Naruto System Within Naruto 102 Chapter 102 : Scolding The Strongest!!!

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Having come to the point where Linley truly puked blood in the real world, in the Reality Breaker Linley reverted everything to normal and Madara fell on his knees murmuring for what reason he had done all that...

Linley made a hand seal and threw a fireball Jutsu at Madara who got blasted by the full brunt and got blown away...

We are in the middle of the fight, stop being in a daze... : Linley

He needed to finish this within 2 minutes or else this world would collapse... He looked at Madara who was still in a daze as he was with a few burns...

Did it hit him that hard?? That his entire clan was manipulated even before he was born??

Linley used his Hirais.h.i.+n and appeared in front of Madara with a deadly glare and yelled as he punched him in the face...

WAKE THE f.u.c.k UP!!!! : Linley

At his yelling Madara finally reacted and as he was blown away he didn't even bother to adjust himself as he was rebounding in the ground...

What's the point of waking up?? My reality was an Illusion and my illusion was reality... : Madara

For some reason, i think you said something worth pondering over but no time to do it... : Linley

Heh, even a kid now learned how to speak back... : Madara

Kill me... Even the Infinite Tsukuyomi is no longer a world that i wished to create... : Madara

Kill you?? And let Has.h.i.+rama laugh his b.u.t.t about your situation?? Or do you think his clan wasn't manipulated as well. : Linley

We are at war with enemies coming here from 1000 years ago and they will return... : Linley

In the end, we are descendants of them... : Madara

And?? Does that give them their right to treat us as a livestock?? Does that give them the right to treat this place your brother and brethren gave you their wills as a toy?? : Linley

For what reason did Izuna give up on his own his eyes for you!!! : Linley

For you to sulk?? No!!! It was for you to show the world that no one messes with the Uchiha... : Linley

For what reason did you create a Village with Hahirama!!! : Linley

It was so that you could finally let your Family Clan members live their own lives as they were tired of war, they were tired off losing someone important to them... : Linley

Everyone entrusted you with their hopes to protect them yet you let those intruders mess with you, betray them, kill them... : Linley

I would rather kill myself than let those who entrust me their wills down... So stay there and rot away become one with the ground and let them play with you as they trample upon anyone in this world... : Linley

As he finished speaking his world cracked and shattered as if gla.s.s broke apart... Linley who was next to Tsunade got all the memories of what happened and stood up before placing Tsunade in a piggy ride behind his back...

Linley what are you doing!!! : Tsunade

Tsunade was red from her toe to her head as she kept scolding Linley. He looked towards her and smiled stunning her and then looked towards Madara.

Has.h.i.+rama felt torn for killing his best friend but still tried and do what he was tasked by everyone's will including yours... : Linley

He protected them in your place until he died from the unknown, and possibly thought he failed... : Linley

Tsunade was shocked when she heard him speaking to the person who was down, she had thought that he died but apparently he was pretty much alive...

He probably regretted not gaining anything out of that enemy and left everyone unprotected, dying to know this world everyone that lived here would become nothing but ashes... : Linley

Linley held Tsunade from her a.s.s shocking her as she wasn't expecting this and saw him with caring eyes before hearing him say...

Linley : Sleep on my back, it's not big but i'll try to let you rest as comfortable as i can..."

Naruto System Within Naruto 102 Chapter 102 : Scolding The Strongest!!!

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