but chuckle as he said,

‘Xiaojiu, don't be angry.' Before kissing her ear and blowing into it. His voice was soft and pleasant.

Her white ears immediately reddened making his phoenix eyes smile more intensely. He had accidentally discovered this; when she became shy, she would not look at him but her ears turned slightly red.

She lowered her head and said nothing, but her soft lips were parted as her expression softened.

‘Xiaojiu, you're so cute; I like you very much…'

He often told her that he liked her. When she first heard it, she did not respond, but now, her ears were fiery red. And Haocheng smiled. His hands crept into her collar and gently stroked her tender b.r.e.a.s.t.s. His hot and humid lips bit at her small ears, and he kissed her soft cheeks, then finally her fragrant mouth.

He put the osmanthus sugar into her mouth. As the sweet melted, he sucked on her tongue licking her sweetened saliva, sharing it between them.

Her heartbeat sped up because of his kiss. He fondled her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and her nipples hardened, and there was a now familiar turbulence in her lower abdomen. Her body had been developed by him. He taught her all her desires so he knew how to stir her up and make her lose her pretensions. On her blank sheet, he had painted his colour. In his hands, she was no long her pure white, but like a flower, relying on him allowing him to sketch on her body. (Zuben: Nonsense metaphors)

Her clothes fell from her body one by one, and his hand covered her s.e.x. He stroked her with his fingers a few times, before parting the tender petals and lightly teasing her.

‘Hm~' she moaned opening her legs voluntarily. She pushed her fingers into his hair, and entangled her lips and tongue with his with enthusiasm.

Dew oozed out of the mouth under the ministrations of his fingers. His long finger pushed into her small hole and the flesh enthusiastically wrapped around him. He slowly twisted in and out, while his thumb teased her stamen, and petals. He slowly entered deeper into the heart of her flower; on finger then two, enriching her.

Her breathing became heavier and heavier. She involuntarily twisted her b.u.t.tocks to cater to his fingers. The love juice poured out around his fingers and wetted the seat under her. (Zuben: How much water does she drink?)

Letting go of her now red and full lips, he pushed her so she was leaning over the table while he knelt behind her. He lifted her legs on his shoulders and buried his face between them. Like a thirsty bee, he sucked at her nectar and licked the tender pink wrinkles; making her wetter and hotter.

‘Hnn~…' Danning threw her head back and bit her forefinger to keep herself from moaning.

But his onslaught was even more excessive; squeezing the tender petals, holding the flower nucleus and sucking hard. Her delicate body jumped, ‘Ah~ no~' she cried.

He loved listening to her voice. When her cold voice turned l.u.s.tful, she became so seductive. He wanted to bully her harder. He wanted her to cry out! He used his tongue and fingers; as he sucked on the petals, he stabbed his long fingers into her small hole, pus.h.i.+ng in alongside the tip of his tongue.

‘Hnn~…' It was too much, she wanted to escape from him, but was reluctant to let go of the pleasure. Her green eyes were moist, full of excitement from the throbbing desire and bewilderment.

Haocheng enjoyed it; he loved to lick her and he knew she liked it too. Everytime he played with her, she became excited. Her intimate muscles twisted around his fingers and tongue tightly, and the nectar that flowed out was sweet. He sipped and swallowed the honey in his mouth. Under the contractions of her inner flesh, his fingers p.r.i.c.ked her faster brus.h.i.+ng hard against her inner walls.

‘Ah~' she cried unable to stand it any longer. Her body was taut and her head turned white. More dew flowed out from her flower.

Haocheng pulled out his finger and rose hurriedly to take off his clothes. He sat on the chair and held her over him, aiming his hardness at her tenderness and then slowly drew her down.

‘Hmm~' she moaned as she grasped his shoulders. She looked down at her body taking him in and her face became hot. She became so ashamed and tensed.

When he was half way in, he let her go and gravity made his thickness ruthlessly part her petals and penetrate the heart of her flower.

She could not help but cry out. Her sensitive delicate body trembled and fell softly against him.

He grabbed her round b.u.t.tocks and continued to force an upward impact into her. Her muscled tightly surrounded him drawing him deeper. His eyes grew red from the tension.

‘Xiaojiu…' he called before kissing her lips, stirring her sweetness with his tongue as his thick c.o.c.k drove deep into her, robbing her of everything.

She could only cling to him, let his colour and breath touch her. She could not resist, she did not want to resist. She let him take her into his world.


When he woke up, he wasn't surprised to find he was alone in bed. He felt lonesome holding on to the torn cotton quilt. Xiaojiu rose early to practice her martial arts. When he woke, he was usually alone. He had to wait another hour till he saw her again.

He rolled around in the bed feeling lonely; he was really dissatisfied with this situation. He wanted to see her lovely sleeping face when he woke up. He rolled again; his little brother was lonely too. Alas, despite his little brother's pillar of optimism, he could not get up so early. He had thought about getting up earlier than Xiaojiu, but it was so hard. It was hard for him to wake up once he was asleep. He could not feel anything moving beside him until he woke up. So he had no idea what time Xiaojiu rose out of bed, so he had to be lonely accompanied by a quilt. (Zuben: Your hand is there too.)

After a few more minutes of self pity, his belly grumbled. Time to go look for breakfast, and get breakfast for Xiaojiu, too. His goal was to fatten her up so he can hold onto more soft bits.

Heh heh, his handsome face laughed obscenely.

He got out of bed and put on his clothes, there was a knock on the door.

‘Jiang gongzi, are you awake?'

‘I'm awake,' he said as he opened the door and looked at the maid with a smile,' What is the matter?'

The maid blushed and lowered her head shyly, ‘Madame would like to see you.' After which she quickly left. Although, she would like to stay a bit longer, they were afraid of Miss Ji, so they dared not.

Mother in law was looking for him? Haocheng held his chin and frowned.

He had been in Guyunbao for two weeks now, and he was getting along with everyone. He even had a laugh with Ji Gongyi, but Madame Shen Wanniang still rejected him. He was aware that his status as a male prost.i.tute was unacceptable to her. Lao-er had told him that his mother-in-law had come from a good family and she attached great importance to etiquette and reputation. So she was not satisfied with him. Her son-in-law was Zhao Tianlin, his appearance had disturbed everything. It was no wonder that Madame Ji was not satisfied with him and never looked at him directly.

But now, she was looking to speak to him; it was hard not to hope that she was beginning to be willing to accept him.

Haocheng smiled and stepped out of his room and went to the main courtyard headed for his future mother-in-law's rooms. Anyway, soldiers would block – water would cover the earth; there was always a solution to a problem.[1]

He was not afraid of anything in order to get his family's Xiaojiu.

[1] [1] 兵来将挡,水来土掩:  bīng lái jiàng dǎng,shuǐ lái tǔ yǎn – an idiom. One should be flexible depending on the circ.u.mstance {}

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Bunny Husband Chapter 8

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