The Craftsman 308 New Beginning

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As Daedalus left his room he immediately went his training courtyard, Ceridwen had had this set up for him shortly after his previous room had been destroyed. Though Daedalus rarely used it it was always kept in top shape by the maids.
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The court yard had several trees around the edges with a lush garden of flowers mixed in-between. It had a peaceful atmosphere that helped him focus on his training. After walking to the center of the courtyard Daedalus took out a parchment, on the parchment was written a training regimen. Daedalus had written this in order to show himself what he would need to train.

So, for the start of his morning, Daedalus began his daily exercises starting with the simplistic but effective push-ups. Almost an hour later Daedalus had completed a number of non weighted exercises, including, sit-ups, squats, many stretches and a thirty minute run to finish it off.

By the end Daedalus breathing had become ragged and his muscles ached, so he walked to the hot springs. He had altered his memories to tell him it just rejuvenated his tired body, that way he actually us d it rather than being scared of his body being harmed by the immortal energy. Soaking into the liquid Daedalus could feel his whole body relax in comfort, however only three minutes later Daedalus got out and returned to his courtyard.

As he made his way back Daedalus was thinking about what weapon he should practise that morning, he still had two hours before his new weapon teachers would begin there lessons. In the end as he arrived in his courtyard Daedalus decided. He would be practicing his posture with his bow.

It wasn't easy for him, even with a phenomenally strong body he had a hard time holding the bow and the stance. The reason behind the difficulty was that he was using a stance training bow. The stance training bow was a heavy bow that was made to be difficult to use so that you stayed focused and didn't relax your stance.

Daedalus with nearly only pure will power had managed to hold the stance for nearly an hour. About halfway through his stance training, his teachers had decided to wake him up early thinking he would still be asleep. They had been standing at the courtyards entrance for that time silent as they could be so as to not distract him.

When his stance finally collapsed Daedalus fell to the ground panting, and was surprised to see his teachers staring at him with suprise evident on there faces. Daedalus quickly invited them in and decided to apologize for his previous att.i.tude, explaining that he had felt confident in his abilities but had decided to train harder so he would be strong enough for the tournament.

Although his teachers wouldn't say anything they all had the similar thoughts on his apology, humble. This the first true day of training began, and Daedalus suffered through with determination and no small amount of stubborn pride.

The Craftsman 308 New Beginning

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